Top 10 Motivational Speakers in Nigeria

Words of inspiration are very potent to change negative thoughts in people.

People with low self-esteem and other behavioral challenges can be able to experience change after listening to some motivational messages.

These messages cut across different realms of life, such as pedagogy, leadership, business, relationship, marriage, health, and many more.

Best Inspirational Speakers in Nigeria

Fortunately, Nigeria has some dynamic speakers who bring hope to the hopeless. If you read this article, you will benefit a lot from what we are going to talk about.

As part of our discussion, we are going to introduce some inspiring Nigerian speakers. For the time being, there is no reason to delay, let us check them.

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In Nigeria, both men and women are into the motivational talk business. Therefore, we will examine some of the best male speakers as well as some of the best motivating female speakers.

 Male Inspirational Speakers

Here are some wonderful men in Nigeria who make motivational discourses that can resurrect the dead in you to life.

  • Fela Durotoye

Some Nigerians do call him Oluwafeolami Durotoye. He has such an interest in the young people of Nigeria, believing that they are the ones who would build the nation.

Most of his projects focused on helping youth realize their dreams.

This is why people consider him a nation builder. Fela conducts seminars to motivate Nigerians about how they can address their social, environmental, and other limitations.

Fela went to school and got an undergraduate degree in economics and computer science. That was not the end; he went on to get a master’s degree in business administration.

Right now Fela is seen as a guru in corporate strategy, based on his knowledge in business administration.

  • Ubong Essien

Ubong is not only at the forefront of motivational discussions in Nigeria, but also in West Africa.

As a result of the professionalism of his speeches, he was the first person to receive a Certified Professional Speaker Award across West Africa.

Indeed, he really inspires a lot of Nigerians towards personal career development and oral presentation skills.

Ubong is into newspaper publication of inspirational messages and he is well known for that in Nigeria. He also wrote so many books on motivational talk such as Gateway to Riches, Dare to Dream and succeeds, and so on.

  • Niyi Adesanya

If you want cool professional inspiration messages about leadership, search for Niyi motivation messages and listen, he is an expert in this aspect.

Apart from his interest in the leadership speech, he also inspires Nigerians on entrepreneurship and business. He started his motivational speech in 2005, but still ranks as one of the top ten motivational speakers in Nigeria.

Niyi Adesanya is also into writing inspirational novels such as The Speaker, Individual Competitiveness, The Speaker, and many more.

  • Steve Harris

If you want to get some motivation in business, then catch up with Steve Harris and take advantage of his revived messages. As of 2016, he was among the 100 business tutors in the world on Twitter.

He is presently a director of EdgeEcution and also into consulting as his professional career.

Steve Harris has written motivational stories such as The Shortest Distance between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be.

  • George Essien

He is one of the youngest male inspirational speakers in Nigeria and was born in 1982.

By 2005 he began his discussions about motivation. In 2005, and became a professional motivator in Nigeria. George has been overseas speaking at conferences and motivational seminars.

George Essien has a vested interest in young Nigerians. His battle in life is one of the motivations; he talks about with young Nigerians.

Currently, he is the director of PowerMinds Community.

Best Female Motivational Speakers

Not only do men have strong inspirational words, but women do too. So let’s check out a couple of vibrant women who are in inspirational talks in Nigeria.

  • Tara Fela Durotoye

This motivational speaker is the wife of Fela Durotoye one of the top male motivators as has been mentioned above. Her inspiring qualities emerged from her career as a pioneer in bridal makeup in Nigeria.

Today, nearly all brides wear makeup for their marriages, thanks to Tara Durotoye. She has a keen interest in relationship discussion as well as career and business.

  • Omilola Oshikoya

For those who want to make money, we are introducing you to a coach in finance and investment. She runs seminars for Nigerian tutors who have a vested interest in making money.

One of the workshops she organizes is called Do It Africa.

Omilola likes to write novels and one of the books she has written is called The Richer Woman. When you read this book, you will get to know about his personal experience right from childhood.

  • Nimi Akingugbe

Have you ever played a table game called Monopoly?

If you do, then know today that it is Nimi who introduces this game to Nigeria. Do you have any idea why? Her focus is on financial management.

That’s why she organizes seminars to teach Nigerian adults and children how to save money and has written many articles on money management.

She also organizes conferences and talks about how one can become wealthy.

  • Arese Ugwu

This female motivator is interested in motivating Nigerians about financial issues. It organizes a few platforms where it teaches how you can resolve your financial problems.

Some of the platforms she runs include a blog called Smart Money Africa.

Arese Ugwu wrote a book titled The Smart Money Woman.

This book became viral worldwide and earned her international recognition simply because the book was a great help for young Africans.

  • Olajumoke Adenwo

In addition to being an inspirational speaker, she is also an inspirational architect and business person.

Olajumoke is an architect by profession and is also involved in interior decorating. She is also involved in relationships, marriage, and business discussions which led her to write books.

Some of the books include LifeSpring, Powerful Secrete of Financial Increase and Designed for Marriage, The Mother’s Prayer Manual, The Mysterious Seed, and lots more.

Although we have some good motivational speakers in Nigeria, there is a need for more hands to make Nigerians discover their true potential.

In this way, people’s attitudes, behavior, and emotions will change positively. In the list of inspiring speakers that we have provided above, you can choose any of them that fit your area and get inspired.

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