Private Jet Company Names – 6 Best Charters & 70 Brand Ideas

Are you looking for names of private jet companies to enjoy the fresh waves of personal flying options, or are you looking for a cute name for your private jet company?

You will find this article a good read regardless of your preference. We will list many private jet companies that will serve your purpose.

Best Private Jet Charter Company Names

People today are thirsty for luxurious life and are willing to pay any amount to fly on a private jet or become the owner of one.

This has become a business opportunity for most investors with an enormous amount of money in their bank account to set up a jet company.

However, while these wealthy investors might find it easy to set up a private airline, they find it challenging to give it a pretty name.

Top Private Jet Companies

Those who want to experience the luxury of flying on a private jet can opt for one of the companies below. They are recognized for their dependability, affordability, and effectiveness.

  • NetsJets

This privately-owned airline has existed for more than 55 years, making it one of the oldest in the world. They have a massive fleet of jets and support flights in over 4,000 airports worldwide.

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Travelers can take advantage of the benefits of full plane ownership at an affordable price.

In addition, NetJets has three types of membership options available to customers. They include a minimum NetJet-engagement card of 25 hours over 24 months, Net Jet Share, and NetJet bail.

In addition, the company has a program that allows its potential customers to buy a share of a specific aircraft.

For further details about this private jet company and its services, visit its official site.

  • VistaJet

Amongst other private jet companies, VistaJet is the only one offering its fleet of jets worldwide service.

They operate a fleet of 70 aircraft serving more than 187 countries around the world and have the capability to fly to and from the most difficult to access destinations.

Their customers include heads of state, business people, business owners, and other wealthy individuals.

You don’t need to worry about your luxury, because the company and its planes cover you. The fee will not be far more than what you can afford.

For more details on vistajet and its services, visit its official webpage at

  • Magellan Jets

Would you like to hire a private airplane to go around the world?

Then Magellan Jets have come to help you. They supply magnificent aircraft like King Air 90S, heavy Gulfstream G650s, and so on for chatting services.

Private and corporate members are welcome to act as patrons of the company.

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Corporate entities will receive an aircraft within 6 hours of a request, free of charge, and medium and larger aircraft with WI-FI access.

  • V2 Jets

If you’re looking to tap into the world where you’ll experience luxury as a lifestyle, then consider flying V2 Jets. They have the most sophisticated aircraft that can fly all over the world.

Besides their comfortable transport, they also offer beautiful accommodation and meals. To learn more about the private jet company, visit their official website at

  • Wheels UP

This private jet company is newly established, but it ranks high. It allows customers to book short, medium, and long-distance flights for personal and business purposes.

You can also benefit from an exclusive hourly private flight rate. Plus, there’s nothing to worry about because your security is guaranteed.

Wheels Up has a pre-buy plan that you may find exciting and affordable. These include Sign-On Members, Core Members, and Business Members.

More information about this private jet company is available at the following link.

  • XO Global LLC

This private jet company not only provides clients with affordable charter options but also sells new aircraft. They also feature full jet ownership, partial jet ownership, and rigid and non-refundable jet cards.

XO also operates fleets of 300 Bombardier Challenger and Cessna Citation X aircraft. That means you’ll get a non-negotiable luxury.

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Learn more about the company and its services here:

Suggested Names for Private Jet Company

Here are a few creative and memorable names that you can use for your jet airline.

These are designed to be attractive to your target customer. What’s more, they will distinguish you from other competitors.

Look below and select the one that suits you. Plus, you’re free to add anything if you’d like more unique.

  • Sky Support
  • FutureWorks
  • long flight
  • Flyone
  • SecureFlight
  • Easy Travel
  • SureSecurfe
  • TechNova
  • Skystar
  • The Available
  • Stop Escape
  • Straight Plane Place
  • Safran
  • Omni-Weld
  • Salvo Tech
  • Wild Tragectory
  • Skytrain
  • Free Fugitive
  • Powered Line
  • Forward Flying
  • Allegheny Tech
  • Spirit Aerosystems
  • Horizontal Trajectory Collective
  • Tech Tallent
  • Harris Flight
  • Minute Jet Spot
  • Jetgox
  • Bushby Aircraft
  • Jetmentor
  • Smart Flight
  • Special Deal
  • Premero Avionics
  • AeroSave
  • AeroKnow
  • Moon Works
  • Firth Rixson
  • Lux Flight
  • DreamfFlight
  • Jet Group
  • Homefront Corp
  • XO Flight
  • Raytheon
  • HomeSafe Aircraft
  • Aero Smart
  • Rocket Ready
  • Aviationscript
  • Onair
  • Fast Flight
  • Air Innovations
  • ConAerospace
  • Dare to defend
  • Takeoff Spot
  • Aero TechSolutions
  • Natureair
  • United Aircraft
  • Orbital Jet
  • Jetrangers
  • SKF
  • WorldFlight
  • First Fledge Pro
  • Chromalloy
  • Trusted Takeoff
  • The Immediate
  • Flying collective
  • Valiance avionics
  • Passengers Route
  • Swiftaviation
  • Spectre Technolofy
  • Circle
  • Fligthighly and so forth.

We have several other private jets you can handle outside the ones listed above. These are juices, but few out of many.

Nevertheless, this article has succeeded in satisfying the demands of those looking for a nice name for their private jet companies and highlighted some prominent private jet companies that offer luxurious flights for private and public individuals.