How To Unflag Facebook Ads Account

The fact that you are here today means your Facebook advertising account has been deactivated. No need to worry, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to unblock your Facebook ad account and also how you can prevent your account from being disabled next time.

But before that, it is nice if we understand why a Facebook ads account will be flagged.

Facebook Ad Account Unblock Guide

Have you received an error message about your Facebook advertising account?

Then your account has been flagged. Therefore, you may not be able to make any more ads or make use of your card on any other Facebook account.

However, there are one or two reasons why your Facebook Ads account may be disabled.

What makes a Facebook Ad Account Flagged?

For certain reasons, your Facebook ads account may be disabled and deny you the right to use the account.

It could be either one or multiple of your ads have violated their advertising policy or there is high negative feedback on your account.

Moreover, it could be due to an error in providing Facebook information.

You can generate negative feedback on your ads account when other users report your added content as spam, hide either one or multiple posts from your Facebook page.

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However, your account will not be deactivated, unless negative comments have overridden the number of ad impressions.

How to Verify Negative Feedback

If you would like to know the number of your negative comments for each of your ads, then you select the ads individually and click preview.

When you are done, scroll to the bottom of your message and click “Performance Results Section”. In the Post Details Window, verify the Assign section for negative feedback.

Here you will see how many negative comments in the post you just did.

How Do I Restore my Inactive Facebook Ads Account?

There are a few steps you can take to recover your reported Facebook ads account.

These methods involve the appeal, Facebook business page, Try another account, and so forth.

  • Preparing an appeal

There are two ways you can prepare an appeal when you want to enable your Facebook ads account. You can talk to Facebook representatives or you can fill out two forms.

You can also appeal by e-mail, although it’s not as effective as the two we just mentioned. By doing so, you can unlock your account successfully.

  • Life Chat

When you want to talk to a representative, you should contact a human specialist. When talking to a representative, you must be polite and show them that you are prepared to abide by their rules and regulations.

Follow these steps and chat with the Facebook Help Team.

  • Navigate to the Facebook Business Support Centre on your home page and scroll down. Select “Get Started” and go ahead.
  • After opening the page, select ‘Get Support’ and proceed.
  • You will now be presented with the “Chat” option, click on it. A contact form will appear on the screen where you have to insert all the required information. But make sure you present your question accurately; to enable the Facebook representative to understand your situation better.
  • When you are finished, click on “Start Chat”.
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You must be aware that Facebook representatives may not respond immediately at times. This may take a few days or weeks.

But it is advisable to continue to appeal after three days, that is if you are still interested in your Facebook ads account.

  • Completion Forms

If you can’t settle for the above option, you can use this method to re-activate your advertising account on Facebook. In this respect, the forms to be completed will vary depending on why they are reported.

So you need to identify the reason why your account is deactivated.

After you submit your inquiry about your problem, you should continue to check the Facebook Help Center regularly.

Once they have reviewed your request to restore your account, they will notify you through the Help Center mailbox.

  • Facebook Business Page

Facebook claims that some of its staff is on Facebook Business Page. You may use this platform and query your account for deactivated ads, and label them on Linkedin.

The only problem with using this platform is that the coordinates are intentionally hidden, making it difficult for users to contact them.

  • Try another Account

Here, you may try to use the same ads from a different Facebook ad account and the same page or try a different ad to the same Facebook ad account. You do this to isolate the offending variable and find out if the problem is with your ad account or the Facebook business page.

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However, if the methods mentioned above do not work, you will need to open another new Facebook ad account and credit card to continue your business.

What Can I Do to Ensure that my Facebook Ads Account is Not Reported?

We have a few ways to help you protect your Facebook ads account from being disabled. First, you will be required to adhere appropriately to Facebook advertising policies.

Second, you create your own Facebook advertising strategy.

  • Follow Facebook Ad Policies

This is one of the most important steps in preventing your ad account from being deactivated. Besides, neglect of Facebook ad policies may make your account to be disabled.

These policies all deal with banned content such as Community standards, discriminatory practices, illegal products or services, tobacco, and related products.

  • Have a Unique ad Strategy

As mentioned earlier, your account may be disabled when you have multiple negative feedbacks to your ads. You can prevent such negative feedback when using an actionable strategy. So how can you do that?

There are three approaches you can use as part of your Facebook advertising strategy.

The first is to focus on new people to increase your audience. Second, you create a skilled sales lead, and finally, you land new customers.

Once you can have done that, you can be sure about having a successful advertising strategy.

It is not all reported ad accounts that are the user’s fault, the error may be from Facebook itself. Whether it’s your fault if your account is flagged or not, you can use the steps we’ve outlined and restore your account.

But if you try all the methods and fail, you can now open a new account, as we said earlier.

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