UBA Sort Code For All Branches In Nigeria [Complete List]

Like other Nigerian banks, UBA also has its unique sort code, which you are about to learn. If so, you need to read this article and see how the UBA sort code looks like.

However, we are not going to end our discussion on this, we will also look at how you can obtain this particular bank sort code. Have a great time with us.

Sort Code For UBA

The arrival of the sort code was to be a form of identification in the banking industry of a country. It identifies the branch where a specific account is recorded.

Before the arrival of the sort code, banks used manual verification to conduct cash trades. But things got a lot easier with the introduction of the sort code at the beginning of the 20th century.

What Exactly is a Sort Code?

A sort code is essentially a set of numbers that is used to identify a particular branch of the bank where an account is registered, as discussed above.

It was first introduced in the UK and the Republic of Ireland as a secure method of transferring money between local banks.

The sort code started with approximately two digits when it was introduced in the early twentieth century. Later, the number increased to nine, which a lot of banks are using today.

Nigerian banks are not left out to adopt the sort code, and UBA is among them.

How Does UBA Sort Code Look Like?

Whereas the sort code of other Nigerian banks consists of 9 digits, so also is the sort code of UBA.

In that respect, the sort code UBA is 033154282. However, each UBA branch in the country has its sort code.

The one we just talked about is that of the head office in Lagos.

The first three digits represent the name of the bank, which is (033), while the next two digits represent the location of the bank.

Lastly, the last four digits represent the exact branch in which an account is held. You can check below if you can find your location sort code from the ones we will be providing.

UBA branch location Sort code
Plot 132, Central District Phase 2 Abuja 033083641
Sanni Abacha Barracks, Asokoro, Abuja 033083670
Abuja Keffi Road by Sharp Corner Mararaba Karu  033083683
Mabusi, Utako District, Abuja 033083654
National Assembly Complex Abuja FCT 033083735
201 Faulks Road Ariaria
C/O 1, Gujba Rd, Damaturu ,Gadaka, Yobe State 033311339
2 Canteen Road, Gusau, Gusau, Zamfara State 033372103
1 Govt House Road Gusau, Gusau, Zamfara State 033372938
Udo Udoma Avenue Uyo ,Akwaibom State 0330Eket 7
12 Grace Hill Rd , Eket, Akwaibom State 033012227
P.M.B 1049 Ikotakpanya, Etinan ,Akwaibom Stat 033011105
Uyooron Road Ituk Mbang, Ituk Mbang ,Akwaibom 033011820
5 Onitsha/Enugu Exp Way Ogidi, Onitsha 033022453
14, Ajuluchukwu Street Ukpor ,Nkpor ,Anambra 033021454
Along Yenagoa/Mbianma Rd. Yenagoa, Yenagoa 033322904
Plot A59 C.B.D Swali Road, Yenagoa ,Yenagoa 033322894
Force Lane, Opp 35 Base Service Group, Makurdi 033051903
Market Road Junction North Bank, Makurdi 033051916
Oju L.G.A Area Mgt., Ohuhuowo, Benue State 033051877
Meideribe Shopping Complex Monday Market 033060017
C/O 2nd Branch Road Kukawa ,Borno Sta 033060774
2nd Branch Baga RdRd, Maiduguri, Borno State 033061799
Plot C83, Calabar Rd. Ikom, Ikom ,Cross River 033072843

In case the sort code of your bank is not among the ones we have just cited above, you can follow the instruction below and see how you can obtain your UBA branch sort code.

How can I obtain a UBA Sort Code?

We have three ways to obtain the sort code of the UBA branch. You can either check it online, cheque sheet or you visit any UBA branch that is close to your street.

It’s very easy and consumes less time, except for the one you will need to go to the bank and it is also free as well. All you have to do is choose the option that suits you.

  • The Internet

Many people who do banking with UBA do not know that they can recover their sort code through the Internet.

Just pick your smartphone and search for your UBA branch sort ID. When searching the internet, it is important to include the state and possibly the local government your branch is located in.

This is to simplify your search result, so you don’t have to scroll all day before getting your station sort code. Once you have found the numbers, try to copy the number and keep it safe for reference purposes.

  • Check Slip

Even before the arrival of the sort code, the cheque sheet was another means of identifying a bank location that an account is maintained. Each UBA station sort code is written on their cheque sheet.

All you have to do is check the bottom of your cheque slip; you will see the figures. The first three digits are not the sort code number, but the next five digits are your branch sort code.

  • Visit the bank

It is preferable to visit the bank where you can receive the authentic sort code directly. Therefore, go to any UBA station near you and meet with the bank’s customer service agent.

Tell the agent you want to have your bank sort code. A few minutes after the audit, you will be provided with the sort code. You need no form of identity before you can conduct such an operation.

Do I need UBA Sort code?

Yes, at a point in time you will necessitate having your sort code handy, especially when you want to carry out money transfers to another local bank like First Bank, Access bank, Zenith bank, and lots more.

Even if you want to transfer money from your account to another UBA branch, you must have your sort ID. The important thing about the sort code is to determine where the money comes from.

Sort code is a very important code someone should not joke with, looking at the aforementioned uses. For you to read this article up to this moment, means you have found this article very informative.

At least from now onward, you will have no issues with the UBA sort code.

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