Coping In Lagos Without A Car: Top Tips & Safety Guidelines

Here is a guideline on coping in Lagos without a personal car.

You are no stranger to the fact Lagos is notorious for its busy life. There is no difference between day and night except that the sun shines during the day and the moon at night.

So, how you can ever sleep in a city that doesn’t sleep?

Well, you know the answer.

How To Cope In Lagos Without A Personal Car

By 4 in the morning, people are already on the road going to work to avoid being late because of the heavy traffic that starts from 7 am which can cause them to be late for work.

From 6 In the morning, a lot of people are already out to start their activities, bus drivers, Keke drivers, motorcycles, are now on the road plus other roadside petty traders to mention but a few.

Living in such a place can be very difficult for someone who does not own a car or any moving vehicle. This article, therefore, outlines some of the things one can do to be able to cope in Lagos without a car.

Lagos is well known for its high cost of transportation so people without cars tend to spend a lot to transport themselves to the destinations to and fro most especially working places.

Most workers their salaries are spent on transportation therefore at the end of the day they are left with little or nothing from their initial salary.

This has affected a lot of workers while others decline work offers because of the issue.

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Using an Uber or any private taxi service is advisable if you can afford it rather than jumping from one bus or keke to another. As guys unlike ladies who have a higher chance of getting a lift, learn to take advantage of the BRT services and the Moules.

Do not use bikes unnecessarily as is it very risky most especially on a busy road. Most bike (okada) riders are careless. They don’t obey the traffic rules but choose to maneuver in between buses and cars to find a way to pass.

You must conduct yourself very well in public for good image and security purposes before your ride arrives. Make sure you walk on the pedestrian bridge on the road where ever there is to avoid crossing the highway.

Even if you don’t want to use the pedestrian bridge, you should use it to avoid being prey for the eyes of the uniform men. They can make your day starts miserable and we bet you don’t want that to happen.

You should also avoid seating on the aisle in the BRT.

By doing this you will reduce for yourself the chances of other passengers messing up your clothes with their properties or even stepping on your well-polished shoes.

The seat by the window is most preferable but as you seat there, you should be conscious of not receiving or making a call with your hand that is by the window side to avoid thieves from getting access to it by grabbing it from the window outside.

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While in a public or commercial car with other passengers, reduce the rate at which you eat in the vehicle.

Someone in the car, bus, or keke might not be comfortable with it and the smell of what you’re eating might not be appealing to someone too.

If you work in a more professional environment and it is expected of you to always appear decent, smart, and cool, you should acquire for yourself a handy clean-up kit.

This will help you maintain that hood professional image.

Clean-up kits are not exclusive or reserved for ladies alone. Guys too also need it, you will have no excuse for showing up at work untidy before your boss, clients, or colleagues.

It’s no more news that when you are through jumping from one bus to the other and from one keke to the other, you will find out that you are no longer looking your best.

You won’t compare how you left home to how you are after going through all that.

It is advisable most especially to the guys (Men) to have with you a light clean up kit, this may include just a face towel to keep your face dry and dust-free, a handkerchief to clean your shoes or seats when they appear dusty, a comb and a cologne to maintain a very cool and fresh aura.

It is cool living your house smelling so nice and looking great but then have to pass through areas where boys will drench you with smoke from their cigarette and weed or possibly pass through where people are heavily burning things so so much smoke that smells so badly.

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You may have encounters in the bus or keke where you will have to seat along with other passengers who may have a bad smell from lack of taking of bath.

You may seat close to some market woman with her carton of fresh fish balanced on her legs to contribute to bathing you with the unpleasant smell.

When you finally get to your destination, it will be so obvious that you will not like the way you will smell, this may affect your productivity at work because you won’t be free, you will keep thinking your smell will drive people away from you. A simple clean-up kit will save the day.

Where ever you are going to be it going or coming back from work, visiting someone, or going to the market make sure you empty your pocket and use your bag as it is not proper to keep your pockets busy.

Things like your wallet, keys, money, phone, and earpiece should be in your bag.

Emptying your pocket and putting everything in your bag will help you to be free and more aware of yourself. Having all those things in your pocket can make you vulnerable to thieves, loss, or damage to your properties.

Leaving in Lagos without a car for yourself can be very challenging but we all need to work and survive as well, I hope this article helps.

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