What Is Nigeria Known For?

If you are interested in what Nigeria is known for, you will enjoy much of our discussion.

This is because we are going to give you facts on the country that makes it popular among other nations.

However, it is still unclear whether Nigeria is the most famous country in the world or not.

Popular Facts About Nigeria

Nigeria is not only the most populated country in Africa but also the most popular country in the world due to the high number of Nigerians in the diaspora.

There are people in the western world who refer to all Africans as Nigerians.  It is not surprising that this country is used to being treated like the “giants of Africa”.

Nigeria is a magnificent place to travel to.

Things that Got Nigeria Famous

What we will enumerate are facts that make Nigeria so famous.

These include population, natural resources, entertainment, terrorism, corruption, sculptural pieces, and a lot more.

  • Population

Without question, Nigeria is home to over 200 million people. If it is not because of the high death rate, the population of the country should have been higher than the above figure.

However, Nigeria remains the seventh most populous nation in the world.

According to UN estimates, by 2047, Nigeria will have a massive population, compared to the USA with more than 387 million inhabitants.

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Hence, making Nigeria the world’s third most populated country.

Aside from a large number of human beings, Nigeria is still home to over 520 ethnic groups, including English, which is the official language.

The Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo appear to be the main ethnicities, due to their large population and landmass.

  • Natural Resources

Did you know that Nigeria is the greatest producer of natural gas in all of Africa? That’s one of the resources that Nigeria is beating her chest with.

For this, the country is rated 10th and 12th with the biggest natural gas in the world. In case you haven’t noticed, Nigeria is the fourth largest coal producer in the world.

In addition to natural gas, the country is also rich in tin, iron ore, gold, bitumen, columbites, coffee, and other agricultural products.

  • Entertainment

Nollywood is the second biggest film production firm among other international movie industries. I hear it because Nollywood produces almost a thousand movies a season.

On the music side, there are some great soundtracks in the country that drives a lot of fans in the world crazy. We are talking about hip-pop, Afro rhythms, and so forth.

Nigeria possesses talents that make the front page of the music industry.

  • Violence

Apart from the good things about Nigeria, some bad events make the country become negatively very popular and terrorism is part of it.

Since Boko Haram’s arrival, people have begun to see Nigeria as a terrorist nation. Today, we have not only been victimized by Boko Haram, but by armed bandits and kidnappers.

  • Corruption

For more than decades, Nigeria has managed to elect many corrupt leaders.

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Yes, we know that corruption is a global phenomenon, but Nigeria it has become a severe pandemic in Nigeria.

Even under the present government, there is no evidence of change; it is getting worse.

  • Artistic Pieces

As far as creativity is concerned, Nigeria has produced many creative minds in the arts. Several bronze sculptures from Benin are currently on display at the British Museum.

These art pieces were formerly used to decorate the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Benin in the thirteenth century. This proves that Nigeria was a civilized nation, even before the arrival of the whites.

When the Europeans saw the sculptural pieces for the first time, they were astonished that such Hellenistic style and beautiful realistic works could be found among the blacks.

So, in the raids of 1897, they stole these magnificent works and kept them in their galleries to this day.

  • Twins

Nigeria has a city with a high birth rate of twins.

According to some residents, the high rate of yam consumption is the catalyst of their high rate of twin births.

While some say that yams contain a natural hormone that is responsible for causing multiple ovulation, though there is no scientific evidence.

  • Left Hand

In Nigeria, people who use their left hand for certain activities such as eating, shaking hands, donating objects, etc., are considered disrespectful.

So a lot of Nigerians who have that belief are forced to adjust with their right hand. In other civilized countries, that is not the case, but in Nigeria, it is rather an abomination.

  • Leather Work

In case you don’t know, Nigeria has one of the most populous ethnic groups in West Africa that stands out for leatherwork, which is the Hausas.

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They have wonderful techniques and models which are unique to them too, and with classic hand-stitched leather articles. Some of them include purses, shoes, plush leather stools, and other creative works.

Kano is one of the notable northern regions when it comes to leatherwork in Nigeria.

  • Megacity

Lagos is one of Nigeria’s megalopolises that has hosted many industrial and commercial power plants. As a result, it made the region more economically healthier than any other African state.

In this region, you can see Asians, Americans, Europeans, Lebanese, and other Africans engaged in trade transactions. Over time, the region can be the next Dubai in Africa.

  • Go Slow

Due to the unorganized road network in Nigeria, it has become one of the countries with the highest rate of traffic jams (go slow).

Although it will not prevent you to reach your destination, it will succeed in wasting your time. However, it has become a business ground for many nationals.

So you can manage if you need candy, cookies, and carbonated beverages.

Nigeria got a lot of goodies and baddies. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful country to visit, because there are interesting things you should experience.

These may not be understood with words from the mouth.

At least you saw a little thing that made Nigeria famous, not just in Africa, but around the world.

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