Crayfish Business


To the extent that crayfish remains an important ingredient in the kitchen, the enterprise will continue to thrive. Some business experts say that crayfish sell faster than in greater amounts compared to fish. This runs down to the fact that most people consume crayfish in one form or the other. People who do not eat crayfish may have a vegetarian nature, religious beliefs, or health implications.

Years ago, some people were fleeing the crayfish business for silly reasons. Some say it’s a dirty business and so, it’s going to be better for the women in the market. But let me tell you something, those market women are making waves in the crawfish industry. If in doubt, visit the Oron Marketplace in Akwa Ibom and see for yourself.

Do you want to sell crawfish and earn money? Then you will need to stick around to the end of our discussion. We are going to enlighten you about what it takes to start a crayfish business and how you can make money from it. All you need to do now is follow our lead and begin a successful enterprise.

Tips on Starting a Successful Crayfish Company

As we promise, here are the steps you will take to build a profitable crayfish enterprise here in Nigeria and beyond. Just review them carefully and figure out what you need to do.

  • Do Some Digging on the Enterprise

It is important to start a new enterprise to conduct feasibility studies. When carrying out feasibility studies for a crayfish company, you should identify which type of crayfish sells the most and also the reason for its success. Second, you identify your customers too. Ask yourself whether you want to sell for the average buyer or large pockets. The answer you get will decide the next line of action.

  • Develop a Successful Trading plan
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Preparing a workable plan for your enterprise should be the next step after you have completed your research. This is because it will be your compass that will drive you to set up a successful enterprise.  For you to write an achievable plan, you first look at how much you want to invest. Then ask yourself, would you like to start on a small or big scale.

If you want to invest an enormous amount, then you should consider becoming one of the best wholesalers or an exporter. But if you want to make a small investment, then consider being a retailer. By doing so, you can develop a good business plan. But you can consult with business experts to help you write a cost-effective business plan if you can’t do it yourself.

  • Acquire Seed Capital

Without capital, there’ll be no business. Starting a mid-scale crayfish business doesn’t require huge capital. With ₦100,000, you can buy at least 2 or 3 crayfish bags and begin your journey to success. However, for those who want to get off to a great start, you will need over 3 bags.

But are you aware that you can also start a crayfish business even though you don’t have a penny? Simply write a convincing enterprise plan and submit it to somebody who can fund your business. It could be your rich friends or your relatives. The bank is another choice, but we can’t promise you success on that. That’s because it’s difficult getting a bank mortgage.

  • Get a Trustworthy Place to Purchase Crayfish
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The reason why we said you should get a trusted place to buy your crayfish is that we have some vendors that can mix up bad fishes with good ones just to make a profit. Of course, you know that it will kill your business, especially if you have just begun. Therefore, get from vendors that will provide you with a good set of crayfish that are dirty-free, good taste, and taste quality. Most importantly, the ones sold at a reasonable price.

Some of the places where you can obtain high-quality crayfish in Nigeria include the famous Oron Market in Akwa Ibom. Other areas are Ogun and Ondo. They have crayfish that fit every market standard.

  • Where to Sell Crayfish

There are many places where you can sell your crawfish and earn money. You can choose to sell it to a local market, grocery store, or export. If your target customers are middle-income people, then the local marketplace will be the perfect place to sell.

But if you’re targeting customers with full pockets, think about selling your crayfish at the grocery store. Make sure you wrap up nicely to be more attractive. Remember, most wealthy people want fanciful things.

When it comes to exporting, whether you operate a small-scale or a large-scale crayfish business, it’s still viable. It is even better to start small-scale export to understand how it works. Shred your crayfish in powder form to make them sexy and easy to export. You can start selling to your friends or someone you know overseas.

  • Keep Your Crayfish Alive
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A lot of people who go into the crayfish business always forget that they need to know how to preserve their goods. As such, they suffer losses without ripping up the profits from their investments. Preservation of crayfish is not that difficult. Crayfish bags can be placed on a wooden board in a cool and dry place. Make sure that the bags do not harden walls to prevent dampness.

Once you do this, your crayfish can stay for a month or so without any damage. But if you think you will have difficulty preserving them, you should purchase the quantity that will sell.

  • Undercover Facts On The Crayfish Enterprise

Each successful business has its secret, and thus is the sale of crayfish. If you don’t know what the secret is, you’ll wonder why some people make waves in the industry and you don’t. Does it look as if you’re full of anxiety? Ok. The longer a crayfish stays, the more it cuts down on size. In other words, the quantity will reduce. Secondly, crayfish that have moisture content are more likely to develop mold or attract white ants. Either of the two instances will result in losses.

We will love to tell you more secrets on how you can make money from the sale of crayfish, but the time is not with us. Given the limited information we have provided, establishing a viable crayfish company should no longer be a problem. The steps we have outlined will provide you with a good guide for launching your enterprise.