How To Get Agric Loans In Nigeria

Do you desire to go into commercial agriculture, but don’t have sufficient start-up capital? Of course, you will need to get something called an agricultural loan to help you make your dream agribusiness a reality. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to obtain a loan for your Agriculture from any financial institution that supports farmers. … Read more

Make Money Buying and Selling Eggs

  Looking for a profitable business to start with a bit of capital? Then consider the purchase and sale of eggs. The enterprise is very lucrative because of the strong demand for poultry eggs. You can be sure of generating an income on a daily or weekly basis, depending on what you want. More so, … Read more

Crayfish Business

  To the extent that crayfish remains an important ingredient in the kitchen, the enterprise will continue to thrive. Some business experts say that crayfish sell faster than in greater amounts compared to fish. This runs down to the fact that most people consume crayfish in one form or the other. People who do not … Read more