How To Start An Online Business With No Money

Can you start an online business with no money? Yes, you can. Not all online businesses need capital to start. Some just need some special skills and you are good to go.

If you are someone who doesn’t have any capital to invest in making money online, but you have the time and energy to put in the required work, then this post is for you.

Make Money Online With No Money

Starting an online business is like preparing a specific kind of food.

Each food has its own way of preparation. If you follow the proven recipe, the food will come out as expected and will be delicious. It doesn’t matter who is doing the cooking as far as the person follows the recipe.

So, without wasting much of your time, let me show you 3 top high-income online businesses you can start with no money at all.

  1. Freelance Writing

I bet you were expecting freelance writing to be number one on the list. With the rise of content marketing, freelance writers have never been more in demand than right now.

Now, you don’t need a blog or website to get started as a freelance writer. Nothing much has changed in the way any freelance writer can land clients.

I started with Facebook. Facebook was my blog. Facebook was where I started writing, pitching clients, building my personal brand, and promoting the brand.

I created an account on Medium (It is free to join) and started uploading content there so I can show potential clients my samples, and it was working. Since I was targeting bloggers as potential clients, I joined numerous Facebook groups that have the word “blogger” attached to their names.

All I was doing in these groups was just observing what others were posting and to see who to pitch. Aside from that, I was also sharing SEO tips just to prove to members that I have experience in SEO as a freelance writer.

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It didn’t take long, I started landing clients from different Facebook groups. And that was how I started until I landed two clients who gave me a huge project that changed my freelance writing career.

So, as you can see, it didn’t cost me any money to start as a freelance writer. I only devoted my time and energy to the hustle and it paid off for me. I quit my job after 6 months and ventured fully into freelance writing.

How to Get Started As A Freelance Writer Using Facebook

  • Work on Your Facebook Profile

Let someone see your profile and be able to tell what you do without asking. Use a good photo and great bio telling visitors who you are or what you do.

  • Join Targeted Facebook Groups

Join 4 to 5 Facebook groups that have the word “blogger” attached to its name. I will never forget this Facebook group, “Bloggers Helping Bloggers (BHB),”. That was where I landed my first client. They are so many you can join.

  • Sign Up at Medium

Create an account with Medium and start uploading great content.

Upload up to 5 posts before you go pitching for clients. This way, when potential clients ask for your samples, you just give them the link to your Medium profile to see all of your content.

  • Provide Value

Start sharing SEO tips on your timeline and Facebook groups you belong to. Answer questions that have to do with content, keyword research, and any SEO-related topics.

I promise you, it won’t take long before you will land your first client. As far as writing is what you love and you are good at it, you will surely be able to win the mind of potential clients.

And lastly, I didn’t study SEO. At first, I got all my SEO knowledge from watching Neil Patel’s YouTube videos and reading blog posts on SEO. My knowledge increased when I started getting gigs that required technical SEO experience.

So, I was learning and was applying at the same time. That was how I became an SEO expert as far as content marketing was concerned.

You can check out how freelance writers can get paid what they are worth. It will help you in your freelance writing career.

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2. Instagram Influencer

Becoming an Instagram influencer is another way to start an online business with no money. You don’t need any special skills at all. All you need is dedication.

Do you know a lot of people are raking in thousands upon thousands every month as Instagram influencers? Most of them don’t sell anything aside from “shoutouts”.

I have paid numerous Instagram influencers for shoutouts to get visibility for my brand. You too can become an Instagram influencer if you are ready and will take this opportunity very seriously.

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

With an audience of over 100K followers, you can charge brands as high as $2500 per post. Influencers with over 10K followers can charge around $250 – $500 per post.

Becoming an Instagram influencer is a full-time business. Aside from shoutouts, you can also make money selling affiliate products and your own products.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Become an Influencer?

A Nano influencer is one with between 3000 – 5000 followers.

You don’t really make much at this stage. But as soon as you reach 10K followers, brands will start sending you direct messages asking you how much you charge for shoutouts.

All you just need to do is learn how you can grow your page to thousands of followers. It takes months to be able to reach 10K followers if you are doing it organically. But, it is worth it, my friend.

How Do You Become an Instagram Influencer?

  • Pick a Niche

You need to decide on the niche you want to grow influence in. The niche must be related to your passion. It can be pets, automobiles, foods, etc. The most trending niches are travel and fashion. But, don’t go with the trend.

Go with your passion so you can be able to stay consistent, as this is a long-term game.

  • Create a Page

If you don’t already have an Instagram page, go and create one right away. If you already have, then reposition it for business.

  • Start Sharing

Sharing is how you start building your brand around your niche. You will need to post at least 3 times a day with good captions and hashtags. What will you be sharing? Talk about your everyday life, share trending news/gossip in your niche, share motivational content, share funny content, etc.

  • Network and Grow
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Collaboration is one way to grow faster on Instagram. You can do shoutouts for shoutouts on your IG Story at the beginning, repost someone else’s content, join an engagement group to boost the reach of your posts, and use any other growth hacks that you know to grow your page.

3. YouTube Influencer

YouTube is one of the most popular websites with billions of views on planet earth. You can also make money online as a YouTube influencer.

Who is a YouTube Influencer?

A YouTube influencer is someone who has built a huge audience with his or her brand uploading videos on YouTube. This is almost similar to an Instagram influencer. The only difference is the platform.

How Much Do YouTube Influencers Make?

The average YouTube influencer makes around $500 – $750 per video. Getting subscribers on YouTube can be very challenging when compared with Instagram. So, having just 5000 subscribers qualifies you as an Influencer.

Aside from sponsored posts, you also earn money from ads displayed on your videos. A lot of YouTubers are making thousands of money only from ads displayed on their videos.

You can also make money selling affiliate products or your products with your channel.

How Do You Become a YouTube Influencer?

  • Choose a Niche

Just like for becoming an Instagram influencer, you will need to pick a niche around your passion.

There are so many kids on YouTube making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month just talking about video games. If you think I am lying, you can Google it.

  • Create a YouTube Account

You will have to create a YouTube account and create a channel which you will be using to upload your videos.

  • Start Uploading Videos

After you must have chosen your niche and have created your own channel, you just need to start making your videos. Make and upload videos related to your niche. Make sure your videos are of great value to your target audience.

You must be uploading at least one video every day. If you can do two videos in a day, that would be good. It will speed your growth rate.

  • Enable Monetization

After you must have grown your number of subscribers to 3,000 and have gotten more than 10,000 views in total from your videos, you can then go to your setting and enable monetization of your videos.

This gives Google the go-ahead to study your channel and start including short video ads on your video.

My friend, you can start an online business with no money. Don’t let anyone deceive you.

You have so many resources out there to learn whatever you need to learn to make any of the online businesses listed above become a success.

Don’t sit around again. Pick any of these high-income online businesses and run with them. If writing is not your thing, then go with either Instagram influencer or YouTube influencer.

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