How To Start Ice Block Making Business

Here is how to set up an ice block making company.

Ice is another fantastic cooling alternative that most households and businesses adopt to keep their food products cool. It is a much more inexpensive option than using a generator to keep refrigerators alive since electricity is still unstable in the country.

This has made ice block making a lucrative business in the country.

Starting An Ice Block Production Business

Even though most people are looking down on the ice block business, some people have made tremendous profits out of it. Indeed, some of them are living a good life as some so-called public servants.

Also, it is one of the businesses that require no special skill before you can start one. Once you can acquire the basic equipment, you can get started.

Do you want to take advantage of this business opportunity and improve your economy?

Nothing to worry about, your solution is right underneath. In this post, we will show you how to begin an ice block business in Nigeria.

At least for every day you spend, you can earn something for yourself.

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Have a great time with us.

Ice Block Business in Nigeria

As you know, Nigeria is warmer during periods of drought, especially in northern Nigeria. Some people prefer their drink to be served cold to refresh their bodies.

As a result, ice block making has become one of the trending businesses over these periods because of the high rate of desiccation.

Let us give you a sneak peek of the Ice Block sector in Nigeria. According to some research, someone that has invested in an ice block-making enterprise can make an average of ₦250, 000 to ₦300,000 as a monthly profit.

Those involved in such business can attest to this.

Guidelines For the Start-Up Of an Ice Block Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps you can take and successfully launch an ice block business in Nigeria and elsewhere.

These steps are not as complicated as you would think.

  • Prepare a Business Plan

This is the first thing to do when setting up a business, simply because it will be the road map to make it a success.

When drafting an ice block business plan, you need to detail all the things you will need to make your business very spectacular compared to your competitors.

You can change your marketplace strategy and so forth.

  • Startup Capital

Similarly, a viable business cannot be set up without capital. A lot of business-minded people were unable to lunch any promising businesses due to a lack of start-up capital.

It is with this capital you will use to obtain all the necessary equipment you will need to run your ice block business.

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However, the ice block business is not a venture that will require millions and billions of Naira to start up. With a little capital, you can start your own business and profit from it.

  • Secure a Nice Business Rental

There are so many places where you can exchange your chunks of ice and make a lot of money. For starters, you can use your home or better rent a small store on a busy street to foster your business.

A densely populated environment such as the market, schools, and traffic jams are places with potential buyers.

Furthermore, residential areas, hotels, restaurants, and other chilling spots are good places you can set up your business. This is because these are places that have so much to do with food and drinks for commercial purposes.

Acquire Ice Block Making Equipments

To set up a smooth ice block business, you will need the following equipment:

  • Ice block making machine
  • Sizeable generator (diesel engine)
  • Compressors (at least two)
  • Deep freezer
  • Stabilizer (2.5 KVA)
  • Water
  • Nylon etc.

Some of the articles we have listed above are a bit expensive on the market. Nevertheless, they will serve you for a long time, except if you are unfortunate to get a quality product.

So ensure you obtain from a reputable vendor.

  • Begin Operation

if you have done all the necessary preparation, it is time to start the real operation. For a start, make a small number of ice blocks and sell them to see if the venture is profitable.

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You don’t increase your production rate until you have a growing business.

Why Do You Need to Start an Ice Block Business in Nigeria?

Here are some reasons why you should launch an ice block business in Nigeria.

These include lack of electricity, and profitability, dehydration, and much more.

  • No Constant Electric Power Supply

Incoherent electric power is nothing new for Nigerians.

Most households need ice blocks for various reasons, including storing food. Plus, it is a less expensive option for food preservation as we have mentioned earlier.

  • The Business is Profitable

That’s one of the reasons you have to start an ice block business.

As noted above, many Nigerians benefited from this business. In case you don’t know, you can make up to ₦300,000 monthly from this business.

Then what are you waiting for if you can make such an amount in a month?

What Might Ruin an Ice Block Business?

You may experience some setbacks in the ice block business if you don’t have good ice block equipment.  That’s because they may fail at any time and cost you money to have them repaired.

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to business. The more you stay out of business, the more you stay with no profit.

Secondly, an inappropriate business location can harm your Ice Block business. That’s why we recommend you get a place where your business activities thrive.

Starting a new business like ice block poses several challenges, especially for a beginner. Plus you don’t have the necessary knowledge on how to get started.

However, based on what we’ve talked about so far, you can be sure to start a profitable ice block business here in Nigeria. If you do not make a profit from the start, do not discourage yourself or even give up.

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