Get Student Discount On Apple Products [MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad, AirPods]

Do you need a discount on Apple Store for Education? Are you interested in iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Student Discounts? Apple needs no introduction.

Officially known as Apple Inc., the American company is one of the world’s leading technology brands, having a valuation of $3 trillion, an international reach, and some of the most widely used consumer electronics, services, and software.

How To Get Discount On Apple Products

On April 1, 1976, Apple was founded by a three-person team including Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. Forty-six years later, the company continues to improve its smartphone product –  iPhone.

It also develops smartwatches and owns software like iOS and services like iCloud.

Aside from its tech-related products and services, Apple employs numerous policies, practices, and deals that help make the world a better place.

An example of this is that the Apple smartphone, iPhone, is made almost entirely of reusable materials.

This environmental-friendly approach allows the company to recycle old devices easily and, in turn, save costs on production. Another great thing from the company is the Apple Student Discount.

What is The Apple Student Discount?

If you don’t have an idea about student discounts, read on.

Many companies offer student discounts as a way of showing their learning support. This deal often features price reduction, free products or services, and other unique perks.

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Student Discounts are intended to drive students’ morale toward studying while also acting as an effective marketing strategy. The Apple Student Discount is no different.

However, rather than giving out free stuff, Apple offers reduced prices.

Again, the discount is designed to benefit entire academic systems, including parents purchasing on behalf of their kids, students in high schools and colleges, graduates undertaking educational training programs, lecturers, educators, and the likes.

One other exciting thing about the Student Discount offering from the multinational tech company is that users of the service only get devices adapted for learning environments.

This leaves out Apple’s Air Tag, Air Pod, and its most popular technology, iPhone, to cover its iPad, MacBook, and Studio Display products which all feature wide, high-display screens, improved battery capacities, and device runtime. Lastly, powerful processor chips.

Apple Student Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the Apple Student Discount aims to promote teaching and learning experiences using some of the company’s most powerful devices.

To do this, it offers price discounts that make it easier for students to buy these products.

iPad Student Discount

So that you know, Apple believes that its iPads are the most adapted devices for use in a classroom. It describes them as being “light on weight but heavy on features.”

There are many generations of iPad, and they are all handheld devices that can fit nicely into school bags. Secondly, their big screens make studying convenient.

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They also have substantial battery capacities for a longer runtime.

The Apple Student Discount offers the Apple iPad for a starting price of $309. Again, students get the opportunity to purchase an iPad Mini – which is smaller in size than the iPad – for a reduced price of $449.

The offer also makes the iPad Air available for $549 and the iPad Pro from $749.

MacBook Student Discount

MacBooks are the name for Apple’s PC products. These devices are like standard computers but cost a lot more than iPads, and are sophisticated enough to worth that.

The Student discount offer from Apple would see you walk away with a brand new MacBook Air for $899. It also delivers the more “techy” MacBook Pro for a reduced price of $1199.

Other devices available in this category are the Mac Mini at a starting price of $649, the Mac Studio offered at $1799, and the Mac Pro for $5599.

Studio Displays Student Discount

Apple refers to its Student Discount as “Education Pricing.”

Also, the company produces monitors, which it calls “Studio Displays.” Not everyone knows about this set of products. Notwithstanding this, the devices are laced with great specs like any other Apple product.

For the education pricing, Apple offers the 16-inch Studio Display for a starting price of $1499. The better version, Apple’s Pro Display XDR, is available to students at a discounted price of $5599.

AppleTv+ Student Discount Pricing

Owning a new Apple device allows you to enjoy the AppleTv+ service free for three months.

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The other way to use the streaming service for half the cost is through education pricing. As it turns out, Apple offers students a reduced price for access to all of its excellent video content.

AppleTv+ is the company’s streaming service which offers subscribers access to Apple Originals, excellent documentaries, and all the greatest TV shows and video content.

However, students enjoying the service for free cannot connect it to family sharing groups.

App Store Student Discount

The Apple App Store holds over 75,000 educational apps that facilitate teaching and learning experiences.

Therefore, as a final, innovative deal for its Students Discount, Apple gives educators and students alike the chance to get 10 top apps for just $199.


The Apple Education Pricing or Student Discount is a service anybody would want to utilize.

First off, this is because of the generally unique features of every Apple product, such as users’ access to about 2TB of cloud storage using the company’s iCloud technology.

This means that students are memory space and safekeeping for all their essential E-books, pdfs, and resources.

Additionally, Apple makes it easy to transfer work between multiple devices, for example, starting an assignment on the iPad and switching over to the MacBook when you need a larger screen or heavy processing.

The last beneficial thing about an iPad or a MacBook is the accessibility feature.

It enables students with disabilities to work as efficiently as every other person, for example, by having screen texts read aloud or applying color inversions to suit an eye condition.

These, coupled with the reduced cost of purchasing top apps and streaming the AppleTv+, make it worthwhile to utilize the Apple Student Discount.