Weather in Jos Nigeria: Climate, Temperature, Wind, Sunshine & Humidity

What climate is found in Jos? How cold does it get? Which months are the most chill in the year?

Here is all about Jos weather.

Jos is the capital of Plateau State, a region in the middle belt of Nigeria, with an average population of around 9 million people.

The state is bordered by other areas such as Bauchi in the north, Taraba and Nasarawa in the east, Kaduna in the west, and Benue in the south respectively.

Plateau State is noteworthy for having the highest altitude in Nigeria with about 1829 m above sea level.

The state capital is a pleasant spot to visit because of its beautiful natural scenery. As such, it will be important to get the knowledge about their weather conditions so you know when you can schedule your vacation.

In that regard, you’re going to find this article as a useful resource. This is because we are going to examine the climatic condition in Jos.

Climate in Jos

The weather in Jos is best classed as a tropical savanna climate, where they experience precipitation for about 5-6 months. It’s from April through September or early October, and it comes with hail.

When the dry season starts from October, it will last until April. The dry times at Jos are very sunny, although this is not always the case.

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Moreover, Jos has a conventional and orographic annual rainfall of approximately 1400mm. This is because of the existence of many mountains that surround the town.

The existence of these hills in the state also influences the temperature of the city.

Temperature in Jos

The temperature in Jos consists of both the hot temperature and the cool temperature. Warm weather in this town generally lasts about two and a half months.

From February to April and the temperature during this time is above 88 ⁰F per day. The temperature tends to rise dramatically toward the end of March to a maximum of 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold periods in Jos typically last about six months, from July to January. Over these periods, the temperature is as low as 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

The coldest month in Jos is December, with a mean temperature of about 53⁰F. But there was a time when the temperature dropped below 15⁰F.

People in Jos are most of the time in their warm clothes, once it’s a cold time.

It will be important for you to know that the night in Jos is a lot cooler than the day. In this respect, the night temperature falls to an average of 10⁰C to 19⁰C depending on the month.

Sunny Periods in Jos

The hours of intense sunshine during a day vary considerably, due to the times of the rainy and dry season.

Daylight in Jos usually lasts about 12 hours and 45 minutes. The shortest day is in late December, when daylight lasts 11 hours and 33 minutes, although this is not often the case.

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The sun may rise at 6 a.m. and dusk starts at 5:50. Whereas on the other hand, the sun may get up as late as 6:40 and go down as late as 6:50.

It is the usual hour of sunrise and sunset in the magnificent city of Jos.

What about the Humidity in Jos?

How there are many temperature variations in Jos, so there are humidity variations.

Hence, the humidity in this city is dependent on due point. It involves perspiration that will evaporate from the skin and makes your body enjoy a temperate atmosphere for quite a few weeks.

In this respect, the tumultuous periods of Jos last about 7 months, which is from April to October. Around the first days of June, you will experience an intense level of moisture caused by a 60 percent increase.

So the less humid period is toward the end of December, simply because there will be intense cold in December.

Wind Velocity and Length in Jos

Wind displacement and duration in Jos is influenced by local topography and other natural factors. However, the windier portion of Jos lasts approximately 6 months.

It begins from November to April, with a mean wind speed of about 7.1 miles per hour. Again, the windiest period in Jos is near the end of January, with an average wind speed of approximately 9.2 miles per hour.

However, the quieter wind periods in Jos last about five and a half months. It goes from April until November.

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The most tranquil time in this city is around September, with an average wind speed of 5.1 miles per hour. In the first four to five months, the wind will blow mainly from the west, while from the east it will last almost seven months.

Cloud in Jos

The percentage of sky cover is dependent on the season. However, the city becomes cloudier for about 8 months, between March and November.

Then it becomes clear for a four-month average, from November to March. This is a mostly cloud formation at Jos.

Suitable Period in Jos

For those who will want to visit this Magnificent city for a vacation, honeymoon, or tourism, it will be nice if you know the best time you can pay a visit to this wonderful metropolis.

In that respect, the best time to visit Jos is during the dry season. That’s roughly the month of November towards mid-February, where the temperature has dropped to 53⁰F.

This temperature is favorable for relaxation.

However, if you want to come to Jos during warm times, it’s best if you visit in late January and mid-April. This weather condition is slightly favorable for Jos.

But toward the end of March, warm weather will be near its peak and you might find it not suitable.

Among all the regions of the country, the weather in Jos seems to be the only if not the most favorable one. That’s why a lot of tourists inside and outside the country love to visit the city.

The only problem facing the city is insecurity, which tends to prevent foreign visitors from visiting the region.

However, if you like to visit Jos, you may find the best time to visit above.

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