6 Top Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada That Are In Demand

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the top skilled trade jobs in Canada that are in demand.

There is a high demand for skilled trade workers in Canada. Such workers are trusted to execute hands-on tasks like mechanics, construction, cooks, and the likes.

The best part is, such skilled labor is needed across many industries. So if you’re looking for a skilled trade job in Canada, then you’re in luck.

What are skilled trade jobs?

For those who don’t know, a skilled trade job demands specialized know-how. Those who work such roles are vital to the infrastructure and economy of the country.

What Are The Best Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada

Let’s take a look at some of the best-skilled trade jobs you can do in Canada.

  1. Electrician

On average, electricians in Canada earn as much as $30 per hour.

The primary duties of an electrician include wiring, fixing, and installation of electrical fixtures in private and government buildings and infrastructure.

To do this job, it is a must that you have in-depth knowledge and experience in the electrical industry. You must also be versed in all safety protocols required in electrical servicing.

  1. Cook

Cooking may seem like a basic chore, but it is a high-demand skill in Canada. Cooks make as much as CAD 17 per hour!

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The major duties of a cook include preparing a wide variety of meals at any business or establishment that has a kitchen included.

These cooks are expected to follow already-existing recipes or come up with their unique recipes. Of course, they work under the sous or head chef of the establishment where they work.

It is also expected of a cook to keep the cooking environment clean, and they also have to adhere to best practices and standards.

  1. Welder

Welders in Canada make around $25 per hour, and as you can imagine, metal works are always in demand in any country, not just Canada.

Just like cooking, welders are also needed in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and construction.

  1. Plumber

There isn’t a building (private or government-owned) that doesn’t have plumbing facilities. And this is the major reason why plumbers are in high demand in Canada.

On average, plumbers in Canada earn up to $31 per hour. And their primary job is to install pipes, fix leaks, and maintain the plumbing system of an entire infrastructure or building.

Plumbers are also responsible for disposing of accumulated waste.

  1. Carpenter

Woodwork is just as important as plumbing work, and that is why carpenters in Canada earn as much as $26 per hour.

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It is expected of carpenters to repair damaged wooden structures and build new ones.

It is common for carpenters to work in construction firms or the maintenance departments of the establishments where they are employed.

  1. Construction worker

As we all know, construction is a major part of any society, and Canada isn’t left out. Construction workers are the ones who build houses, roads, bridges, and any infrastructure of a country.

They can work both in the private and public sectors, and they earn as much as $20 per hour.