TB Joshua Wife Life History: Education, Marriage, Career, And Children

Our discussion today will benefit all those interested in learning more about Pastor TB Joshua’s wife. We will give you some valid information you should know about her.

These include her life history, marriage, children, career, husband, and all other relevant information.

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Does TB Joshua Have A Wife?

It will not be a surprise that most Nigerians do not know the true name of Pastor TB Joshua’s wife, talk more about knowing certain details about her.

The husband has always been the one on the screen, as a result of his pastoral work. That’s why many people in Nigeria and around the world know him.

Nonetheless, she has been a catalyst behind his successful ministry.

  • Life History

Her real name is Evelyn Joshua.

She was birthed on the 17th December 1968 as a twin to Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Akabude in a little village of Okala Okunpo, in Oshili North LGA of Delta state.

Unfortunately, her twin brother didn’t survive that long.

Evelyn went to Emecheta Elementary School in Ezi Town for a couple of years and then moved to Lagos around 1997. It was in Lagos, she graduated from primary and secondary institutions, at Orile Primary School, Oshodi.

  • Professional Career

Upon graduation, Evelyn found a job at the Nigerian distilleries in Ota, Ogun State. While working at Ogun, she became a member of the Assemblies of God Church.

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Later on, she became an active televangelist after marrying Prophet TB Joshua. Then, around June 2021, she became the General overseer of the “Church of the Synagogue of All Peoples” (SCOAN).

  • Evelyn Husband

As previously stated, she married a popular Nigerian prophet by the name of TB Joshua. A lot of Nigerians don’t know his complete name. His complete name is Temitope Balogun Joshua.

He was born on 12 June 1963 in the village of Arigidi Akoko.

TB Joshua was the founder of Emmanuel TV, an international television channel in Lagos, and also the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Peoples (SCOAN).

Due to the popularity of TB Joshua and his ministry, he has over 15,000 followers at his church, 3 million followers on Face book and about 600,000 followers on YouTube.

Apart from TB Joshua being a preacher, he is also a writer of books.

The books he has written include the “mirror”, “not between you and healing”, “daily time with God and what the future holds” and many more.

  • How TB Joshua Met His Wife

The history of how Evelyn met her husband was very interesting.

It all started when she visited her sister at Ikotun-Egbe. While she was enjoying her time with her sister, here came the story of this marvelous man of God, who is highly spiritual.

People praised him for his wonderful job and this time his history is all over the city.

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Evelyn took an interest in learning more about this man of God, and one day meet this man of God. Luckily, her dream of meeting this pastor came true.

She met the young pastor TB Joshua, face to face before she left her sister’s home.

Later, Evelyn said Pastor TB Joshua revealed certain vital information about her life, which includes her being a twin. Another surprise, she got from this man of God, was when she had a long call that lasted more than 40 minutes when he said he misses her.

Over time, TB Joshua finally proposed to Evelyn, which was another huge shock to her. So it took her some time to induce a serious review of the issue and then accepted his proposal.

As a result, these two spiritual birds got married.

  • Evelyn’s Wedding and Her Kids

For more than 25 years now, Evelyn married her husband, TB Joshua, though there was some family interference at the time they arranged their wedding.

That’s because she was Igbo by tribe and he is Yoruba. Subsequently, they were able to resolve their differences and they happily got married.

Evelyn’s union with TB Joshua was fortunate to hold approximately three daughters.

Her first child, Sarah, studied law at the London School of Economics.

Then her second child is by the name Promise, who also attended the same school as her elder sister at the London School of Economics where she studied international relations and government.

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Finally, the anonymous girl, to whom nothing was disclosed about her to the public, not even her name.

  • Her Income

There is no doubt that Evelyn was a wealthy woman, with the successful ministry her husband established. She’s not just a millionaire in Naira, but a millionaire in dollars.

As such, the total net worth of Evelyn TB Joshua is approximately $10 million. If this amount is converted in Naira, it will amount to billions.

  • The Death of Evelyn’s Husband

Prophet TB Joshua, Evelyn’s beloved husband was announced deceased on June 6, 2021. Regrettably, it was approximately six days before his 58th birthday.

According to some facts, he spoke at Emmanuel TV on June 5, where he said “there is a time for everything” when he preached the Word of God.

That same month, Evelyn’s husband was buried on the premises of SCOAN. Thereafter, she was appointed to continue the leadership of the ministry from where her husband left.

As of now, Evelyn is the current Overseer of the SCOAN as we have earlier referred.

  • Evelyn’s Remark on Her Husband

Until his death, many negative rumors were circulating in the media concerning her husband. But Evelyn rose and spoke positively about her late husband.

She asserts that he is a faithful and devout man of God. Evelyn further stated that he is a humble, honest, God-fearing man who always seeks to please the heavenly Father.

Although there is nothing much about Evelyn Joshua, not much has been concealed about her as well. Now that she is the SCOAN overseer, further information will be shared with you whenever it’s ready.

However, with the little things we’ve put forward, at least you can say a few things about Evelyn TB Joshua.

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