7 Universities That Offer Full Scholarships To International Students

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Do you seek full scholarships to your most preferred institution? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of universities that offer full scholarships for international students.

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Colleges That Grant Fully-Paid International Student Scholarships

Not all scholarships are the same. Some are partly funded, while others are fully funded.

A fully-funded scholarship covers your tuition, living expenses, and sometimes travel expenses, insurance, book allowance, among others.

University of Toronto (Canada)

Besides being a leading university in Canada, the University of Toronto is listed among the best schools in the world.

The University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Lester B. Pearson’s scholarship program, offers fully-funded scholarships to international students.

These scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, and other costs. Applicants must have an excellent academic record, exhibit leadership skills, and creativity.

Those looking to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees can apply for this.

Oregon University (US)

Oregon University offers about 35-40 international students scholarships to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

The University of Oregon awards scholarships and financial aid worth over $2.5 million to international students every year. The scholarships are usually based on merits.

Bristol University (UK)

Bristol University collaborates with prestigious external partners to offer various scholarships to international students.

Some of these external partners include Phyllis Mary Morris bursaries, Michael Wong Pakshong bursaries, etc.

Based on reports, scholarships worth £2 million will be dispensed in 2022.

University of British Columbia (Canada)

Each year, outstanding students from various parts of the world are offered awards, financial support, and scholarships worth over $30 million.

Recipients from over 105 countries have benefited immensely from the scholarship scheme. The awardees are opportune to join a community of young leaders with different perspectives and creative skills.

Cardiff University (UK)

Cardiff University ranks among UK’s top-tier institutions. It’s also a member of the Russell group.

Cardiff University offers a wide range of scholarships from Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship to Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship Programme and The Beacon Scholarship.

The leading school is home to over 8,500 international students from 130 countries.

University of Cambridge (UK)

The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in the UK and the fourth oldest institution in the world. The reputable school has been imparting knowledge to students for many decades now.

University of Cambridge partners with Gates scholarship program to offer scholarships to international students aspiring for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

The merit-based scholarships cover tuition, cost of living, and two economic class air tickets. These airfares cover the trip to the university at the start of the program and back home after your study program.

Illinois Wesleyan University (US)

Illinois Wesleyan University awards merit scholarships and need-based financial support to international students in their first year in the institution.

For the merit-based scholarships, the awards range from $16,000 to $30,000 every year.

They’re also renewable every 4 years. The need-based financial aid requires applicants to submit a profile about their financial resources.


And there’s our list of universities that offer full scholarships for international students.

Choose the one that best suits you and start your application as soon as possible.