How To Start Up A Private School in Lagos, Nigeria

Starting a school of your own learning institution in Lagos is not a bad idea.

Considering the high population density in the state, it will certainly require more schools.

On top of that, government-owned schools are not as standard as they used to be.

As a result, most parents prefer to have their children study in a private institution, where a lot of care and attention will be given.

Start A Private Nursery, Primary & Secondary School in Lagos

For you to think about starting a private school in Lagos, this means that you are prepared. It would cost a significant amount of money to start your own learning institution in any part of Lagos.

However, investing in education remains one of the most lucrative businesses to think about in Lagos.

I assume you’re here because you want to start your own school in Lagos.

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. The purpose of this article is to give you information about how you can start a learning institution, particularly in Lagos.

So let’s get started.

How to Set Up a Private School in Lagos

You must ask yourself a couple of questions before starting your own learning institution in Lagos.

Do you want to put up your own school for profit-making? Or are you establishing the school to give a quality education?

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I suppose the answer to both of them is yes. While some people care about the commercial side of it, others want to have an impact on their lives.

Let’s see how you can start your own learning institution.

  • What Kind of Private School are You Putting in Place?

There are several levels involved in a private learning institution. We got the nursery, primary and secondary. Pretty dynamic people may set up collages, polytechnic, or even a university.

All these we have just mentioned are forms of schools you can venture into.

Then once you’re able to come up with one or two levels you want to establish, step one has been completed.

But before that, you look at the advantages of each over another when choosing the type of school you want to set up.

  • The Site of the School Counts

Not all areas of Lagos are suitable for the establishment of a private learning institution. There are ghettoes out there. These areas are fraught with criminal activities.

It is not an area where parents will want to send their wards for schooling. Such an institution should be situated in a cool, peaceful, and safe environment.

Besides, students require a suitable atmosphere for learning to thrive.

In your choice of location for your school, ensure that it is located in a residential setting. Parents will also not want to have their children go to school in an isolated area. Isolated areas are accompanied by so many risks.

Consequently, it will be preferable to locate your school where it will be easily accessible.

  • Get Quality Structure & Equipment

Lagos is also home to other private schools.

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Your learning institution should distinguish itself from others, to enable you to be at the top of the competition. How can you do that? You will need to set up some structures that will draw attention to your school.

Firstly, your school structure should be appropriately designed.  This is because some people worry about the sophisticated nature of schools.

That’s Lagos for you.

If it is an elementary school that you want to establish, then you arrange for a play area with other play materials for children. If you can afford TVs, it will be appropriate in kindergarten.

But it can also be used in the upper grades to play educational material.

Your school should have some basic facilities such as water systems, library, school clinic that’s if it is a boarding school. Other equipments include chairs, tables, and different laboratories for the upper levels, whiteboards, and so forth.

Having all these structures in place will attract many Lagosians to your school.

  • Make the School Legal

As a proprietor, you need to have your school registered. This is the most important thing to do during the start-up of a private school.  There are two places you will need to legalize your school.

The first one will be with the Cooperation Affairs Commission. Here you will register the school as a business or as a limited liability corporation.

The second place is to register your school with the Ministry of Education. Since you are settling the school in Lagos, you will go to the Ministry of Education in Lagos.

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You will be offered a certificate to prove that your school is legally entitled to operate, from these two government agencies.

  • Get a Lawyer

It’s important to you to acquire a lawyer for your school.

This lawyer will look after all legal matters concerning your school. You can also ask your lawyer for legal advice to assist you in running your school.

  • Hire workers

Attaining this level means that you have nearly finished setting up your private school. At that point, you employ workers. The first two employees are the Director and your Business Manager.

The Director takes care of all the administrative work and the Business Manager creates ways you can make a profit in your school business.

Other workers will consist of both academic and non-academic personnel. The academic staff is to dole out with all matters in the class. These academic staff should also be qualified along with good certificates.

A portion of the non-academic staff will perform accounting and other office jobs. While the other part of non-academic will do the cleaning work and maybe babysit if your school has a kindergarten.

  • Advertisement

Now, your school is ready to start operating. Advertisements may be in the media, newspapers, posters, flyers, etc.

You may also advertise directly to people. That way, people can learn about your school. From there, you get students and begin to run your school.

So these are essentially the things you can do to start your own learning institution in Lagos.

You can use the provided information to guide you in setting up your own learning institution in Lagos. Once you can meet all these requirements, your school gets the chance to be one of the best in Lagos.

If you make waves in Lagos, the whole of Nigeria will get to know about your institution.

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