Toyota Rav4 Battery Specifications and Replacement

Today we will concentrate on the specifications and replacement of Toyota Rav4 batteries. If you read further, you will become familiar with the different types of Rav4 batteries and their properties.

On top of that, we will also tell you how long these batteries may last before you plan to replace them.

 Toyota Rav4 Battery Specifications and Replacement Guide

Among other Toyota models, Rav4 needs a high-quality battery to operate effectively.

To obtain the appropriate battery for this particular Toyota model, one needs to know the correct battery size and ampere ratings the car uses.

Plus, you should know when to replace the battery, so you don’t have trouble powering up your engine.

Rav4 Battery Specs

The battery specification of the Toyota Rav4 is based upon power, battery type, and size. Let’s have a quick discussion on each to get a better understanding.

  • Power Rating

The nominal power in car batteries, including Toyota Rav4, is rated into two classes, crank amp and cold crank amp. The Crank Amp is a unit used to measure the current power that a car battery can produce, and it is estimated at 0 degrees Celsius.

Cold-cranking amp, by contrast, is a power storage rating used to determine the battery’s capacity to start a motor in cold weather.

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In this regard, the Rav4 operates with 12-volt batteries that can supply up to 0 F for approximately 30 seconds.

  • Battery Type

Two types of battery can be used for Toyota Rav4: startup or SLI battery and deep cycle battery. The startup battery is the type that temporarily powers the engine.

The engine runs for at least 30 seconds, and then the generator feeds the electrical system and continues to operate. More so, the battery may work for several years without any malfunction.

On the other hand, a deep cycle battery can handle repeated charge and discharge cycles without depleting quickly. That means you can use its charge all the way.

  • Battery Group Size

This is one of the most important specifications you must consider when you want to obtain a battery suitable for the Toyota Rav4.

Here you examine the physical dimension and the location of the terminal suitable for your car. Rav4 typically operates on a group of 35 batteries.

Such a battery is 8 1/7 inches high, 9 1/16 inches long, and 6 7/8 inches broad.

Best Batteries for Rav4 and their Properties

Having reviewed the Rav4 battery specifications above, let’s describe some batteries with such features so you can make your choices.

  • Optima Deep Cycle Batteries 8040-218

This is a deep cycle battery that is suitable for Toyota Rav4 due to its high performance and durability.

It has a strong starting amp of 650 and a long engine life that can work in extreme cold and heat. Moreover, the battery can support vibrations up to ot15 times.

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Other key specs of Optima Deep Cycle Batteries 8040-218 are: group battery size of 35, CCA amp of 620, reserve capacity of 100 minutes, quick recharge, spill-proof, instantly powers engine, and can be installed in whatever position.

  • Optima Batteries 8020-164

If you are looking for the best starting battery for your Toyota Rav4, feel free to buy this kind of battery. It is designed to keep battery electrolytes in position and to prevent them from leaking.

Thanks to the AGM technology. Moreover, the battery can operate under all weather conditions, withstand vibrations and extend the shelf life.

Other important specs of this battery are group battery size 35, CCA amps 720, reserve capacity of 100 minutes, leakproof, easy to install, and can last for at least 2.5 years depending on utilization.

  • Duralast 35 DL

This is another excellent starter battery that can work well in Toyota Rav4.

The battery is designed to meet the electrical requirements of the vehicle by supplying sustainable energy with a slower emptying rate.

In addition, the battery offers a reliable CCA  550, a reserve capacity of 130 minutes, a battery pack of size 35, and high vibration resistance. The only downside of this type of battery is that it may have a shorter lifespan.

The Durability of Toyota Rav4 Batteries

Toyota Rav4 batteries usually last 3 to 5 years, depending on weather, battery brand, and driving habits. If your battery should last a long time, you must incorporate a unique maintenance culture.

This means you regularly clean your battery terminals, vehicle parked away from extreme temperature swings, not allowing it to remain unused for long, and so on.

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Replacing Toyota Rav4 Battery

Care must be your priority when replacing the Toyota Rav4 battery, mainly if you use a newer model. This is because the hood’s capacity in such vehicles may continue to shrink to boost its performance.

However, you can go through the steps below if you need to change your car battery by yourself.

  • Turn off the engine and open the Burnet.
  • Use your wrench and loosen the bolts and nuts retaining the battery terminals.
  • Carefully take off the battery. But be sure not to put too much force or metal objects on the cables.
  • When the battery is removed, it is recommended that the battery cable terminals be cleaned of dirt or corrosion using a wire brush.
  • Now it’s time to get the new battery up and running. Follow the same procedures that you use to remove the battery successfully. Gently raise the new battery and put it in the correct position.
  • Use your tools and attach both negative and positive battery terminals.

Important note: When changing your battery, ensure you get the right size for your vehicle. If not, you will ultimately lose your money for the battery that will not work.

The battery plays a significant role in getting the engine running. Obtaining the correct battery that will fit your car will go a long way in serving you better and also last a long time.

Those who have Toyota Rav4 can use the information above to help them select the best battery for their vehicles.

If you cannot replace it, meet with people with in-depth knowledge of car batteries to help you. Mechanics are experts you can call upon.