7 Highly Employable Professional Courses in Nigeria

Our discussion today will be advantageous to those who desire to know more about the professional courses in Nigeria.

We will give you a list of professional courses that intersect several academic disciplines, either in the arts or sciences. This will allow you to make the correct choice concerning your career.

Professional courses have an advantage over other academic fields. This is because further training is proffered to students in those specialty areas to enhance their capabilities and know-how.

A graduate with a professional certificate has a better chance of getting a job in our world today. Nevertheless, one can also get a job even without studying a professional course.

Popular Professional Courses in Nigeria

At this point, we will list some professional courses that you can choose from at any Nigerian institution. These courses offer better employment opportunities within the country and elsewhere.

All you need is to select the one that excites you and pursue your dreams.

  • Engineering

It is a fantastic professional course accompanied by several job opportunities given the kind of world we live in today that is driven by technology.

Because of this, parents prefer their children to pick one of the engineering courses to read in university.

There are several disciplines in the engineering field that you can specialize in.

They include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, petroleum engineering, etc.

Once you have completed your education, you can work in manufacturing industries, telecommunications companies, airports, oil and gas industries, construction companies, and many others.

  • Pharmacy
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Pharmacy is another rewarding professional course in the medical field that will suit those wishing to work at the hospital or elsewhere. In this area of expertise, you may specialize in three subject areas.

They include pharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, and clinical chemistry. All these specialties are read for five years.

Once you are done with coursework at the university, you will be required to complete a one-year internship. This can be done in any medical center that is registered and endorsed by the Nigerian Council of Pharmacists (NCP).

  • Estate Management

Do you aim to be a surveyor in the future? This is the right route for you.

Once you have completed your education, you will require to register with the National Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV). This adds more to your CV when searching for jobs.

Employment opportunities in this area of expertise include the Chartered Claims Adjuster, Estate Manager, Rural Practice Surveyor, Planning and Development Surveyor, Land and Geomatics Surveyor, etc.

  • Medicine and Surgery

The list of professional courses may not be comprehensive without mentioning medicine and surgery. It is one of the dream professions of most science school leavers.

Graduates in this specialization are barely short of work in the country.

This is why most parents and guardians love to have their children study this particular medical course at university and end up becoming medical doctors.

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There are several areas one can specialize in medicine.

They include obstetrics, pediatrics, public health, medical research, gynecology, pathology, radiology, anatomy, nutrition, and diabetes, etc.

All the specialties we just talked about are offered for six years. Subsequently, you will proceed with your horsemanship that will last one year.

Then you will be allowed to operate as a doctor.

  • Law

Law is among the most lucrative and respected art courses.

Because of its lucrative nature, the law has become highly competitive among young students seeking admission to the university.

However, there are several areas of law in which you may specialize. They include constitutional law, criminal law, the Nigerian legal system, legal procedures, fairness and trust law, and so forth.

To complete your studies in any of the specialized fields, it will take you five years. After that, you will attend Law school for another year.

  • Accounting

Want to work as a Chartered account?

Then consider studying this professional course. It will take four years to finish accounting coursework at the university.

Thereafter, you will necessitate passing the ICAN examination to receive the license to operate as a chartered accountant.

  • Fine and Applied Arts

This is another fantastic professional art course that you may opt for if you want to be self-reliant.

However, this field of study can be practiced without necessarily attaining a formal education, but it will be more helpful if you go through formal education.

In fine and applied arts, there are several areas of specialization. They include graphic design, textile and fashion, ceramic and glass technology, painting, sculpture, and so forth.

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Before you finish your studies, you will go for industrial training for six months to sharpen your skill.

  • Theatre Arts

For those who will like to go into the entertainment industry like Hollywood and Nollywood film industry, theatre arts is the right course to study.

There are several areas you can specialize in such as playwriting, acting, directing, theatre technology, theatre history, and so forth.

Graduates in this area are likely to become famous actors and actresses and are rewarded handsomely.

Besides the professional courses you can take at the university, there are others that you can study after university. They include the following:

  • Charted Institute of personnel management
  • Petroleum refining and processing
  • Chartered institute of marketing of Nigerian certification
  • Center for law and business
  • Cloud computing
  • Project management professionals
  • Human resource management

After your coursework in the university, you will need to attain a professional course for one year in most if not all science courses. This might be an exam or an internship.

After that, you will receive an occupational certificate and a license to operate in the labor market. However, it is not the case for the professional art course.

This is where we take out the cotton to our discussion today. To date, professional courses still stand the most lucrative among others.

We hope you have seen an appropriate professional course that is in line with your dream career. All you require to do is get more details about the course and the university you can apply for to study.

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