7 Safest Place To Live In Lagos

Here are the safest places to live in Lagos, Nigeria.

Security is one of the most essential things people consider when they are looking for a place to stay.

No one will love to stay in a chaotic environment filled with lots of criminal activities because their lives and properties will be in danger.

Safest Areas To Settle In Lagos

As a new person in Lagos who wants to settle or someone living in Lagos and wants to change the environment, you may wonder where are the safest places to live in Lagos your life and properties will be secured.

Well, we are going to take you on a tour through this article, identifying some of the safest places suitable for you to live where your safety is guaranteed.

Lagos state is the fastest-growing city in Africa. It is made up of the mainland and the island which was the result of the separation caused by the lagoon.

Some of the safest are found in both areas and they include the following.


Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state and it is located on the Lagos mainland. It is one of the remarkable places to live on the mainland.

It was once a quiet residential area built for the upper classes during the colonial era. The GRA in Ikeja is still a home for high-class Nigerian officials and their families.

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People residing in Ikeja GRA enjoy a lot of benefits.

First, its security, the area is safe from any criminal activities, they enjoy a very good power supply and they don’t have to worry about places to relax and fun things to do because it’s right there at their reach.

Ikeja has a lot of entertaining and relaxation centers that you can go to have fun and still feel safe.

Places like the Lagos country club, beautiful and fancy hotels, and also the famous and largest mall in Nigeria the Ikeja city mall are also situated in Ikeja.

Ikeja is a home for so many commercial activities, industries and companies as well. It is also where the famous Murtala Mohammed International Airport is located.

With all these things in such an area security and good road networks are guaranteed.

It was stated above that Ikeja is a home for the wealthy and high-class individuals but it also has places where it harbors the middle class as well.

As a middle-class person looking for a safe zone to live in Lagos, then Ikeja is a go for you.

Banana Island

Banana island is also one of the most expensive and safe areas in Lagos state.

Banana Island can vouch for the safety of your lives and properties. It has great benefits and it is known to be the resident of the rich and high-class people.

The island is blessed with so many beautiful and great architectural buildings.

Banana Island is located in Ikoyi. The security system is highly commendable so you have no fear for any criminal activities that can endanger your lives.

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Richmond Gate Estate – Ikoyi Lekki Phase 1

This estate in Lagos Is located in Lekki phase one. A very beautiful and famous area filled with so many beautiful and amazing architectural designs that can take your breath away.

The estate is a home for some top Nigerian celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Kiss Daniel, Falz, and the likes. This estate guarantees you a very high level of security. Your life and properties are safe.

You don’t have to worry about any criminal activities that are ravaging some parts of the state

Some of the benefits you will enjoy as a resident of Richmond estate is twenty-four hours power supply which is essential in every household, the road network in the area is very good and they also have standard social amenities.

Magodo Lagos

Magodo which is the real definition of a residential area is a very cool place to live in Lagos. It harbors different mobile citizens and business executives as well.

The area is serene, it has a very good security system, good roads, and commendable social amenities. Magodo can boast of schools, hospitals, relaxation centers, restaurants shopping malls to mention but a few.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island also called VI in short form is located on the west side of Lagos Island.

The area which was once surrounded by water has over the years transform into a very beautiful city with lots of developments, infrastructures, social amenities, and the likes

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Victoria Island is a commercial and residential area with lots of companies, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, luxury apartments, and some of the most expensive real estate in Lagos.


This article would have been incomplete without mentioning Lekki as one of the safest places to live in Lagos state. Lekki is located on the west side of Victoria Island.

It is the home for so many higher-class and wealthy individuals.

The security in the area is highly commendable. You have no reason to be scared of anything around the area so free yourself and enjoy every taste of Lagos nightlife.

Most young people are drowning in the area because of its clubs, restaurants, bars, and the sweet taste of its nightlife.


Ikoyi is located in the eastern part of Lagos Island. It is a very peaceful and quiet residential area most especially during the week while at weekends it’s embraced by the buzzing nightlife.

Ikoyi harbors a lot of Nigerian Wealthiest and most established individuals as well. With so many wealthy people living in such an area, one must not be told of how safe the area is.

The area has so many apartments, 5-star hotels, the most famous Nigeria’s golf course modern luxury condos, and mansions. Ikoyi can boast of having lots of shops, pharmacies, schools supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Your safety and that of your properties are very important, most of the safest places in Lagos can be very expensive but do not endanger your lives in places that are not safe because you can’t afford it.

I hope this article helps you.

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