How To Send A Please Call Me On MTN Network

In this post, we will consider how you can send a call me back on the MTN line.

Did you know that as an MTN subscriber, you can easily reach your family and friends, even if you no longer have air time?

All you have to do is send a “call me back” using the right ‘USSD’ code, after which you wait for your response.

Instead of begging your neighbor to help you with airtime so you can make a conversation, you can quietly dial this code and shield yourself from embarrassment.

Sounds interesting, don’t you think? Then join us in our talk for today.

By the end of our discussion, you should be in a position to send such a message whenever you are out of broadcast time. Let’s see how it’s done.

Call Me Back on MTN

MTN not only offered the opportunity to send Please Call Me but also to further customize your message.

Among these personalized messages include ‘please call me back, I love you, call me back, I need your assistance, ‘please call me, I have gist for you, ‘please send me credit’.

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Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to send every one of those messages.

Is There Anything I should know?

Oh yes, there are a few necessary facts you must learn about MTN call-back text. This will enlighten you more about this particular MTN service.

  • Out of 24 hours, you receive only five chances to text a Call Me back on this particular network, that’s to say there are only 35 chances in a week and about 420 chances in a season.
  • The code is strictly from MTN-MTN, which means you cannot text such a message to any other service provider and outside the country.
  • After your text is delivered, you will receive a response for success, so you don’t have to resend the text back again, the less you lower your chances for the day.
  • Finally, it is entirely free to send such a text on MTN. That’s one of the interesting things concerning sending a call back text.

Tips Concerning Call Me Back with USSD Code

Below are guidelines for texting a reminder message on the MTN line.

  • How to Text ‘Please Call Me Back’

Are you finding any difficulty trying to send a call me back? So this special text is specifically meant to help you. Just press *133# and start the process.

When you are done, you will be directed to a page where you will enter the recipient’s contact line. Make sure it’s an MTN line too, otherwise it won’t work.

Once you have finished entering the number, you are now going to select option 1 and send. In a few seconds, your text will be forwarded, except if there is a network problem.

  • How to Text “Please Call Me Back I Love You”

Lovers will find this type of text very interesting; because they can have their partners call back when they are short or don’t have talking time.

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But you can as well send such a text to your loved ones apart from your lovers. As such, you should dial *133# and send. Right away, a new page will appear on your screen where you will proceed to the next step.

At this point, you need to impute the receiver’s contact line, select option 2, and click send. In a few seconds, your beautiful text will be delivered, then shortly after you will get a text informing you of successful delivery.

  • How to Text “Pease Call Me I Need Your Assistance”

Whenever you’re caught in a difficult situation and need help from a friend or family, quickly dial this USSD code *133# and text.

A new page will pop up on your screen where you will assign the recipient’s phone number and continue. Option 5 calls “me back, I need your assistance”.

So you choose the option and send.  In a few seconds, your message will be delivered, and you await your reply.

  • How To Text “Please Call Me, I Have Gist for You”

Do you have an urgent message you want to deliver to a friend, business, or family partner? Then don’t hesitate to opt for this option. Simply dial this USSD *133# and send.

Impute the receptor contact with the space to be provided and select option 4, which corresponds to that particular objective.

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Afterward, you are done with that, you will again have to wait for some seconds for the message to be delivered, after which you will wait for the receiver to call back.

  • How to Text “Please Send Me Credit”

Since you have run out of airtime, you can use this media to ask a friend or family to send you airtime. All you have to do is to dial *133# and send.

You will immediately be directed to where you will insert the recipient contact line. When completed, select option 3 which means “send me the card” and send it.

Within seconds, your application will be delivered, and you now expect feedback.

  • An Alternative Way Out

MTN has developed an alternative solution for customers who now have low airtime, which is borrowing. Once you qualify, you can borrow any money that is made available to you on your screen.

The amount to be borrowed varies accordingly, while some may borrow large air time, others may have limited amounts that they may borrow. However, check out how you can do this below.

Dial *606# and send. The amounts available for borrowing will be shown on your screen. Select your desired amount and press the Send button.

Your account will automatically be credited with the amount of your loan. The next time you re-load your line, the loan amount will be deducted.

So these are the steps you can take and send any type of “please call me” on MTN every time you don’t have airtime. Just follow these steps and resolve your problem.

As well, there is another solution, which is to borrow air time.

If you want to settle for it, you can look at how you can do it.

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