Top 10 Nigerian Suit Designers That Create Unique Styles

Here are the best suit designers in Nigeria.

Making suit wasn’t among the collections of Nigerian tailors. Most Nigerians wearing English suits are made overseas. But that’s becoming history now.

Today, we have highly qualified tailors who can design suits following an international standard. If these designers carry on with their hard-working standards, the Nigerian suit will be one of the best in the world.

I guess anyone who wears a Nigerian suit won’t want to have it designed by an unqualified designer. It is the wish of many Nigerian men if not all to be adorable in a suit.

That’s why we saw that it would be nice if we enumerate some of the best Nigerian costume designers. These tailors can manipulate all sorts of suits, so you can trust them for quality work.

9 Best Suit Tailors in Nigeria

Here are some of Nigeria’s top suit designers you can patronize.

  • Ohimai Atafo

This couturier is well known for his exploration of other fabric colors to produce his suits. Apart from the elegant colors of Atafo’s suits, the fabrics of these suits are of high quality.

Most of the suits he produced are made of electric fabrics. Furthermore, Atafo has a remarkable sawing pattern that distinguishes it from other designers.

If you have a big day ahead of you, you can meet Mai Atafo and get a properly designed suit. I assure you that once you wear an outfit arranged by Atafo, your crush will multiply.

To add to his profile, Atafo is an award-winning fashion designer in 2001, 2010, and 2011.

  • Tayor Gabriels

Anywhere you spot the brand TG on a suit, that’s Tayor’s collections.

TG is well known for its unique style in suit-making. Many of his collections are frequented by Nigerian celebrities, particularly musicians.

I suppose you should know a few of these musicians. They’re no other people than Don Jazzy, 2face Idibia, J Martins, Julius Agwu, and the famous actor Alex Ekubo.

So you can imagine if TG can design a suit for this caliber of celebrities, what kind of design he can’t produce.  Maybe the ones that come out of the sky.

  • Grandeur Tailor

If you want a quality handmade suit, then think of reaching Grandeur Tailor.

It is one of the best tailoring shops in Nigeria when it comes to designing suits. The attention they give to produce suits is more than they give to other types of clothing.

That’s why they bring out the best of Nigerian suits.

You will perhaps be surprised to learn that despite the quality of Grandeur Tailor, their collections are very affordable. You can find a pretty suit for about 40,000 nairas.

  • Okunoren Twins (Taiwo and Kehinde)

Okunoren has some of the best suits in Nigeria. The first imported clothing for men such as shirts. Subsequently, they took over the sewing business after their mom and continued.

They are among the first designers to introduce the concept of bespoke suits, which distinguishes them from other tailors who are in the fashion industry.

The Okunoren Twins brand has now crossed the borders of Nigeria. Some famous Nigerian musicians frequent their products. It’s to tell you how skilled the Okunoren’s are.

  • David Wej

This Nigerian tailor is known to make a groom smile on the day of their marriage. Because most grooms who wear suits made by David Wej, feel like it’s heavenly made. Do you have any idea why? This tailor has a unique style of couture that makes a lot of sense on the suit. This is one of the things which attract a bunch of men in Nigeria to buy from him.

In this regard, we recommend David Wej as one of Nigeria’s top designers, you can be confident to get a suit from.

  • Deji and Kola

Deji and Kola are highly praised by most Nigerian men for their distinctive choice of color.

What we mean here is that they make their suits in different eye-catching colors, which draws more attention.

Apart from this, they also have a unique way of sewing suit, which again make them one of Nigeria’s famous suits designers.

You can visit Deji and Kola every time you need a suit.

  • Kola Kuddus

Kola basically deals with men’s wear. He has a unique way of employing African styles on his men’s suit and the other wears. Not just that; but the fabrics he uses are of good quality with stylish colors on them.

That’s why quite a bunch of Nigerian celebrities patronizes his special brand.

Outside of his personal collections, he arranged ready-to-wear. It’s for those who are interested in foreign cloth. So you can visit on your own.

Kola Kuddus is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Ade Bakare

Ade lived on Victoria Island in Lagos.

He is another exquisite designer who ventures into men’s clothing. If experience is all that it takes to produce suits, Ade Bakare would be making divine suits, because he has been in the fashion industry for almost 20 years.

His works are not only praised in Nigeria but even outside the country at places like London.

Besides men’s clothing, he ventures into women’s collections, including a wedding dress. Grooms and bides we recommend that you get your dresses and suits from Ade Bakare.

  • Soares Anthony

This is another award-winning designer in Nigeria.

Soares Anthony’s techniques of sewing are more like the Japanese. That’s why his creations are considered sophisticated because of his unique style of couture. You can count on him to wear an elegant suit.

He also explores other clothing with fine African fabrics.

Consequently, most Nigerian celebrities patronize him. Soares Anthony also sells his collections internationally, particularly in the United States.

Fashion is expanding rapidly in Nigeria.

There are plenty of designers popping up in the fashion industry. Some of them venture into the production of native clothing and others are in the production in English wears like shirts and suits.

The fashion designers we just listed above venture into the making of costumes, although some are in both English and native clothing.

Whenever you want a costume for a particular occasion, you can check for any of these designers mentioned above. You can be confident of quality costume from them.

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