Union Bank USSD Transfer Code: Mobile Fund Transfer & Airtime Top-Up

In the course of today’s discussion, we will focus on the Union’s bank transfer code.

Union Bank is another great commercial bank in Nigeria that has been around for many decades.

They provide one of the most reliable banking services to their account owners.

As part of the bank’s efforts to facilitate easy, fast, and convenient monetary transactions, they adopted the USSD code to simplify the process.

I guess you want to be part of this simple and smart way of banking, which is why you’re here.

No need to worry, you’re on the right page.

You will get to know about their transfer code, how you can register and what you can use it for.

What’s this Union Bank Transfer Code About?

The Union bank transfer code is a combination of three digits that allows you to send money to a different account. As we have rightly pointed out above, this transactional method is easy, quick, and secure.

You don’t have to force yourself to go to the bank for anything regarding certain cash transactions. All you have to do is compose the USSD code and perform transactions within minutes.

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In that regard, the transfer code for Union Bank is *826#.

However, before you can benefit from this easy and quick banking system, you first need to register. But don’t worry; we’ll show you how to sign up right away.

Guidelines for Registering the Union bank Transfer Code

Follow the steps to register with the Union bank transfer code. These steps are not as challenging and demanding as you might expect.

You can complete the process within 10-15 minutes.

  • Using your phone, dial *826#. But make sure to use the telephone number that you register your bank account at Union Bank.
  • Enter your account number.
  • You will now have to create a 4-digit PIN which you will use to authorize your transaction. Therefore, dial *826*5# to create your Secret Pin.
  • After you have obtained your PIN, you insert the last four digits and other details of your debit card and proceed.
  • After successfully registering, you will receive an SMS.

In Case You Have Trouble Registering

Certain factors may prevent you from registering your Union bank wire transfer code.

One of them could be that the SIM card you are trying to sign up with isn’t the same as the one you opened an account with the bank.

If this is the case, visit a Union bank near you and file a complaint at Customer Care.

They are in the best position to deal with your problems.

More To Do With Union Bank Transfer Code

Besides sending money to another account at the syndicate bank or other banks, there are other cash transactions that you can do using the shortcut.

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They consist of the following:

  • Verify account balance.
  • Top up your contact line and purchase data.
  • Create a new bank account with Union bank
  • Make a cash-free pick-up.
  • Pay invoices like entertainment, and many more.

How Can I Use the USSD Code to Forward Funds?

There are two methods you can make use of each time you want to send money to your family and friends.

Follow the instructions below and learn how you can go about it.

Method 1

  • Dial *826#
  • Select option 1 for the transfer of funds and proceed.
  • Enter the amount you want to send, and then continue.
  • Type in the recipient’s account number and proceed to the next step.
  • Select the name of the receiver’s bank.
  • You will now see the recipient’s account name in full. Verify if this is the person you intend to send money to.
  • Once you are through with your confirmation, insert the four-pin secret digits you previously created to authorize your transfer.
  • On a successful transaction, you will receive a notification via SMS as and a debit bank alert.

Method 2

This is the quickest way to use the USSD code to transfer money or top up your contact line. Check below and find out how you can get started.

  • Dial *826*1*amount to transfer*recipient’s account number#. For example, *826*1*5000*3219488475#.
  • A list of banks will appear on the screen for you to select the recipient’s bank.
  • Instantly, the recipient’s account name will appear for you to confirm its correctness.
  • Enter your four-digit passcode and authorize your transfer.
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Purchase Airtime or Data using Union Bank Transfer Code

To purchase data or airtime for your contact line, you need to dial *826*amount#. For example, dial *826*5000#.

If you want to buy airtime from a third party, such as your friends or family, then you dial *826*amount *recipient’s phone number#.

But this time, you will be required to insert your secret pin to authorize the transfer.

Transfer Limit Using Transfer Code

The maximum amount of cash you can transfer in a day using the USSD code is ₦200,000. You can make such a transfer into ₦20,000 daily trenches.

Any amount higher than that mentioned will require an SMS token.

Similarly, if you would like to buy airtime or data, the transfer limit is ₦20,000 per day. It applies to yourself and third parties.

Once you reach this limit, you will no longer be permitted to make any purchase.

Is it Free to use the Union Bank Wire Code?

It is not free to use USSD to transfer cash or purchase airtime.

To transfer funds to another Union bank account, will cost a fee of ₦10 per transfer. Next, for other banks, you will be invoiced ₦26.00 per transaction.

When it comes to buying airtime and data, Union Bank doesn’t charge a dime. However, all Nigerian service providers charge a fee of ₦6.97 per purchase.

The introduction of the USSD code for cash transactions has reduced the number of people queuing at banks and ATMs. Those who have signed up for this banking system have access to simple and convenient banking services.

If you want to be one of these customer categories, use the information we have provided above and benefit from a good banking service with Union Bank.

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