How To Run A Lucrative Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

Starting and running a lucrative barbing salon business in Nigeria with less money is quite different from having a barbershop. There are many barbing salons or hairdressing shops in Nigeria with less knowledge of how to turn it into a profitable business. They are often happy that they have at least up to 10 customers … Read more

How To Start A Football Viewing Center Business In Nigeria

Starting a football viewing center is one of the profitable business ideas in Nigeria because football game as we know is very popular in Nigeria and a huge percentage of Nigerians watches football (both young and old, men and even sizable number of ladies) Every weekend. They support some big teams in Europe such as … Read more

How To Start A Profitable Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business In Your Town

Palm Kernel oil extraction is one of the least popular business ventures in Nigeria. Oil extracted from palm kernels is very useful in the production of cosmetic products and other important industrial uses. The palm kernel oil extraction business is very lucrative, although many people do not know this. Starting A Profitable Palm Kernel Oil … Read more

Film Academy in Nigeria and Their Fees

  Nigeria is home to magnificent film institutions, organizations, and groups that support and train diverse people to become skillful actors and actresses. These institutions are occupied by tutors with broad cognition and experience in the film industry. Enrolling in one of these academies will improve your confidence level, communication skills and help you develop … Read more

19 Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria To Start With Less Money

Starting and running a lucrative business in Nigeria requires a lot of things including determination and focusing on your Nigerian business. Most often in Nigeria, fresh graduates or ladies always say I need so much money before I can start a business. What you need to start a business is an idea or experience, and … Read more

How To Start A Manufacturing Company In Nigeria

Have you ever heard about the sayings that Nigeria is a consumer-driven economy? The Manufacturing sector in Nigeria is currently growing faster than the telecommunications, oil and gas, and agricultural sectors. Nigeria’s large population of upwardly mobile consumers, coupled with investments in power, implies that the strong growth of manufacturers, including food producers and breweries, … Read more