Differences in Nigerian Physical Facial Features Per Tribe [Tribal Markings]

For those who have had trouble differentiating between Nigerians and their tribe, you will appreciate reading this article. This is because we will examine the differences in Nigerian facial traits by the tribe. The next time you spot a Nigerian with such facial characteristics, you can tell what ethnicity he/she is. Physical Features Of Nigerians … Read more

Top 10 Richest Towns in Anambra

As you are here to experience the rich towns of Anambra, it means you will enjoy your time with us. This article focuses on exploring the 10 richest cities in Anambra. But let’s give you a brief description of Anambra. At least that will enlighten people who do not know much about the state. Anambra’s … Read more

8 Richest States In Nigeria By IGR And GDP

Among Nigeria’s 36 states, some are considered to be the wealthiest. Simply because they have set up structures that can generate enormous funds for them. These structures belt has made the internal revenue of these States to be higher than others. Without any federal government funding, these wealthy states can survive by themselves. Perhaps you’re … Read more