Why Do Some Youth Avoid Deeper Life Bible Church?

Unfortunately, younger Christians today are disinterested in Christian gathering and fellowship activities.

Most of them like to reach social and other circular gatherings, where they feel they can get maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Only a few of them are involved in the work of the church.

The Deeper Life Bible Church is among the churches that are experiencing the absence of young people in their church.

Consequently, our discussion today will focus on why these young people avoid the Deeper Life Bible Church.

Until then, let’s briefly have a trivial knowledge of Deeper Life Bible Church.

About Deeper Life Bible Church

It is one of the Pentecostal churches of Nigeria, whose headquarter is in Gbagada, in Lagos. The Chief Superintendent of the Church is none other than Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi.

The church was established approximately 48 years ago when the Superintendent was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Lagos.

The overseer was at one time a member of the Angelic Church who later joins the Apostolic Faith Church after his baptism. Sadly, he was expelled from the church because he was found preaching with letters of credence.

The same year he commenced a Bible study session with 15 students and continued his ministry.

His ministry became stronger in 1982 and became the church we know as Deeper Life Bible Church. Before the late 1980s; the church population was running into thousands.

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It will interest you to know that today; the church has spread beyond the boundaries of Nigeria to places like the UK, Russia, North America, India, and other sub-Saharan African nations.

As of 2020, the church in Lagos has about 65,000 worshipers.

Why Do Some Youths Flee from Deeper Life Bible Church?

Here are a few reasons why some young adults are fleeing the aforementioned church.

Among them is pressure from parents, poor socialization, does not understand the nature of youth, the church being more protective, dressing, and so on.

Don’t worry; we’ll deal with them on an individual basis.

  • Pressure on Parents’ Part

In most of the Nigerian families who attend the Deeper Life Church, parents are fond of imposing their decisions on their young children.

These youngsters are not allowed to meet the conviction why they should not do certain things as indicated by the church. So the only way for them to be free of their parents’ control is to flee the church on any given occasion.

That’s why when these young adults go to school or other environments and mingle with young people from another church, they start to think about fleeing the church.

  • Poor Socialization

This is one of the main reasons why many young people in the country shun this church.

Most of the young people in the Deeper Life Bible Church are not sociable, merely because they do not mutilate themselves with other young people.

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As a result, the majority of them do not trust society, because they don’t know much about social life.

  • Deeper Life Dressing

The fashion of dressing amongst the worshippers of Deeper Life Bible Church is one of the main factors that have made the church very popular.

As for their men, they are supposed to always be in their pants with a well-lined of shirts. Then for the ladies, they must always appear in long dresses and skirts that will fully cover the knee.

In case you don’t know, the church doesn’t let their female members do their hair. They don’t even see the need to wash or even relax the hair.

About earrings and other jewelry, it is completely prohibited in the church. Any member who wants to be in fashion will always intersect with the church.

  • Television Ban

You will be surprised to hear that the general overseer of the church said that television should not be in a Christian home. According to him, he wants to maintain the level of sainthood among the members of his church.

This teaching and practice have been ongoing for years until the late 1990s and 2000s when they started recording some of their programs on video.

If there’s anything you can refuse young people, it certainly shouldn’t be television. These are devices that take most of their attention, and everything that will take such pleasure from them will translate into something else.

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For this reason, most young Nigerians prefer to stay away from this church.

  • The Church has no understanding of the Nature of Young People

Deeper Life Church did not understand the special, natural, and unique nature of its youth.

Young people are known to have a great desire for the opposite sex, peer group pressure, biological training, the search for independence, and social character.

All these are the natural features among young people that the church could not manipulate properly. Rather, it has succeeded in making many young people avoid the church.

Once the church can understand and address these traits correctly, it will create an enabling environment for youth to participate in the church.

In this respect, if the church should make a room where these factors can be handled positively so that it will be very easy for youth to belong to the church.

  • Christmas Time

During the Christmas period, most Christians in Nigeria move to their respective hometown and celebrate the season.

But as for members of the Deeper Life Church, they organize a church gathering around 24th to 27th to preach the word of God throughout the camp period. This is what most of the youths today dislike.

During this festive period, young adults want to make friends and enjoy the best of the moments. Thus, the best way to avoid such a situation is to flee the church and celebrate as other Christians do.

We have justified our discussion for today by outlining some reasons why a bunch of Nigerian youths is running away from the Deeper Life Bible Church.

However, the church has had a positive impact on the lives of numerous young Nigerians.

Indeed, the good they have done to date goes far beyond the reasons we have just outlined.

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