How to Check My SIM Registration Details


In March 2011, the NCC mandated the recording of SIM cards for new and existing network subscribers. Their aimed was to help recover stolen or lost cards, assist security agencies to track criminal activities, and find out the total number of recorded mobile phone users in the country. Any subscriber that does not sign up should be prevented from using their telecom services.

However, even if you have already recorded your SIM card, it is essential to verify your enrollment status. This is because there are cases where some people purchased a SIM card, sign it up, and later were disconnected due to a signup failure.

If you so desire to know how you can review your signup details via your mobile devices, then you should continue reading this write-up. It contains a variety of media used to verify the SIM enrollment status for all telecommunications providers in Nigeria. After reading this article, you will not have any problem verifying the status of your SIM card. Let’s cut to the chase.

Procedures to Verify SIM Enrollment Details

For now, we will give you a guide on how to check your enrollment details for all telecom networks in Nigeria. Take for example, Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9Mobile.

  • Checking your SIM Signup Details on Glo

There’s just a simple way of checking your enrollment status with Glo. All you have to do is type REG and send it to 746 or 3456 as a text message. After you do this, you wait a couple of seconds to get feedback. Upon completion, you will receive an SMS confirming your enrollment.  Feedback Text messages will look like this “Your SIM +2348050683948 has been recorded.”

  • Checking your SIM Signup Details on MTN
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MTN has two methods of checking its users’ SIM enrollment details. They comprise the USSD code and the text message.

  • Verify MTN SIM via USSD Code

To check your signup details, call *789*1# and wait for the system to process your claim. Once the search is complete and your signup details are correct, your feedback will be in this format. “Dear subscriber, thank you for checking your status. Your account information doesn’t have to be updated at this time”. Similarly, you will be notified if your enrollment is not correct.

  • Verify MTN via Text Message

This process is as straightforward as the USSD code. Simply type REG and send it to 789 in the form of a text message and wait for confirmation. Once it is successful, it will show your SIM data, whether fully recorded or not.

  • Checking your SIM Enrollment Details on Airtel

You can check your sign-up details on Airtel in three ways. It’s either you use the USSD code, place a call-in customer service or you send an email.

  • Verify Airtel SIM via USSD Code

For you to verify your enrollment details using the quick code, please dial *746#. Wait a few seconds to complete the request. When the search is complete, it will show your status so you know if your SIM membership is valid or not.

  • Call Customer Care Line

If you decide to call customer service, the number to call is 111. You will be permitted to speak with a customer service rep. When conversing with a customer care representative, tell that you want to an make inquiry on the details of your registration. A few seconds or minutes after your call, an SMS message will be sent concerning your SIM status.

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However, calling customer service is kind of stressful at times. This is because it takes time before a client service representative takes the call. As a result, most Airtel users do not choose this option. Some even prefer to go to the office personally.

  • Send a Mail

Sending an email should be the last option you use for your SIM verification. That’s because you’re going to need an Internet connection and a smartphone to finish the process. But if you have all of these infrastructures, then send a message to In a short time, you will receive an Airtel SIM confirmation text message.

  • Checking your SIM Registration Details on 9Mobile

9 Mobile has two methods you can use to run your verification. It’s either you call or text their email address.

  • Calling CCR

There are two sets of numbers an Etisalat user can call to verify SIM sign-up details. These numbers are 200 & 746. After you call one of these numbers, you will be asked to speak to a customer service representative.

  • Send a Mail

Sending an email is another alternative option to retrieve the enrollment details on Etisalat. You may send a message to their official e-mail address at After you submit your application, you will need to be patient and you will receive an email indicating your enrollment status. If you include your contact line in your email, you may get feedback via SMS.

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What Can I Do When My Registration Information Is Incorrect?

Incorrect SIM enrollment details may be an error in your path or on the agent who recorded you. But you can get your data corrected. You can contact your network provider, using the customer service line we have provided or you can send them a mail.

  • If both methods did not work, you will need to visit your network provider’s branch, but the process is lengthy. Look below and see how you can achieve this.
  • As you visit your network provider’s branch office near your neighborhood, you will be asked by the customer care agents in the office to provide some valid form of identification such as a voter’s card, national ID, or driver’s license.
  • Once you can provide these documents, they will conduct your remediation process.
  • Once it is completed, you will be notified by text message.

A lot of criminals engage in fraudulent activities using mobile technology. That is why the government has made it compulsory for all telecommunications users to sign-up their SIM cards as we have said earlier. For those who have already recorded their SIM cards, it is advisable to check their enrollment details against all errors. The idea is to help the government find criminals who use their SIM cards to engage in suspicious activities.

After going through this writing from the beginning to this precise point, you can now see how to check your SIM enrollment details without any stress.