Worst Places To Live In Lagos: 10 Dangerous Areas To Avoid

Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria as it harbors people from different parts of the country. These individuals mostly storm to Lagos to hustle and search for greener pastures.

Lagos state is known for its super commercial activities, its beach, reports, island, and nightlife.

10 Worst Areas To Stay In Lagos

As beautiful as Lagos is, one may wonder if there are dangerous places in Lagos. Yes, there are lots of them. One cannot put a blind eye and a deaf ear to the criminal activities going on in some parts of Lagos

Some of these dangerous places are outlined in this article.

  • Mushin

The bad and dangerous incidents of Mushin dates back to 1980 and since then Mushin has not changed but rather has turned to a center of notorious acts.

This is why it remained one of the top dangerous places in Lagos. Cult clashes are always the top reasons for the violence experienced in Mushin.

Mushin was once formally called ‘Mushin Olosa’ which means ‘den of thieves.

  • Igbo Olomu and Isawo in Ikorodu.

Because of the lack of security in these areas, handlooms normally creep into these areas abducting people and take them to a creek around Imota. These handlooms in turn request ransom from families of the affected victims.

Most times if their request is not granted they kill the victims.

  • Anibaba and Itu in Ikorodu

Ikorodu is a community located in the northeast of the state near the lagoon.

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It is one of the most dangerous places in Lagos state. This community is not safe as it harbors kidnappers, rapists, thieves, and several notorious individuals.

Several cases have been reported on killings of individuals by cultists in Ikorodu as the area is known for dangerous cult clashes.

The cults are usually engaged in supremacy battles and they also invade areas at will which sometimes leads to the loss of lives of residents.

  • Ajegunle

Ajegunle is also called “ghetto” as it is of notorious criminals. The area is filled with dilapidated buildings and is highly populated as well. Ajegunle is a no-go area at night.

A regular occurrence in the area is the battle for supremacy that happens between cult members. This battle has been unending due to the numerous cult groups in the area.

The case of missing children and rape is also alarming in Ajegunle.

AJ city as it’s mostly called harbors different ethnic groups and religions but all choose to live there despite the challenges and problems they are faced with.

Most young ladies there especially teenage girls have turned to teenage mothers.

  • AIT road, Alagbado, Afolabi, Ibadore

Several investigations carried out in these areas have unveiled the fact that it is a dangerous place to be most especially at night.

These places have turned to battlegrounds for cultists who are oftentimes engaged in violent battles.

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These battles are mostly to gain supremacy over other cult groups most especially the weak ones. These battles have led to the list of lives (both cultists and residents) and properties in these areas.

  • Agege

Agege is a very dangerous place in Lagos, it is filled with notorious criminals making the residents live in complete fear of the criminal activities which has become so rampant.

Murder, arm robbery, and raping have become the order of the day in Agege so try as much as you can to avoid this area for your safety.

Apart from faced with criminal activities, Ajegunle is also faced with environmental problems. Bad drainage systems round blocked by refuse and the nasty odor embracing the area.

These bad odors ate oftentimes caused as the result of flushed blood water from slaughtered cows around the area. The area also suffers from health hazards and environmental degradation.

  • Baringa

Baringa is well known for pickpocketing, gang fights, and kidnapping.

Rough Baringa is located in the heart of Lagos, the criminal activities taking place there is quite alarming.

We advise you to stay away from the area most especially at night, and if you are a resident of the area, monitor your movements.

  • Shibiri in Okokomaiko

Shibiri is also populated as Ajegunle. The area is well known for its criminal activities and drug-related offenses. The area is seen as a center for recruiting criminals. And The inhabitants of the area most especially the young ones are being recruited into cultism willingly or unwillingly.

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The Residents have been complaining about how young people (cultists) are robbing Innocent members of the community at any given time. They live in total fear for their lives and properties.

  • Ketu

Ketu just like others mentioned here is the home of notorious criminals and best function at night. The area is well known for its scamming, killings, kidnapping, and pickpocketing.

Several people have lost their lives due to those criminal activities taking place there.

The crime rate keeps increasing day by day which called the attention of the government. The government builds a police station in the area to help handle and reduce the activities of the criminals.

Ketu is never safe at night as it’s the best time for the criminals to execute their dangerous activities. Snatching of mobile phones, bags wallets, and laptops is a common trend in the area.

Other dangerous places include Ijora, a populated area filled with criminals, they engage in a lot of criminal activities, from kidnapping, stealing, gang fights, and the likes.

In Igando for instance, Criminals have turned this area into an unbearable place to live. Oshodi is not left out, it is full of fraudsters and thieves, it advised not to talk to any stranger once you find yourself there.

Iyana Ipaja and so much more.


Despite Lagos being a very beautiful city, blessed with so many things, the dangerous areas and dangerous life of the city shouldn’t be ignored. Lagos is highly populated hence the high rate of criminal activities.

Try to avoid all these dangerous zones in Lagos for your safety. If you are a resident of such danger zones, monitor your movements and try to stay out of trouble.

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