12 Best Medical Courses To Study In Nigeria Today

Would you like to know about other medical courses that you can study at university? If this is the case, your problem is solved.

We have put together a list of medical courses that can be taken at any university in Nigeria.

All you need to do is go through this article and select your proffered medical field and pursue your dreams.

 Medical Courses To Study

Many science students who want to pursue careers in the medical field know little or nothing about the courses that are available in the universities.

For this reason, quite a number of them choose to study medicine and surgery because of its fame, not knowing that there are other medical courses they can study and work in hospitals like doctors.

Unfortunately, only a handful of them will eventually be admitted to study medicine.

Lucrative Medical Disciplines in Nigeria

At this time, we are going to list the medical courses that are offered at most Nigerian universities.

At least that will give you a range of options when you want to pursue your education in the medical line.

Let’s look into it right away. 

  • Anatomy

The study of Anatomy has to suffice with the structural organization of a living thing.

Here, students learn to identify and describe the body parts of living things, specifically humans.

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They are also taught how to use certain optical instruments to perform research on body tissues and cells. Anatomy has a couple of fields such as gross anatomy, micro, and macro anatomy.

  • Medical Rehabilitation

In this medical field, students learn how to treat and train patients for a normal life in the physical, psychological, social, and professional senses.

Their primary objective is to assist their patients to succeed in the environment of their choice. Graduates in medical rehabilitation can work in hospitals, armed forces, schools, and even homes for the handicapped.

  • Dentistry and Dental Surgery

You can also call it dental medicine and oral medicine, it’s all the same. The field has to do with diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases.

There are so many disciplines associated with dentistry and dental surgery such as anesthesiology, cosmetic dentistry, endodontic, oral drugs, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and so on.

A graduate in that field of study can be referred to as a dentist.

  • Medicine and Surgery

In the list of medical courses, this has always been the first.

This area focuses on the use of scientific principles in the treatment and prevention of various types of diseases. Consequently, to ensure a human being has a good life.

Graduates of this course are referred to as doctors.

Among the disciplines of medicine and surgery are medical technology, genetics, biomedical sciences, biomedical research, and many others.

  • Nutrition and Diabetics

The study of nutrition and diabetics addresses all food-related issues and their effects on human health. People who have completed their studies in this area are called nutritionists or dietitians.

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They can develop a diet plan that can help prevent and control nutritional problems such as obesity, diabetes, and so on.

  • Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a fantastic medical course that focuses on the discovery, production, effective use, and control of medications. Those who have successfully graduated from this medical stream are referred to as “pharmacists”.

These graduates have a good knowledge about drugs, how they work, interactions, toxicity, side effects, and much more.

There are approximately three disciplines associated with this course of study, which includes pharmaceutical products, pharmacokinetics, and medical chemistry or pharmacology.

  • Optometry 

The study of Optometry deals with the examination of the eyes and other related organs for anomalies.

Optometry graduates are called optometrists and are responsible for providing medical care and prescribing proper eye lenses.

Optometrists may work in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

  • Veterinary Medicine

Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is another medical course that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating animals of disorder and injury.

It covers all animal strains, both domestic and wild. Graduates of this course are referred to as veterinary doctors and are equal to a surgeon or a physician in human medicine.

  • Radiography

Students who want to study this course will learn how to use radiation to capture images of human tissues, organs, ships, and bones.

This is done with imaging techniques such as X-rays, gamma rays, and much more. Graduates of radiography are known as “radiologists”.

They have a wonderful knowledge of the interpretation of diagnostic images.

  • Nursing

This medical course focuses on the treatment of patients to recover optimal health. They provide services to families and communities, particularly pregnant women and children.

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Graduates in this field of expertise are known as “nurses”. Such experts can work in places such as the hospital, clinic, home care, lab, glossary of medicine, and much more.

  • Biochemistry

In this area, students will learn how to explore the chemical process related to living things. This is a combination of two laboratory subjects which are biology and chemistry.

Biochemistry graduates are referred to as “biochemists” and may work in places like hospitals, universities, cosmetics, forensic research, universities, and many others.

  • Medical Laboratory Science

This medical line focuses on disease detection, diagnosis, and much more.

Graduates in this field of study are called “Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)”, “Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)”, and “Medical Technologist (MT).

Apart from the medical courses we have listed above, there are other ones you can choose from.

They include physiology, physiotherapy, pharmacology, public health technology, biomedical technology, medical biochemistry, and much more.

Application Requirements for a Medical Course in Nigeria

To qualify to study any medical course in Nigeria, you need to present a good O’ level result and pass your Jamb incredibly.

In your O’ level result, you are required to have at least five credits pass in basic science subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and the English language.

Then your jamb scores should be nothing less than 200. Some institutions will require a minimum of 250 or more.

Of all the medicine courses we have listed above, some are offered for four years, while others are five to six years.

Based on what we have discussed so far, you should not have any problem with seeking medical courses to study at any Nigerian university.

Whichever one you opt for, make sure you find out more before submitting your application.

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