How To Register Your Business Name With CAC In Nigeria

For any legal business entity to exist in Nigeria, it must first be registered with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). This is the agency of government saddled with the responsibility by law to regulate how business is being done in Nigeria. CAC Business Registration Document Upload Requirements This includes the registration of all businesses and … Read more

6 Challenges Facing E-Commerce Business In Nigeria

The rise of e-commerce business in Nigeria comes with its challenges and pitfalls facing the business but the future seems very good because of the increasing presence of the citizens on the internet as millions of people access the internet daily. The E-commerce industry in Nigeria has shown many hopes for young entrepreneurs who want … Read more

How To Attract Investors And Funding For Startups In Nigeria

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Why You Should Start Business As an Undergraduate in Nigeria

Growing a business in Nigeria is not for a privileged few. It’s a commonwealth meant to be enjoyed by anyone without exception. Starting a business as an undergraduate in Nigeria seems impossible to those who have not positioned their minds to think deeply about possible opportunities that surround them. In the Nigerian business narrative, a class … Read more

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Business Proposal

This article seeks to highlight some common mistakes that entrepreneurs can avoid to create 5-star proposals that bring in revenue. A business proposal is a document that is written to proffer a certain solution or service with the intent of yielding social good or profit. Business Proposal Writing Mistakes Writing Proposals are at the very heart … Read more