Top 10 Charcoal Buyers in Nigeria

This article is about charcoal buyers in Nigeria.

Although there are other alternatives to charcoal, it remains a precious fuel for most households and businesses. Besides, it’s cheaper than any other fuel.

This is why it is in great demand in most cities in Nigeria and beyond.

Due to its scarcity in these areas, it has opened up several job opportunities for the natives.

Buying Charcoal In Nigeria

Are you having difficulty getting buyers for your charcoal? Or are you new to the business without a clue where to sell them? Regardless of the category in which you fall, consider that your problem is resolved.

Hopefully, by the end of our discussion, you will know how to easily find buyers for your charcoal.

 Charcoal Customers in Nigeria

Identifying areas where there is high demand for charcoal in Nigeria will help identify your buyers. Urban areas appear to be the high demanding zone for charcoal in Nigeria.

This is because it is difficult and almost impossible to obtain charcoal in an urban setting. And charcoal is mainly produced in bulk in rural areas and transported to different cities of Nigeria for consumption.

Some of these cities with a high need for charcoal in Nigeria include Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Rivers, Port-Harcourt, etc. So, once you move to these places, you’ll definitely find people who are willing to buy your charcoal.

Now, let us take a closer look at who are these charcoal buyers across Nigeria.

  • Hotels

Most hotels in Nigerian cities require charcoal in their kitchen.

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For example to grill some food. You may be thinking, why use charcoal? When there are other modern methods of grilling.

This is because some customers want their meat or other food to be grilled only on charcoal. Apart from grilling, there are other stuff hotels do with charcoal in their kitchen.

Right away we can see a demand for charcoal in our Nigerian hotels.

Therefore, we already have one buyer. All you need to do now is go into those hotels and make requests, so you can supply them with charcoal.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants are not excluded when it comes to purchasing charcoal for kitchen use.

Most especially, foreign restaurants. In these foreign eateries, different intercontinental dishes are prepared for foreigners in Nigeria.

Although some locals patronized the food.  That is why local and foreign restaurants buy charcoal to prepare these specialty dishes.

Additionally, there are certain local recipes in Nigeria that cannot be properly prepared without the use of charcoal.

So, they prefer to make them traditionally on charcoal. Besides, it is even cheaper to cook with charcoal than other fuels such as gas, electricity, and oil.

You can check restaurants like Chinese, Italian, or even Indian restaurants. And get in touch and see if you can become their charcoal provider.

  • Local grillers

Local grillers in Nigeria are also good buyers of wood coal. Because they used it for rusting food items. Some of the food grilled foods include fish, maize, plantain, etc.

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Different meats are also well grilled on charcoal, popularly called ‘suya’ in Nigeria.

Sometimes, electricity is not available for most of these local roasters. Since they are always at the roadside. Even if that were not the case, most of them would prefer to use charcoal just because of its low cost.

Therefore, their demand for charcoal is very high, because a bunch of Nigerians patronized them.

  • Households

Many households in Nigeria use charcoal for culinary purposes.

Especially homes in the city. However, it is not just the houses in the city that use charcoal. Even homes in rural areas make good use of it as well.

This is why they purchase charcoal for such culinary activities. Likewise, there’re other things households do with charcoal apart from the one mentioned above.

Aside from the buyers mentioned above, you can also get some buyers here in Nigeria, who handle charcoal export. These purchasers purchase large quantities of charcoal and sell it to consumers abroad.

Therefore you can connect with these traders and supply them with charcoal. All you have to do is get their phone numbers or addresses and do business with them.

We’re going to provide you with a list of charcoal dealers in Nigeria who are essentially engaged in exporting. These dealers have their registered businesses.

That entails, they are genuine and recognized traders by the government.

Let us take a look at those charcoal exporters.

AJ Charcoal (nig) LTD; these merchants are located in Nigeria. They buy charcoal locally to be exported to other countries. Apart from charcoal, they also take care of wood exports.

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RichGlove Global Resources Limited; is a business organization with a focus on exporting agricultural products. And charcoal is one of those items that they export to other countries.

This means they need to buy charcoal in bulk to meet the demand of their customers.

DDM Agro Products; are also exporters of charcoal and other agricultural products. They buy charcoal right here in Nigeria and export them abroad.

Thus your connection with them will help to resolve your need for purchasers.

Icia International LTD; is situated here in Nigeria. They are exporters of charcoal and coconut shells. Therefore, you can contact them to see whether you can supply them with charcoal.

Manchinola Integrated Company Limited sells charcoal and other agricultural products to European countries and parts of Asia. So, they buy charcoal in large quantities for exportation.

If you cannot reach these buyers mentioned above, then you can go to any charcoal market to make sales. Because some people prefer to buy charcoal in the market.

Sometimes even those involved in exporting go out and buy charcoal in the local market. From there you can work with these buyers directly.

When you do that continually, you reach a lot of customers. And your charcoal business will flourish massively.

Locating buyers for your charcoal business should not be something to worry about. Looking at what has been discussed, you can now market your charcoal to the listed interested buyers.

Just identify where there is demand for charcoal, there you can find buyers for your charcoal.

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