Best Zoology Degree Online Programs for Animal Studies

Sure, you want to obtain more details concerning an online zoology degree.

You will find this writing extremely interesting. We will list some online degrees in zoology, institutions that host such programs, how much it will cost you to finish your online degree in zoology, and many more.

Before we proceed with this discussion, it would be good to see what zoology is.

Best Animal Science Degree Online Programs

Do you have much fondness for animals? Then think of enrolling in a degree program in Zoology. This will go a long way to improving your acquaintance with domestic and wild animals.

You will learn about their behavior, structure, how to care for and build relationships with them.

Although, most schools don’t include zoology as part of their study field, we have some universities that offer this program via the internet.

They aimed at facilitating undergrad zoological studies for researchers.

  • What is Zoology?

Zoology is a unit of science that concentrates on the research of living and extinct animals.

Just like we have mentioned above, you will read about the major areas of life sciences such as the structure, habits, evolution, classification, embryology, and the genetics of animals and how they interact in their respective ecosystems.

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Zoology is broken down into distinct categories; we have vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, evolutionary biology, ethology, structural zoology, molecular biology, and so on.

The subject is both descriptive and analytic, which means that it can approach as a fundamental or applied science. Let’s not get bored with many details here and concentrate on the subject.

Best Online Zoology Degrees To Apply To

Here, we’ve compiled a checklist of the most useful zoology programs that will suit researchers looking to complete their undergrad and graduate schooling via the internet.

These programs are fairly inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about the expenditures.

  • Online B.S and M.S in Wildlife Biology

Researchers inquisitive in learning animal demeanor, managing their habitat, and monitoring their populations will find this online field of study a good match. The course is unique as it blends wildlife and biology research.

Undergrad researchers will take teaching and experimental laboratory classes, while the master’s and doctorate degrees will focus on study and worthwhile experience.  The difference between undergrad and graduate studies in wildlife biology is their participation in the fieldwork aspect.

Some of the online schools where you can finish your diploma in wildlife biology are Liberty University and Utah State University.

To find out more about this area of study, visit the official website of these universities.  and

  • Online B.s in Animal Science

This area of study teaches academics the demeanor, physiology, and biology of farm and companion animals.

In addition, the course is offered based on two professional pathways, which are pre-veterinary sciences and the main in animal sciences.

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The goal is to provide distant researchers who want to pursue their career in a veterinary school with a strong foundation in animal and fundamental science.

Animal science graduates may embark on other careers such as biomedical experts, agricultural engineers, and much more. Examples of online zoo tech schools include Becker College ( And the University of Minnesota, Crookston (

  • Online B.S of Zoology

If you are looking for a zoological program that will help you develop an integrated skill required in the field, then this online course will be good for you.

The school’s subject areas emphasize ecosystems, the biology of animals, and other areas of high specialization.

Researchers with a bachelor’s certificate in zoology may venture onto another career path besides being a zoologist. You may become nutritionists, preservation activists, technicians, and much more.

Some academic establishments that offer B.S in zoology include the University of Maine ( And Weber State University (

  • Online B.S in Animal Behavior

Do you want to know how animals conduct themselves? Then you should think about reading this course.

The program focuses on some basic subjects that are linked to animal behavior such as biology, neuroscience, animal psychology, and other disciplines.

Graduates in this field may work in institutions such as animal clinics, zoos, nature preserves, wildlife control organizations, and many others.

To apply for a bachelor’s certificate in animal behavior via the internet, visit the University of England. For more details on this field of study, visit the following official website of the school.

  • Online B.S in Equine Studies

Equine studies mainly deal with the study of horses.

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Scholars in this area of expertise will learn how to enhance the care and well-being of horses through extensive knowledge in advanced nutrition for horses, equine genetics, equine conduct, and lots more.

Some of the popular schools that offer B.S in Equine studies via the internet include Breyer State University (, Global Equine Academy ( Among others. You can get in touch with them on their official website if you want more details about their internet-based programs.

  • Online B.S in Marine Biology

If you are searching for a degree program in zoology that treats aquatic animals, then marine biology will be good for you. The subject is centered on marine life, oceanography, and ecology. In addition, its wonderful curriculum will expose academics to various habitats of marine life and discover certain external factors.

Due to the growing concern about global warming, it resulted in a strong demand for marine biologists. So, aside from your love for aquatic animals, you can choose this program for its employment opportunities.

Some of the institutions that offer marine biology online consist of Florida Institute of Technology (, SUNY Empire State College (, and University of Southeast Alaska (

What will it cost to complete a zoology degree online?

The cost of graduating from any of the programs listed online depends on the university. While tuition for certain universities can be high, others are somewhat cheaper. However, it fluctuates between $3,000 and $17,000.

Zoology is an extensive and interesting field of research, but not all academies offer it.

As a result, most researchers prefer to complete their zoology studies on the internet. Just above you are some renowned online zoological degree programs and learning establishments that provide them.

Use the attached website for each school and get more details about the program you like best.