Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria


Paramilitaries are semi-militarized government organizations that receive special training to effectively discharge their obligations. They are even allowed to own weapons to accomplish certain tasks assigned to them. Some of their tasks include combating crime, resolving disputes, restoring peace and order, arresting and prosecuting offenders, among other others.

Nigeria has more than ten paramilitary organizations that are considered to be one of the best in Africa.  Unfortunately, these organizations are not funded to the same extent as others. But then, their costs are remunerative.

Are you keen on joining any paramilitary in Nigeria? If so, please explore this article. It contains the rundown of the highest-paid paramilitary organizations in Nigeria. This will help you make a better choice of which agency you should join.

Lucrative Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria

These are the very well-paid paramilitary agencies in Nigeria. They receive the highest salary and allowances at the end of the month compared to others.

  • Nigerian Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

The NDLEA is a paramilitary agency created in 1987 according to Decree No 48 of 1989 of the Act of Parliament. They have to identify and destroy illegal drug trafficking and use in the country.

That is not all; they are also to investigate and prosecute nationals and foreigners involved in drug trafficking, protect citizens against illegal narcotics, and many more. The NDLEA ranks as one of the highest-paid paramilitaries in Nigeria. Besides their salary, they receive health and risk benefits.

NDLEA employees earn between ₦ 400,000 and ₦1,100,000 a year, depending on their skill level and years of service.

  • Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS)
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The Nigerian Immigration Service used to be part of the police force. Around 1958, the government saw the need to have an eye that will monitor and coordinate immigration and emigration activities via water, land, and air. Ever since, the NIS has taken over the granting of visas, national passports, residence permits and generates revenue for the government.

People who work with the immigration department go home with a good amount of money for monthly compensation. This goes from ₦360, 000-₦2, 000,000.

  • Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

The road safety corps is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the road safe for transit. Other functions of FRSC include educating road users and punishment of offenders, traffic control, issuance of permits, and other materials to road users, among others. In doing so, it will reduce the accident rate on the roads.

You will be mistaken if you think that highway safety are poor. They are among the highest-paid paramilitaries in the country. Individuals working with the Federal Road Safety Corps receive an average annual wage of ₦300,000 to ₦1,000,000.

  • Nigerian Custom Service

The Nigerian Customs Service is an organization with a mandate to keep the country’s border safe. In this role, they oversee the international and domestic trade of these imports and exports.  Another reason for establishing this organization is to prevent smugglers from importing prohibited items and generating income for the government.

The list of very well-paid paramilitaries will not be complete if Nigerian customs services are not included in the list. Many prefer to join customs in comparison with other paramilitaries. Nigerian Custom Service employees make an average annual salary from ₦ 900,000 to ₦464,000.

  • Nigerian Security and Council Defense Corps (NSCDC)
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You may be surprised to learn that the NSCDC ranks among the highest-paid paramilitary. But that’s just the fact. This agency has the duty of protecting and maintaining government properties, gathering valuable information relating to crimes, riots, disputes, and strikes, protecting the lives of people in emergencies, and so on.

With several responsibilities to assume, the government conceived a well-paid wage structure for the CNDS. You may consider joining this paramilitary group if you are seeking well-paying employment in Nigeria. NSCDC workers receive an average wage of ₦828,000 to ₦2,450,000 per year.

  • Nigerian Federal Fire Service

The Nigerian Federal Fire Service was officially a unit under police with the name of the police brigade. It is a government agency that is responsible for metering out fire outbreaks to ensure the safety of life and property. Other responsibilities include increasing awareness of fire safety and prevention.

Employees with the fire commission smile home with a good amount of money every month. But a lot of people tend to undervalue this agency’s compensation costs. The average salary for staff working with the Nigerian Federal Fire Service is about ₦800, 000-₦1, 400,000.

  • Nigerian Police Force

It is the most respected and well-remunerated paramilitary organization in Nigeria. The federal government created this agency to ensure the enforcement and maintenance of law and order in the country. As such, the police have the authority to apprehend and prosecute offenders.

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The Mobile Police is a police unit that works just like the military to conduct special operations. For example, if there is civil unrest in the country, they are to step in and ensure the security of lives and property while solving the unrest. The police perform a large number of functions and we cannot mention them all now, perhaps in our subsequent discussion.

Police officers in Nigeria earn an annual salary of between ₦546,572 and ₦6,558,872. Besides their basic salary, they are entitled to other allowances.

  • Nigerian Correctional Service (NCOs)

The Nigerian Correctional Service is also known by the name Nigerian Prison Service. It’s an agency that looks after the welfare of prisoners. More so, they are saddled with other responsibilities such as transporting remand persons in the law court, offering correctional care strategies that will foster the reformation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of inmates. Most importantly, they make the correctional environment, humane, safe, and secure for inmates.

Correctional Service workers are well paid to compensate for their efforts. The average annual wage for an employee of the Correctional Service is approximately ₦800,000 to ₦200,000. Take note, this amount does not include bonus and allowances.

Working with any of the listed paramilitary organizations comes with a lot of duties. That’s why they are being paid a good amount of money to compensate for their effort. Some paramilitaries do not even make half as much as these agencies do. Therefore, it makes employment in these profitable organizations competitive. But this doesn’t mean you can’t work in these lucrative paramilitaries.