Be Job Ready In Lagos: 9 Preparation Tips To Get A Placement

To prepare for a job in a city like Lagos, you must possess exceptional qualities that will distinguish you from others. Not only that, but you must also have the desire to have an impact on your work and be oriented toward accomplishment.

Want to find out how to be ready to work in Lagos? So stick with us. In this post, we are working to emphasize the things you should do to get prepared to be hired by an organization.

Let’s step into this conversation.

Job Preparation Tips In Lagos

Lagos is one of the mega-cities in Nigeria that has housed many exceptional people who have exceptional capacities as well as great potentials.

Consequently, looking for employment in Lagos is very competitive.

If you look at the unemployment rate across the country and the factor we just talked about.

How To Be Job Ready In Lagos

Here are some things you should acquire to prepare for any workaround in Lagos.

Once you have them, your chances of gaining employment will become higher, at least with an extra 10%.

  • Obtain a Competency

Remember, we said earlier that the city is filled with job seekers who in turn make employment highly competitive. Having unique expertise can draw the attention of some organizations to interest you.

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There are several skills in which someone can venture; you don’t always need to rely on your resume.

Some of the skills you can acquire included stylist, dispatch rider, concierge, therapist, marketer, receptionist, customer service officer, social media manager, networking, and much more.

  • Do Some Digging

You need to be a good seeker before you get the kind of job you want in Lagos. Thanks for the coming of digitalization; you don’t have to walk on the street in search of business vacancies.

In the solace of your home, you can browse for job vacancies using your smartphone or laptop. Your friends are tools for this type of research as well.

Don’t expect manners to come out of heaven.

  • The dressing is a Big Part of It

In today’s business world, some say that books are judged by their cover.  Regardless of your gender, you need to dress responsibly before dealing with your employer.

For example, if you want to get a job in a casual environment such as a restaurant or mall or somewhere else, you are expected to be tidy and well dressed.

For this occasion, a casual outfit is a good idea.

Whereas on the other hand, if you want an office job, it is better that you appear in a business costume. But if you do not have one, you can be satisfied with other beautiful and responsible English outfits.

Don’t forget to put on your watch to enhance your dress code.

  • Prepare your Résumé, PSlease

Not until you’re called for an interview, you still need to make sure your resumes are well organized.

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Equally part of arranging your resume, you should take note if there are spelling errors, typo errors, omitted words, or other information so you can effect corrections on them before submitting or attaining an interview.

Be sure to have a hard copy of your resume as well. The CV can be printed in at least 3 or 4 copies.

When you do this, it will give your employer the impression that you are an organized person who is willing to exercise his functions accordingly.

For some reason, you don’t have to lie about anything on your résumé. If you do not have a particular skill that you feel will be required, there is no reason to add it to your CV.

Besides, what if it bounces back to you? Be an honest person and present what you have and allow them to see what they need from you.

  • Get More Details about the Job

Every time you are given a job description, try to find out more about the work. Determine the type of qualifications/qualifications required for the position.

Once you can have these requirements, you already have an edge to get the job.  It’s because when you come to the employers, they see that you have the job requirements.

  • Don’t Posses Arrogance and Rudeness

There is hardly any reputable organization in Lagos that would employ anyone who is not polite. Depending on your qualifications and skills, if you don’t have that special character, you risk losing a job.

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Now think about it, what if the work you’re looking for pays big bucks? You know you threw away your chance.

  • Learn how to Speak

They say “first impression means a lot”. To prepare for any job in Lagos, you will need to create a positive and lasting impression that will set you apart from others.

In this regard, if you address your employer, you should speak with sufficient confidence and audibility. But make sure you speak in a friendly manner.

  • Relationship Skill

In case you don’t know, the good relationship you have with the people around you, can one day search for you a good job in Lagos.

This is because it will help you build a strong network within and beyond your community.

When there is a job, those contacts you have made may recommend you for it. But before it happens this way, these people have to feel comfortable every time they are around you.

  • Don’t Take too Long to Answer

Every time a question is put to you, do not waste time before answering.

Number one, time is limited for each candidate.

Secondly, the control board will not take you to be a smart thinker, and jobs in Lagos require smart thinkers who have the ability to solve complex issues as fast as possible.

Anyway, if you get caught up in those who take the time to reflect, there is a way. Rather than for you to do such a dalliance by answering, you can talk your answers slowly to save time for reflection.

But make sure that what you say is reasonable enough not to ruin your day.

Jobs in Lagos are for those who fit the cap, though your qualifications matter a lot. By following the guidelines above, you can now figure out how you can get ready to work in Lagos.

Once you are ready, you have an opportunity to find a job easily.

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