Where To Buy Cosmetics In Bulk? 6 Outlets For Wholesale Distributors

If you are searching for where you can buy your cosmetics in bulk in Nigeria, then you are in the right place. That’s because we’re going to list a few stores where you can buy your cosmetics in a larger quantity.

You can also obtain your merchandise at a subsidized rate at one of these shops.

Bulk Cosmetic Wholesale Purchase

Today, there is a strong demand for cosmetics in the beauty industry that has opened the door to certain citizens to make a living by selling these beauty products.

So for you to maximize your profit, you have to get your bulk products either from the manufacturing company or from a wholesaler.

Thus, you can obtain your products at a lower price.

Cosmetics Wholesaler in Nigeria

Here are a few cosmetic shops that you can get your cosmetics in Nigeria. Some of them are manufacturing industries, while some are wholesalers.

  • Lamy Skincare

This wholesale cosmetics shop was set up in 2016 by Olamide Adeosun. In case you haven’t heard, their cosmetics are hand-made.

But don’t worry about their quality, because their cosmetics are safe, clean and very efficient. They use fresh, natural ingredients that are well known for their potency.

Check out their shop at the Glow Shop, 34A, Ajayi, Road, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos State.

You can also contact them through their websites and obtain further information about their products at https://www.lamyskincarestore.com

  • Beauty Spot

If you are looking for a wholesaler to purchase make-up, eyelashes, nail polish, skin care, and other bulk cosmetics, do not hesitate to contact this supplier.

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They are renowned for providing quality products from reputable manufacturers. Please contact them on 9B Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Alternatively, you can contact them via e-mail at infor@BeautySpot.com.ng.

  • Frachi

It is another reliable supplier of cosmetics such as eyelashes, nail polish, skin care, makeup, and other magnificent beauty products.

One interesting thing about this wholesaler is that they send the goods to their retail customers directly. Hence, as a retailer, you can stay behind and order your cosmetics.

For those who wish to make physical contact with Frachi, you can visit them on JNL Plaza Lawanson bus stop Badore Road, Ajah Lekki.

Or contact them by email at talk2frachi@gmail.com.

  • Deeza Organic

They are not just suppliers of cosmetics, but manufacturers as well. Their products contain ingredients like essential oils, fragrance oils, and other natural ingredients.

You can look to them for your cosmetics and beauty products. At this point, you may feel free to visit them at #12 Thomas Laniyan Street, Anthony Village Ikeja, Lagos State.

They can also be contacted through favorsbydeeza@gmail.com.

  • Hilery DermaRenew

In addition to being an important supplier, Hilery Beauty also specializes in producing safe, healthy, and effective cosmetics and beauty products.

In case you don’t know, their skin care products are non-bleach. It is due to the combination of natural ingredients through biotechnology.

Their office is located at Capt. Oladjide George Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. They are also available by email at h.dermarenew@gmail.com.

  • Sisinene

You will be surprised to know that Sisinene is currently the largest provider of beauty and healthcare products online.

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This means that you can sit at home and do some shopping in this cosmetics store. More so, you can be sure to buy quality and safe health care products for men and women of all races on the planet.

However, if you still want to make in-person shopping, then visit their home office 4, H, Close, 7th Avenue, Festac, Lagos. They may also be contacted via email at support@sisinene.com.ng.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Factories in Nigeria

Here are a couple of cosmetic manufacturers in Nigeria. You may also get your cosmetics from these bulk factories at a very affordable price.

  • Beneks Manufacturing Nigeria Limited

This manufacturing industry has a lot to offer you in cosmetics, salsa hair products, wines, living fountain water, as well as magnificent baby products.

As a result, any category of cosmetics and make-up artists may purchase their products through this organization. Moreover, they have affordable products.

You can visit their business at 4Bdupe Otebola Street, Opposite Navy Barracks, Alakija Bus Stop, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. Or, you can start by applying through their webpage at https://www.beneksgroupng.com/ for more information.

It won’t be spoiled if you check on them via their official email at


  • Esteem Royale Cosmetics

For those who want to get organic cosmetics in greater quantities, Esteem Royale Cosmetics is an ideal place that you should consider.

They can send their products directly to their customers in an affordable manner. Their products are clean, safe, and very effective for thinning the skin. Products like to formulate soaps, creams, Exfoliators and so forward.

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Esteem Royale Cosmetics is located at 7 Lingu Crescent, off the coast of Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja. However, you can also visit their official website at https://www.esteemroyale.com for additional details.

But you can also settle for their email to sales@esteemroyale.com.

  • Fragrance Bar Studio

It’s the best place for anyone starting a new business in cosmetics and other beauty products. That’s because they provide safe skin care with a gorgeous fragrance and very high quality.

In addition, they supply relevant information and documents concerning their products.

You can visit their headquarters at Shop C2B, Platinum Mega Mall, Jahi in Abuja, or their official website at https://www.fragrancebarstudio.com for more details.

Their e-mail address is another alternative you can use, so contact them at hello@fragrancebarstudio.com.ng.

  • Emily Millionaire Cosmetic Industrial Limited

If you are looking for where to purchase high-quality cosmetics, then Emily Millionaire Cosmetic Industrial Limited should be the best place for you.

They have a proven track record of producing original skin care, body care, make-up, beauty, and other high-fragrance cosmetics.

You can shop with this manufacturing industry via the Internet, or better visit their store at 11 Alapade Street, near Bread Fruit, Balogun in the state of Lagos.

However, please visit their official website at https://www.emilymillionaire.org/ for more information. Their e-mail address can also be a useful resource, so check with sale@emilymillionaire.org.

There are several cosmetics stores at every turn in Nigeria, where you can get cosmetics of your choice at an affordable price.

These once we have just mentioned are just but few about many.

However, you can use their contact details and contact any store of your choice and get more info on their products.

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