What is Nigeria Zip Code? ZipCode for All States


This question has been on the lips of many Nigerians over the years. Because of its importance to sending and receiving parcels, mails, and goods, proper knowledge on this topic must be provided.

Supplying a wrong ZIP code can make the difference between receiving your parcels, goods, and mails and missing them altogether.

But first, what exactly is a ZIP? The ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. Many Nigerians are in the dark regarding the difference between a Zip Code and postal code. For the ZIP Code, this is used specifically in the United States of America for mailing services. However, outside the United States, what other countries use, including Nigeria is the postal code.

We can say the postal code in Nigeria is America’s equivalent of the ZIP Code. This does not only apply to Nigeria alone as many other countries outside the United States use the postal code for the same purposes the ZIP Code in Nigeria is used.

  • What Does +234 Stand For?

There has been general thinking among Nigerians that +234 is Nigeria’s ZIP Code, but this is not true. The +234 number is Nigeria’s dialing code. This gives access to calling Nigerian phone numbers, as callers outside Nigeria will have to include the +234 code before the Nigerian phone number. Without doing this, calling a local phone number outside the shores of Nigeria will not connect.

  • Nigeria’s Equivalent of the ZIP Code
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Nigeria’s equivalent of the ZIP Code is the postal code. Many Nigerians will be shocked to hear the postal code because the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is regarded as non-functional. Although it is no longer popular as it used to be, the Nigerian Postal Service still carries out a critical role in the way we send and receive goods and parcels in the country.

The Nigerian ZIP or Postal Codes are typically made up of 6 digits. These six digits differ according to the states. Each state has its own very unique ZIP/Postal Code. If a ZIP Code is being required, these codes are to be supplied.

All the states have their specific and unique ZIP Codes but Lagos is the only state with two ZIP Codes/Postal Codes. These are split into two, representing Mainland Lagos and the Island.

  • Does ZIP Code and Postal Code Mean the Same Thing?

Absolutely yes!  Outside the United States of America, the Postal Code represents the Zip Code. The postal code can be used in place of the ZIP Code. All the states in Nigeria have their unique ZIP/Postal Codes. These Include the Following;

States ZIP/Postal Codes

  • Abuja Postal Code 900001
  • Abia Postal Code 440001
  • Adamawa Postal Code 640001
  • Akwa Ibom Postal Code 520001
  • Anambra Postal Code 420001
  • Bauchi Postal Code 740001
  • Borno Postal Code 600001
  • Delta Postal Code 320001
  • Edo Postal Code 300001
  • Enugu Postal code 400001
  • I Postal Code 460001
  • Jigawa Postal Code 720001
  • Kano Postal Code 700001
  • Kaduna Postal Code 800001
  • Katsina Postal Code 820001
  • Kebbi Postal Code 860001
  • Kogi Postal Code 260001
  • Kwara Postal Code 240001
  • Lagos Island Postal Code 101001
  • Lagos Mainland Postal Code 100001
  • Niger Postal Code 920001
  • Ogun Postal Code 110001
  • Ondo Postal Code 340001
  • Osun Postal Code 230001
  • Oyo Postal Code 200001
  • Plateau Postal Code 930001
  • Rivers Postal Code 500001
  • Sokoto Postal Code 840001
  • Taraba Postal Code 660001
  • Yobe Postal Code 320001
  • Ebonyi Postal Code 840001
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These are the different states with their unique ZIP/Postal Codes. These can be used in mailing, as it easily makes the sending of goods, parcels, and services much easier.

How Nigeria’s ZIP / Postal Codes Work

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has marked out an efficient system of developing and allocating these ZIP/Postal Codes to states. The entire country has been divided into 9 divisions or regions. This makes up the first digit of the Code. In other words, the codes range from 1 to 9 according to the numbering pattern allocated.

With the entire digits of the ZIP/Postal Code being 6, the second and third numbers of the postal codes represent the dispatch location for any outgoing mail categorization. This is an efficient system of mail delivery developed by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) that continues to be relevant today in the direction of goods and services to their respective locations.

For Clarity’s Sake

Whenever a ZIP code is being required for any business, do not be confused by misrepresenting the ZIP/Postal Code with Nigeria’s dialing code of +234. Knowing the right thing to do will save you a lot of stress and disappointments occasioned by the loss or misplacement of goods, parcels, and services intended for certain locations.

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In Conclusion

It is believed with the above information, the question of what Nigeria’s ZIP code is adequately answered. Also, the widely held belief among Nigerians that the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is no longer functioning is not true, as it is still very much in business, overseeing the mailing and parcel services industry.

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