How to Check My SIM Registration Details

  In March 2011, the NCC mandated the recording of SIM cards for new and existing network subscribers. Their aimed was to help recover stolen or lost cards, assist security agencies to track criminal activities, and find out the total number of recorded mobile phone users in the country. Any subscriber that does not sign … Read more

Most Expensive Ford Car

  Ford Motors is one of the oldest multinational automotive industries in America and around the world. The company has been operating since 1903 and is known for making great vehicles. If you look at a recent model from Ford, you’ll see it’s built with high-end engineering technology. Although Ford Motor Company could not have … Read more

Differences in Nigerian Physical Facial Features Per Tribe [Tribal Markings]

For those who have had trouble differentiating between Nigerians and their tribe, you will appreciate reading this article. This is because we will examine the differences in Nigerian facial traits by the tribe. The next time you spot a Nigerian with such facial characteristics, you can tell what ethnicity he/she is. Physical Features Of Nigerians … Read more