8 Warning Signs Of Automatic Gear Box Problem

Does your gearbox act badly? It might be a flaw somewhere. Regardless of the problem that you encounter with your automatic gearbox, we will help you.

In this post, we will throw more light on the warning signs of auto gear problems.

So sit tight and enjoy your reading.

Automatic Transmission Problem Warning Signs

Unfortunately, most people driving cars with automatic gearboxes are unaware of the warning signs in their gearboxes. So they end up spending a lot of money getting their gearbox fixed when it’s severely faulty.

Those who are out of luck could lose the entire gearbox, which will cost them a new one.

Therefore, if you do not want to be taken by this situation, do not ignore the warning signs in your gearbox.

  • Unhealthy Noise

Whenever an automatic gearbox developed default, there will be a clumping sound coming out of the car.

This noise can be caused by dryness inside your automatic gearbox. Such dryness may occur when there is little to no fluid in a gearbox. This fluid is believed to lubricating all mechanical gears.

As a result of dryness, it causes friction on mechanical parts. This situation is liable to make such clunking noises. Also, continuous chafing can damage the whole gearbox.

Other unhealthy noise can result from damaged internal sealing or other parts are worn out. Anyway, you need to be alert and stop the situation on time.

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Otherwise, you may lose your entire gearbox.

  • Fluid Leakage

This is a visible warning sign if something is not right with your gearbox.

You can perform your verification for potential leaks by going under your car. But if you cannot pass under your car, then place a white material underneath the car.

Once you spot a red liquid coming from below, there’s a leakage somewhere. Maybe your gearbox liquid is leaking. If that’s the case, in no distant time, you’ll ply on the low gearbox fluid.

This situation is very bad for the automated gearbox, hence, making it develop faults.

  • Unusual Slipping of Gear

An automatic gearbox changes its speed simultaneously by itself.

In situations where the gear slips between gears and you try to change it but do not work. Then there’s something wrong with the gearbox.

Your gearbox isn’t supposed to work that way. Slipping gears when driving can be fatal.

  • Whenever You Smell Something Burning

When there is excess heat in a gearbox system, the gearbox fluid may be overheated, resulting in a burning odor. As this heat continues, it reduces some of the gearbox properties which could cause friction.

Friction could worn-out some parts in a gearbox.  Nevertheless, it is a warning signal that something is not right with your gearbox.

A healthy gearbox must not have a burning odor.

Other burning smells could also result from burning clutch due to lack of gearbox fluid. This situation now falls back on leaks causing little flow of fluid into a gearbox as previously mentioned.

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That is why; if you see this sign, do not joke with it, because it warns you of impending danger.

  • Unstable Sensation in the Gear Transmission

It is intended that as you drive, your car should be able to change speeds smoothly. In case your car vibrates like it’s shifting, then something has gone wrong with your gearbox.

Sometimes it begins with little vibration, but in the long run, the situation worsens.

As previously stated, this may be due to the low level of gearbox fluid. From the first moment, you discover that your car is shaking with a change of speed, quickly ask your mechanic to check the car.

  • When the Engine LED Lights up

Sadly, most drivers are not aware of this warning signal.

A motor LED is provided to indicate any problem in your car. The motor light is typically displayed on your dashboard. It’ll alert you if there’s a problem with your gearbox.

That’s because your gearbox has a sensor that signals the computer if there is a failure.

When the light is on and flashes red, it means there is a defect. If the light is totally off, it means everything is perfect with your gearbox.

Sometimes your gear may be in perfect condition, but if there is another defect in the car, the engine light can still be on. All you have to do is check the light of your motor and know where exactly the fault is.

  • Refusing to Respond to a Gear

You may have shifted speed, but the car won’t budge. Sometimes it takes a long time before it moves. When you encounter such a situation, then something should be wrong with your gearbox.

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An automatic gearbox does not delay engaging a gear. This is because it is programmed to engage itself automatically.

Once you notice such an unusual delay in your car, there is no question this is a gearbox problem. The situation will only be compounded if you do not have the car checked and make necessary repairs.

  • Makes Noise When Driving in Neutral

Do you hear a bumpy sound when you want to move to neutral? If this is the case, it means that something is not right in your gearbox. The perfect gearbox shouldn’t make that kind of noise.

Two things could cause this situation.

If the mechanical parts in your gearbox are worn out it could make such noise.

As we have said countless times, there might also be a shortage of auto gearbox fluid. If those two are the situation, then you find a way of having them resolved.

Failure to do so will compound the faulty condition in your gearbox.

Note: gearbox fluid is very important for automatic gearboxes. Nearly all warning signals associated with a faulty automatic gearbox result from a low level of gearbox fluid.

Hence, to have your gearbox continue to work in perfect condition, regularly check the level of this gearbox fluid. Ignoring all these warning signs in an automatic gearbox will only increase the damage in your gearbox.

We’ve listed quite a few of them to help you identify any issues with your automatic gearbox.

Once you notice a warning signal, take action as soon as you can.

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