How to Apply For National ID Card

Do you wish to request a national ID card? If you do, then join us to discuss how you can apply for a national ID card here in Nigeria. Not just that, but it includes NIN registration requirements. Nigerian National ID Card Application Requirements And Process The national identification card is one of the legal … Read more

Union Bank USSD Transfer Code: Mobile Fund Transfer & Airtime Top-Up

In the course of today’s discussion, we will focus on the Union’s bank transfer code. Union Bank is another great commercial bank in Nigeria that has been around for many decades. They provide one of the most reliable banking services to their account owners. As part of the bank’s efforts to facilitate easy, fast, and … Read more

10 Jobs In Nigeria that Looks Poor But Are Lucrative

Several Nigerians despise certain jobs without knowing that they are highly profitable. Such people believe that only white-collar jobs are remunerative, forgetting that some public service jobs are systematically paid low wages. If you take a close look at these mediocre jobs, you will see that they are a bit twice as good as some … Read more

How To Transfer Data On Airtel Line

As a client with Airtel, you can send data from your current bundle to a buddy or family. Airtel has set up a system that enables clients to perform such a transfer. At least that’s better than switching on your hot spot so your friends can take advantage of your anointing. Activating a hotspot is … Read more

 Jesus Quotes Book Of Enoch

Are you interested in knowing some of the quotes made by Jesus directly referring to the documentary of Enoch? You are therefore welcome to take part in this discussion. We will look at some quotations made by Jesus in the New Testament and its reference in the documentary Enoch. So did Jesus quote from the … Read more

Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria: Requirements & Job Opportunities

Are you interested to study aeronautic engineering? Or would you like more information on aeronautical engineering? Don’t worry, no matter what category you are in, you’re going to love reading this article. We will tell you more concerning aeronautical engineerings like the schools you can study aeronautic engineering, employment chances and other relevant information you … Read more

Biggest Church Auditorium in the World

  There has been a significant spike in the world’s Christian population in recent years and this has significantly affected the growth of the church. As the number of worshippers increased steadily, there has been a massive increase in the establishment of churches. Other existing churches build large auditoriums to fulfill their mega-church status of … Read more