5 Different Types of Intramural Sports in Most Colleges

Do you have any idea what intramural sports are? These are entertaining sports events that are held at an educational institution like a university or college.

However, such sporting events can be organized in a certain geographical area in addition to the school, although it is rare.

Types of Intramural Sports

Indoor sports events are mainly held to allow academics to relax, improve their mental health, get fit and entertain themselves in a structured environment.

While some notable sports clubs in schools may not require extensive skills and expertise as a criterion for participation, there are options for researchers who want to compete professionally.

So now, what types of indoor sports activities can a university student get involved in? Please continue reading this article. You can find the answer to this question below.

Before moving on to the details of our discussion, we would like to give you a brief history of indoor sports to complement your knowledge

How Intramural Sports Surfaced?

The indoor sports department was introduced in two schools in the United States. These schools were Ohio State University and the University of Michigan in the year 1913.

At that time, a graduate researcher named Mitchell was the first director of Types of indoor sports at the University of Michigan.

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He wrote the first handbook on intramural sports and was also named the “father of indoor sports”.

The University of Michigan hosted the first indoor facility in the U.S. Today, intramural sports organize teams of equal strength or athletic ability on campus or in municipal areas.

Facts about Intramural Sports

There are a few things you should be aware of about indoor sports. They will help you a lot as you venture into one of these sports.

  • Indoor sports are not restricted to particular groups of people on campus
  • Everyone is allowed to participate, no matter how strong you are, how old you are, or even how experienced you are.
  • Each indoor sport has its established rules that a beginner needs to understand. Hence, it is recommended as a beginner to study the rules of each game you want to play. In this manner, you can excel.
  • All sorts of learning environments can sustain indoor sports.

Kinds of Indoor Sports on Campus

Some of the indoor sports you can choose from while studying on campus or elsewhere include football, basketball, tennis, swimming, baseball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Softball, Kickball, American Flag Football, Ping Pong, Cornhole, etc.

You can apply certain skills and techniques to raise your performance level as well as reduce your chances of getting hurt. Let us touch briefly on a few of them.

  • Football

Football is a game that is played on a rectangular field between two opposition parties with 11 players each.

The aim is to strike the ball from the central goal line into the opposing team’s goal line to score. To be a winner, you must score goals more than your opponent.

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Some of the techniques that foster high performance in football are dribbling, passing, juggling, entertaining, and much more.

  • Baseball

It is a bat and ball game that includes 9 players from two opposing teams. The game is all about a pitcher (player of the defensive team), tossing the ball to the players of the striking team to strike with a bat.

When the batting team hits the ball into the field, other team players will run the bases. The fielding teams are to prevent the batters from becoming runners or advancing around the bases.

  • Basketball

Basketball is another great indoor event.

The game comprises two opposing teams which are composed of five players. It is played on a rectangular court and the goal is to shoot the ball into the opposing hoop.

Some of the skills involved in this intramural sport include defense, shooting, rebounds, passes, and dribbling.

  • Tennis

Tennis is another game played on a rectangular court. You can play as a person against one opponent or two players against two opponents.

A player is to use a tennis racket which is pitched with a rope to strike a hollow rubber ball on a net into the opponent’s court. There are skills that you can use to boost your success rate.

They include overhead crash, forehand volley, backhand ground stroke, ground stroke, serve, and much more.

  • Swimming

Do you enjoy playing in the water? You will find this sport relevant. It is a game that can be played as a person or as a team, either in the open water or in the pool.

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What’s more, the sport requires that the whole body move quickly in the water. There are also a few winning techniques that you may explore here.

They include backstroke, front crawl, butterfly, backstroke, and lots more.

Criteria to Qualify for an Intramural Sport

Eligibility criteria for intramural athletic activity on campus vary by institution.

But most educational institutions allow newly enrolled researchers and newly hired academic staff to participate in any indoor event. A new employee’s spouse or husband can also take part.

However, before participants are allowed to participate in an indoor sport, they must show a valid identification card where they will participate.

Fundamental Values of Intramural Sport

Indoor sport has some basic values that each participant needs to develop. They include honesty, respect, professionalism, warmth, fun, and community or friendship.

  • Is There Anything Else?

Violence or misconduct will not be tolerated in any indoor sport.

If you are caught in an attempt to strike a supervisor, other participants, or a spectator, you will be severely penalized. In some schools, the penalty is an automatic one-year suspension, along with other criminal charges.

All of these penalties are aimed at ensuring a healthy entertaining atmosphere. As a result, team captains and members are encouraged to take fair play seriously to avoid being kicked out.

Intramural sport is a great way to improve your physical and mental health, build social skills, work as a team, solve problems, and much more.

All the types of indoor sports we have outlined above will help you achieve these health benefits. If you end up on campus someday, those are the sports you can play.