Where To Get Free Teeth Braces?

Getting dental braces is very expensive in Nigeria, which is why not everybody can afford such dental treatment.

However, we are going to list some places where you can get free dental braces in the country. In the meantime, we would like you to have some facts on dental braces.

This will suffice as additional knowledge for going through this article.

How To Get Free Teeth Braces

Are your teeth overcrowded or misaligned and need to be straightened?

Sure, you’ll need to get dental braces so they can get fit and look good. Unlike before when it’s only children who get a dental brace, now adults may also get dental braces.

The only problem here is that it will not function as quickly as that of children and adolescents.

Free Dental Implant

As we just said, this is a way of treating people who have poorly aligned or cluttered teeth by repositioning their teeth. The implantation job is done by sticking the teeth with support using arc wires.

You can identify the brackets because they look like stones that will pose to your teeth, while the archwires run horizontally across your teeth.

This is intended to create a pre-exam on the teeth and gradually bring them back to their right position. But it will require a lengthy period before you can get that done correctly.

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Indeed, some dental prostheses can take up to three years before they are removed.

Still, that’s not all concerning the treatment. You will continue treatment with post-ablation retention devices for a few months. The reason is to maintain the new tooth shape and balance it out.

Kinds of Dental Implants

In case you don’t know, there are several types of dental prostheses available in a hospital.

We have the metal dental implant, the ceramic dental implant, the lingual dental implant, the invisible dental implant, and the transparent aligners dental implants.

Let us look at them briefly on an individual basis.

  • Metal Dental Implant

The dental implant can be made of stainless steel, titanium, or gold. It’s to give you a more appealing look, compared to the former metal splint that doesn’t look good on people.

Moreover, the metal dental implant is the most common treatment for children with overpopulated teeth. By the way, it’s cheaper than other types of implants.

A minimum of ₦500,000 to ₦1.5 million is sufficient.

  • Ceramic Dental Implant

You may as well call it the clear alignment tooth implant. This type of tooting is made to match the color of your teeth so that they will be difficult to spot from afar.

It is therefore composed of plastic support to be worn by both the young people and the elderly. However, it is one of the most expensive dental braces and it cost about ₦800,000 to ₦2 million.

  • Lingual Dental Implant

If you are searching for one of the invisible dental implants, then the lingual dental implant is for you. It can be implanted in both the young and the elderly, simply because of its discrete connection to the teeth.

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The first setup is pretty painful, but then the pain will subside afterward. Nevertheless, it is one of the most expensive dental implantations.

In that respect are other types of teeth braces apart from the ones we have mentioned as well as the price for treatment. Perhaps we’ll deal with that in subsequent sections.

 Where To Get A Free Dental Implant In Nigeria?

Since you are researching where you can get a free dental implant in Nigeria, you will find this part more interesting.

So if you want to have dental braces, you can visit any dental hospital in the country and get that done.

  • Smile Best Dental Clinic Good

If you want the best dental orthotics at no cost, feel free to visit this particular private dental clinic. They have varieties of experts who can implant the type of dentition you want and also give you professional health advice.

In addition to dental implants, other dental problems are treated.

  • Smile 360 Dental Specialist

To make sure their patients have the best dental braces, they use a foreign specialist to treat their dental patients.

Above all, for treatments that require a great deal of specialization, such as dental implantation and others.

It is because they want to offer an international standard of dental care at home so that people do not have to travel abroad.

  • University Teaching Hospitals

Good news for you, if you want to have free dental implantation in Nigeria, you can visit one of the teaching hospitals in the country and do it.

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Other dental treatments are also available at an affordable price, compared to private hospitals. Most, if not all, federal universities have a teaching hospital in all of Nigeria.

  • Faces ‘n’ Braces Dental Clinics

You may as well be confident enough to visit this dental health center for your free teeth braces.

This is dental clinic does not only deals with teeth braces and other dental treatment, but they also create awareness and educate people concerning the best manner to keep the teeth healthy.

Therefore, even if you do not want to undergo dental implantation, you can at least take advantage of their free awareness program.

  • Choice Dental

This Dental Health Centre of Choice is another wonderful location for those seeking dental orthotics.

They have a set of professionals who can handle dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and other preventative and consulting programs.

Furthermore, their services are very affordable and those with a tighter budget should be afraid to visit the hospital.

Duration of Dental Implantation Treatment

It is important to understand that the duration of dental prosthesis treatment varies from person to person. But some factors will determine how long your treatment will last.

These factors include the seriousness of your teeth, the health of your teeth, gums, and supporting bone.

Your genetics are also very important,  we have the genetics of certain people support faster regeneration of bones and teeth. If you follow the directions of the dentist close-up, you also have the chance to heal very fast.

Dental braces have solved the problem of tooth misalignment and overcrowding for many people around the world, including Nigeria.

A lot of people with similar cases will also want to have a tooth brace, but looking at the expensive nature of the treatment, they have no option than to manage it.

However, this article has successfully described a few locations where you can have free braces.

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