Top 10 Richest Towns in Anambra

As you are here to experience the rich towns of Anambra, it means you will enjoy your time with us. This article focuses on exploring the 10 richest cities in Anambra. But let’s give you a brief description of Anambra.

At least that will enlighten people who do not know much about the state.

Anambra’s Richest Towns

Anambra is an advanced state and also a commercial site in the southeastern part of the country. Numerous developments and business activities are underway in the area.

In other words, most municipalities in the state are semi-urban. Some say that most billionaires in the southeast part of the country come from one of these towns.

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An Overview of Anambra State

The state of Anambra is located in the southeast of Nigeria. Erstwhile, the region was addressed as ‘East Central State’. But in 1976, the state got an anglicized name «Anambra».

According to the census carried out around 2006, the State shelters more than 4.1 million nationals, the majority of whom are Igbo. At present, there are 21 LGAs and 177 towns in the area.

Anambra is an oil-producing region and thus contributes enormously to the GDP of the state and the country at large. In addition to natural gas, the state is also known for its other natural resources.

Some of them are bauxite, ceramics, plastics, and henceforth. These resources have been a significant draw for many manufacturing industries.

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Moreover, the inhabitants of Anambra are in different types of commercial activities that promote development. Many nationals and foreigners enjoy visiting the state for either business, tourism, or other kinds of leisure.

Meanwhile, you can see a few reasons why the state is more advanced than others.

Wealthiest Towns in Anambra

We will now enumerate the 10 richest towns of Anambra. They are selected based on certain criteria, such as the measurement of the economy, geographical areas, and landmass.

To add a little spice, we are going to name some prominent institutions and Nigerians who are based in these regions.

  • Nnewi

Nnewi is one of the richest and biggest towns in Anambra that is renowned for its commercial activities. The area is located under the state’s southern senatorial district with more than 2.5 million people.

Following the huge motorcycle and bicycle market, the region was nicknamed Japan of Africa. Nnewi is also home to several manufacturing industries that contribute to its wealth.

  • Awka

It is the capital of Anambra State and is made up of 33 villages that occupy a large part of the land.

The city has welcomed a lot of manufacturing industries and institutions that contribute to its development. Many Nigerians and foreigners visit the city to benefit from its business and employment opportunities.

Awka town is dominated by affluent individuals who are the reason why life is significantly expensive. Part of the leading establishment at Awka consists of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

  • Igbo Ukwu

Those who studied history should have encountered the ancient Igbo Ukwu in one of their study books. The town is truly large and filled with rich investments and individuals.

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One of the reasons it became a point of attraction is because of its cultural heritage. Tourists from foreign countries and nationals visit the city to gain practical knowledge about their heritage.

  • Onitsha

Among all the towns of Anambra, Onitsha is a reputed and wealthy region of the state. The town’s location at the port has made it a center for trade, education, and industry.

Investors and purchasers from across the country come to Onitsha for commercial purposes. This has earned the town to be one of the most populated in the Anambra with over 2 million residents.

  • Agulu

Agulu is an affluent and also large town situated at Anaocha LGA with over 21 villages. The town is home to many eminent men and women who are doing very well in politics, academia, and business.

Peter Obi, former governor of the State of Anambra, was born in Agulu. Other notable figures are Ama-Ezike, Theme, Eric Okoye, and many others.

  • Awkuzu

Awkuzu is another rich town with the largest expanse of land in Oyi LGA, Anambra State. The city consists of nine big villages full of wealthy individuals. Most of the establishments in this town are educational facilities.

As such the region is partly dominated by students. Some educational institutions include Anambra State University, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, the Igbariam campus, and others.

  • Enugu Ukwu

Most of the wealthy businessmen and powerful politicians in Anambra settled in Enugu Ukwu. That alone makes the town to be amongst the wealthiest in the state.

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Besides welcoming rich people, the town also hosts some commercial activities that add to the town’s income. The cost of living at Enugu Ukwu is exceedingly high because of these facts.

  • Ekwulobia

If they draw up a list of Anambra’s most important cities, Ekwulobia will certainly be one of them. The city houses many lucrative businesses such as hotels, resorts, shopping malls, educational centers, parks, and much more.

Apart from business, the inhabitants venture into farming as a means of survival and they are thriving.

  • Ebenebe

It will be surprising to see this town rank among the richest in Anambra because of its small area and unpopularity. The Ebenebe town is teeming with farmers making waves in the country’s food industry.

Other billionaire landlords and entrepreneurs find this city livable. As a result, Ebenebe became one of the wealthiest towns in the state.

  • Nenka

Nenka is located in Orumba Nord LGA with around 7 great villages. It became a rich town as a result of commercial activities that takes place in the region.

The Afor Udo People’s Market attracts shopkeepers from various parts of the country. Wealthy businessmen find it accommodating to stay in the town.

Out of 177 cities in the state of Anambra, the aforementioned cities are among the richest. There are many commercial and educational events that draw people from all parts of the country and beyond.

For these reasons, the cities listed above become wealthier than others, and their cost of living is high.