6 Reasons It Is Better To Work In Lagos Than In Abuja

Lagos State is the economic hub and Abuja the current capital of Nigeria is amongst the country’s megalopolis. Given the numerous similarities between the two cities, it is hard to choose between them.

Only the ones who stayed in these two places can reveal their differences.

The debate on the best city to work in between Lagos and Abuja has been a long-standing issue. To do justice to this controversy, we decided to explain a few reasons why it is better to work in Lagos than in Abuja.

Job seekers who found themselves stranded in this dispute will be able to finalize their decision on the best place to work between the two cities.

Why You Should Work in Lagos instead of Abuja

Logos and Abuja are beautiful places where everyone in Nigeria will want to live and work. Nevertheless, one of these cities is considered more favorable than the other.

We are going to outline these reasons soon enough.

  • You Can Easily Get a Job in Lagos

Lagos is home to several manufacturing industries and local businesses that help provide numerous job opportunities relative to Abuja. Most of the vacant positions in the country are open in Lagos.

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This makes it easy to find a job in Lagos compared to the capital city.

However, those interested in federal jobs or private companies with lower earnings may consider moving to Abuja. Or people looking for a career in politics.

But if you want a place where you can easily find great work and live comfortably, then Lagos is the right place for you.

  • It’s Cheaper to Stay in Lagos than in Abuja

Although Lagos has some billionaires, which makes certain parts of Lagos very expensive to live in, it’s still cheaper than Abuja. Some places are inexpensive in Lagos, where life travels on a moderate level.

That’s why many job seekers prefer to work in Lagos and enjoy a little luxury as the FCT. The overall cost of living in Lagos is twice the price of living in Abuja.

Abuja is nothing more than a reserve for those who are extremely dynamic financially. We are talking about politicians, senior officials, and millionaire businessmen.

To differentiate the cost of living in Abuja and Lagos, we are going to look at some important factors that are used as determinants. They include transportation, accommodation, and food charges.

  • Cost of Transportation Lagos vs. Abuja

Commuting in Abuja is very expensive and if you do not have a car, it is difficult to travel from one place to another.

However, the transport system in Lagos is somewhat easy and less expensive even though their public transport is not so safe. But you can be sure to cut transport expenses.

  • Cost of Housing in Lagos vs. Abuja

It is another factor that determines the cost of living between these two megacities across the country. As noted above, some areas of Lagos have billionaires and multimillionaires, making housing extremely costly. As well, several places are quite affordable.

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Going to Abuja is a different case; most of their places are filled with wealthy people. This influenced the price of accommodation to be nearly twice as high as in Lagos. Anyone starting to live in Abuja will find lodging more challenging than in Lagos.

There are other factors to consider when talking about the cost of living in both cities, such as food, utilities, recreation, etc.

  • Lagos is a Place to Start from Scratch

No city in Nigeria is renowned for its self-generated millionaires, except Lagos. it is in Lagos that you can find hustlers who started from zero and end up becoming multimillionaires.

Many celebrity stories arise from a poor environment, but now they are public personalities.

Abuja on the other hand is for those that already succeed in life. We can barely hear the story of someone who got out of a slump and became great in society.

The area is just filled with rich people and only but few have success stories in the FCT.

  • Lagos is Surrounded by More Tourist Centers than Abuja.

Relaxation and adventure are also important when you are looking for a better working environment. In this regard, Lagos has so many great restaurants and places you can explore after stressful work hours compared to the FCT.

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Additional places to relax include beaches, parks, museums, and so on. Nonetheless, it is your money that can give every pleasure you seek. This is because the amusing activities of Lagos never end.

  • Lagos has a Greater Sense of Unity

I suppose you don’t want to work in an environment where everyone is an island of himself. Abuja has a lot of people with an “I don’t care” attitude.

Perhaps it’s because of their high standard of living where nobody cares about the business of another. This simply means that if you enter Abuja for any reason, you are alone.

Nevertheless, the case of Lagos is very different. There is a sense of unity among the Lagosians, even though most of them are made up of a particular ethnic group (Yoruba).

They offer their support and sympathize with one another.

  • Lagos is a Home to Entertainment Industries

Employment opportunities in the entertainment industry are more available in Lagos than in the FCT.

If you want to get a job or further your career in any entertainment industry, Lagos will be the right place for you.

They are home to wonderful music and movie industries. So if you have skills that can adapt to this industry, feel free to find your way around Lagos.

Abuja is not known for entertainment, so the opportunity to advance your career in the entertainment business is very thin. For a small area like Lagos, hosting more than 20 million nationals means that many opportunities draw people.

Looking at everything we have discussed so far, you may see some good reasons why you should consider working in Lagos as the so-called FCT.  Now it is left to you to make the final decision.