7 Best Synthetic Engine Oils In Nigeria

Do you admire engines that are working well? If you do, then you should get the best engine oils in Nigeria. When you do that, your motor will be super neat, and its efficiency will be vastly improved.

In case you are not aware, using high-quality engine oil makes engines last a long time.

Would you like to know something else it does in engines? It efficiently lubricates all engine parts, thus preventing engine wear. Synthetic engine oil is known to be effective than ordinary motor oil.

This brand of motor oil is also free from dirt and is not as toxic as ordinary engine oil.

Have you been trying to find good motor oil? I suppose you do, that’s why you’re here. Good news for you, this article will give a list of the best artificial motor oil.

Having read this post, get one of these engine oils and try it out.

You’ll see how well your engines work. Let’s not waste time on this.

Top-Notch Synthetic Engine Oils In Nigeria For Engine Protection

Here are a few reliable engine oils. You can count on them. You can use them for any kind of engine, it turned out to be the best engine oils at present.

  • Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Engine Oil (5W-30)

With Valvoline engine oil, you should be sure to get a neat motor.

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That’s because this brand of motor oil contains additional cleaning agents in the mixture. These detergents are the ones secretly doing the cleaning job whilst preventing sludge in your motor.

In addition, Valvoline motor oil ensures the motor’s efficiency in extremely hot and cold thermal conditions.

Another interesting fact of Valvoline engine oil is that it contains gasket restorative which helps in preventing oil leaks. How? These conditioners rejuvenate the old gaskets off the motors that have lost their resistance over time.

You can find this item in any store at a rate of ₦9000.

  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil (5W – 30)

It is among the best motor oil available within Nigeria. With Mobile 1 Engine Oil 1, your engine can reach 15,000 to 20,000 miles before thinking about switching to a new one.

This type of motor oil also holds the capacity to work under any thermal condition; it can withstand high temperatures up to 500⁰F and temperatures as low as -30⁰F.

This condition makes it possible to start the engine in a cold-weather condition.

In addition, Mobil 1 motor oil is very pure and has no impurities. If you have significant accumulations of impurities in your motor, this oil will wipe them.

Therefore, it will enable the free movement of motor oil and enhance engine power.

What’s more, the Mobil 1 engine oil is usable in all types of motors and offers high efficiency and supercharging. Plus, it has outstanding lubricating ability.

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It’s going to cost about ₦18,000 to ₦23,000 to get that particular brand of engine oil.

  • Castrol GTX Magnetic Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W – 30)

As its name suggests, “magnetic” motor oil automatically attaches to mechanical parts every time you drive.

That’s because the product is produced with strong components that act like a magnet which makes the engine oil adhere to engine parts all the time.

As a result, it made Castrol GTX Magnetic motor oil isn’t like other brands.

Moreover, Castrol GTX Magnetic Engine Oil has the ability to moisturize all moving parts in motors. Thus, preventing any kind of engine wear caused by idling.

This engine oil is supplied with 0W-20, 5W-20, or even 10W-30. Once you have used this brand of motor oil strip, you will run your engine smoothly with less sound.

  • Liqui Moly Premium Synthetic Motor Oil (W5 – 40)

This brand of motor oil is produced to work in petrol and diesel motors.

First of all, it cleans the engines of any accumulation of residues. Secondly, it has outstanding work lubricating all parts of engines especially the pistons.

This situation prevents any form of chafing in motors.

Liqui Moly Premium Engine Oil can run as high as 15,000 miles. Then you may consider changing to a new one. You can find this type of motor oil for ₦15200.

  • Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil (5W-30)

If you’re looking for a super clean engine, go for Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Engine Oil. It contains some cleaning agents which will clean up sludge and heavy dirt in engines.

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It is one of its capacities that distinguish this brand of motor oil from other brands. Not only that, but the motor oil also has an incredible lubricating capacity that will operate the moving parts of engines very smoothly.

This engine Oil has incredible fuel-saving capability and can run over 550 miles in one season. Interestingly enough, this motor oil can work in any atmospheric condition.

This is because motor oil will continue to flow in cold or hot weather.

You can find this brand at the rate of ₦15,200.

  • Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Oil (5W-30)

Your motor can be free from wear and tear, simply because this motor oil has some anti-wear properties. These wear-resistant constituents are nothing other than zinc and phosphorous.

Furthermore, it also lubricates mechanical parts in the engine, which reduces fuel consumption.

Royal Purple High Engine Oil also cleans up any build-up of residue and allows engine oil to have a free flow. This motor oil is available at an average cost of ₦12,800.

  • Red Line Synthetic Oil (5W-30)

This type of motor oil has a very stable syrupy which handles noise in engines.

Therefore, it is preferable to use it for noisy motors. It can also withstand the pressure associated with high-performing engines. Red Line motor oil is, therefore, best used in racing vehicles.

That’s because they have high efficient engines and make a lot of noise.

Due to the power of this brand of engine oil, it is one of the most expensive motor oils in Nigeria. The price of Red Line motor oil is about ₦32,800.

There is a lot of suitable and efficient motor oil out there; the ones we just enumerated are few. Simply select one of these brands and see the way it will improve the functionality of the engine.

When you do that, you’ll prolong the life of your motor. Thanks to this brand of good quality engine oil.

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