Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Salary Structure

Are you researching the salary structure of NCCs. If you happen to be one of them, then this post is here to put an end to your research. We are going to describe the compensation structure for NCC employees.

Before we do that, we would like you to have a brief overview of the agency.

NCC Salary Structure

If you are looking for one of the best governmental sectors to work with, then the Nigerian Communication Commission will be good for you.

The NCC is one of the highest-paid governmental organizations in the country. Their monthly earnings and benefits are far greater than others. Working with the NCC also translates into flexibility and dynamism.

Many Nigerians want to serve with the NCC to benefit from its lucrative character and flexibility.

How about the NCC?

The Nigerian Communication Commission is an independent governmental regulator of the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

`One of their key responsibilities is to create an enabling environment that will foster competition between industry operators. Second, they are to ensure the provision of good and efficient telecommunications services in the country.

As a path to fulfilling these mandates, the NCC oversees the supply of telecom services and facilities, authorizes new operators, maintains its standard, fosters national growth and development through the use of ICT, and so forth.

In addition, the NCC has established several programs that will boost demand and increase the adoption of ICT tools to improve literacy levels in Nigeria.

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These include the Wire Nigeria Project (WIN) And the State High-Speed Acceleration Initiative (SABI). Having served brilliantly over the years, the NCC is one of the top telecom regulators in Africa.

There is a lot to say about the NCC, but for the time being, that will be all. At our next meeting, we shall tell you more. Let’s concentrate on what we’re here for.

Compensation for NCC Personnel

There are more than 21 departments at the NCC, and the workers in each of those sectors are earning handsomely at the end of the month. Below you will find a few NCC position and their compensation structure.

However, the salary amounts of the other officers have not been released, so you should stick to the amounts available on our page. As soon as we get our hands on the others, we’ll get back to you.

To learn more about the NCC and its pay structure, visit its official Web site at

  • Head of IT Service Management

The Head of IT Service Management is responsible for establishing friendly relationships with external clients and maintaining the network and connectivity of systems, IT systems, and software services.

Other responsibilities include overseeing the IT Services team to support the enterprise IT infrastructure, holding regular meetings to discuss issues and project status, etc.

The Head of IT Service Management at NCC is paid a monthly salary of roughly ₦998,000. Outside of this amount, the manager is eligible for other bonuses.

  • Management Information System Officers

The people in this office are responsible for organizing, developing, and implementing hardware and software applications. They also supervise operations related to the programming, network of systems, and integration of management information systems. They get ₦263,000 every month.

  • ICT Officer

A key responsibility of an ICT agent is to troubleshoot all network issues in an IT system. Other roles include security integration, measurement, management, and performance monitoring to provide quick response to front-line users, protection of confidential data and systems, and much more. The average monthly salary for ICT offers is approximately ₦42,000.

  • Customer Care Representative

The job of the NCC client representative is to work with clients who have complaints or ask for clarification. Other responsibilities include troubleshooting technical problems, developing strategies to improve overall client services, providing relevant information on the NCC, and much more. The customer service representative who works in this agency receives a monthly salary of about ₦55,000.

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Note: NCC personnel salary structure is dependent on certain factors. These include educational attainment, staff position, and years of service. In other words, senior officeholders are more heavily paid than junior officers.

NCC Corporate Structure

As we mentioned earlier, there are 21 departments in the NCC’s organizational structure. Each of these departments has a chief who oversees its activities.

Let’s check it out.

Board of Commissioners: it is the NCC’s highest governing authority. The Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Federal Chamber of the Senate.

Among these members are two executive commissioners, EVC, and six non-executive members who represent the country’s six geopolitical areas.

The Board of Commissioners has the responsibility of overseeing all activities and functions of the NCC.

Executive Vice-President (EVC/CEO): As shown above, the EVC is a member of the Board of Commissioners.

Anyone in that office has eight ministries and two executive commissioners reporting directly to them.

This includes the Executive Commissioner for Technical Services and the Executive Commissioner for Stakeholder Management.

Among the departments that the EVC supervises include com’mission secretariat, human capital and administration, internal audit department, public affairs department, policy competition and economic analysis department, corporate planning strategy and risk management, digital economy department, procurement department, special duties department, finance service department, and universal service provision secretariat.

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Each one plays a critical role within the NCC.

Executive Commissioner Technical Services (ECTS): Anyone in this position is mandated to oversee the spectrum, technical standards, and other engineering issues surrounding the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

The departments that are ranged under the supervision of this office include spectrum administration, technical standard, and network integrity, new media and information security, research and development, information technology, and projects.

Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Management (ECSM): That’s another executive board of the NCC, and he’s also a member of the board of commissioners.

People occupying this office are placed with the responsibility of addressing the demands the needs that may arise in the telecom industry, starting from the vendors, service providers, and the consumers at large.

Departments under MCSS include legal and regulatory services, the Office of Consumer Affairs, compliance and enforcement, zone operations, permits, and authorizations.

As we said at the outset of our discussion, the NCC is a lucrative organization that most graduates want to work in. This has turned employment in this sector into a veritable paradise.

But when you look at the monthly salaries of some of the NCC officers above, it’s worth getting started.