List of Accredited Home School Programs

Are you looking for a certified home education program to enroll your kid in?

If you are, then this article is a good place for you. We have selected a few accredited home teaching programs which are suitable for your child. They are equally affordable.

Many parents prefer homeschooling to public and private schools. This can be explained by the flexibility and practicality of the learning system. What’s more, students can easily get into college.

Home school programs are not initially required to be accredited. But as proof that the educational programs are certified by a third party, they are accredited.

When a home-schooling program is certified, it follows the standard and approved program in which the opinion of the accreditation body, should be taught.

Affordable and Certified Homeschooling Programs

Right underneath is a list of accredited homeschooling programs that will be suited for parents who are running on a lower budget. They have everything necessary to enhance your child’s education.

  • IXL Learning

IXL is an accredited home-schooling program that is suitable for K-12 students. The program focuses on utilizing superior technology to provide students with a comprehensive set of education.

A few of the subjects taught in this program include mathematics, social sciences, language arts, Spanish, and other scientific subjects.

Furthermore, IXL is a flexible learning program that is adaptable to each academic level and is designed with an option to access students’ learning progression. Through this program, parents can analyze their children’s performance so that they know their strengths and weaknesses.

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To subscribe to the IXL learning program for one month, will cost about $9, 95-$19. 95, though it depends on the course load that is selected. If you choose a higher class load, you will pay a higher price.

  • Time 4 Learning

This homeschooling program was created in 2009 to offer children a quality education.

Their program is online and tailored to every grade, from kindergarten to high school. Catch-up and high-level students may also use it as an additional program.

Time 4 learning has an individualized approach to education.

As such, it welcomes children with weak learning skills and improves those with medium and unique talents. Parents can easily access transcripts and monitor their kid’s improvement.

Enrollment and subscription to this program are every months and the pre-K fee up to grade 8 is $19.95. Then the cost of high school tuition a month is $30.

  • Saxon

Parents seeking the best math program for their children’s homeschooling should go for Saxon.

The curriculum teaches the student material in a small amount and rehearses the concepts regularly to support newly acquired skills. Saxon mathematics comes with a wide variety of simple kits for parents to make use of them.

Some of the disciplines that the Saxon homeschooling program provides include calculus, algebra, physics, phonics, etc. The cost of purchasing this program of study depends on the subject you choose, but it generally varies from $50 to $150.

  • Monarch Online

Looking for an accredited Christian homeschooling program for your children? Then get monarch online. There are about 50 courses that are designed for students in grades 3 to 12.

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Some of these topics include geography, history, language arts, arithmetic, the Bible, and other sciences. Other choices are provided to encourage scholarly specialization and enrichment.

Be aware that the Monarch online school curriculum does not rely on textbooks.

It works strictly with web content and is regularly updated to meet the global educational standard. In addition, the Internet-based program is fully scalable and features an automatic grading and record-keeping system.

These functions allow parents to have access to their children’s work and create grade reports.

  • Sonlight

It is also an evangelical homeschooling program based on Christianity that focuses on biblical studies. Their goal is to instill a love of learning in the Sonlight online program looking for an evidence-based education system.

In accession to that, the study program seeks to develop little children to mature and become sound adults who will not only live a Christian life but spread the gospel through their vocations.

The Sonlight Homeschooling Program teaches young fellows to understand a broad range of cultures and perspectives. Families with many children will find this homeschooling program appropriate.

Some of the areas of Sonlight’s online program include arithmetic, literature, language arts, history, and so on.

  • Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis is also a certified online learning program that is suitable for children in pre-K to grade 12.

As a means of providing organized education for Catholics, the curriculum outlines are designed to correspond to the liturgical cycle of the Catholic Church.

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But parents can organize the program correctly and work at their own pace.

  • CK-12

It’s another amazing accredited home education program that focuses on individual strengths and learning styles.

The target is to make learning a personal journey for each child. Parents can use this apprenticeship program as a supplement to traditional education and as an individual resource.

Some of the learning facilities available for children include videos, reading equipment, practical questions, and interactive exercises.

As well, parents do not have to register to start attending their courses. Simply click on the desired subject and proceed. If you use a free account, the dashboard tool can help you keep track of your classes.

However, children under the age of 13 will not be allowed to set up an account with CK-12. It is therefore recommended that parents register on their behalf.

  • Bob Jones

Bob Jones is also an accredited online homeschooling program that has an in-depth biblical and comprehensive framework. The program provides solid biblical and academic training to meet the needs of K-12 students.

Bob Jones mainly runs on manuals and the program is more traditional with lessons based on approved worksheets. To subscribe to mega-packs, will cost about $100, but individual packs are about $30 to $150.

There are dozens of accredited online home learning programs that will suit kids at all levels.

The ones we have enumerated above will go a long way in the education of your kind and parents can monitor the performance of their children. Some of those programs cost money and others are 100% free.

Review each of them and select the one that suits your child.