8 Trusted Signs That A Nigerian Guy Likes You

Have you been experiencing some strange signals from a guy and wonders what it could be? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you understand what these signals are all about.

If you read this article, you will find a couple of signs of a Nigerian guy who loves you.

Let’s analyze those signals immediately.

Not every guy has the guts to approach a lady and verbally present the message in his heart. Instead, they prefer to use corporal language as signals for girls to understand their feelings toward them.

Consequently, as a lady, if you’re not conversant with these signs, you can get confused about whether the guy likes you or not.

Facts Regarding Flirting Guys in Nigeria

These facts that we are about to list may be seen in guys without the audacity to express their feelings to the opposite gender.

  • Shine Teethes when Talking to You

What we’re saying here is that a guy who likes you will always be smiling every time you have a conversation.

Sometimes, even if he didn’t have anything to tell you, the guy would only bridge the gap with a subtle smile. If your eye accidentally catches him, no matter how gloomy his face was before, you’ll see a change.

Sometimes people call this lovely smile on a guy blushing. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s your choice, but we only know that a boy who is interested in a girl always blushes around her.

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Ladies, you shouldn’t ignore a signal like that is if you’re interested in him as well.

  • Fascinating Look

Did you ever notice a guy staring at you? If so, he’s up to something. It’s only guys with a vested interest in a girl who will do such a thing even in public.

Whether or not they’re picked up by the girl doesn’t bother them. At that moment, you’re the only beautiful face, he is appearing at. On top of that, he gets satisfaction when he looks at you for long.

While it continues, the guy expects you to look at him. Any idea why that is? It’s from the way you look back at him, he can adopt whether you guys are on the same page or not.

Funny enough, on that point is extremely shy guys will dodge having eye contact with a girl because they can’t stand looking deep in their eyes.

But such type of guys has another character they display.

  • He’s Fine with What You Say

If a guy truly loves you, anything you say is right to him. In fact, he laughs over every sentence and phrase you make, including the dull ones.

All this laughing stuff isn’t just like that, he wants to cunningly snatch your attention towards him, and so the best way he believes is to laugh over everything.

He’s gonna make your chicks turn red by making all the jokes on this planet. At this tip, he has turned to be a comedian. He is doing this to see how you will react to the berth.

  • Try to Connect You With His Friends

A guy who loves you will love to present you to his friends.

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Guys are doing this so you can be part of their life gradually. Because when you meet his friends, you automatically become friends with them.

This is how some Nigerians gradually express their feelings towards a girl.

On the other hand, if a guy doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t want his friends to be aware of your existence. These reasons will be discussed some other time.

  • Avoiding Side Distraction

When you have a conversation with a guy and you notice that he avoids any distraction such as dismissing calls, tapping his phone, and so on. The start is suspecting the guy of having some stake in you.

That’s because he’s gonna love to pay attention to hear everything you say.

Once a guy shows such a character, there’s the probability that he really likes you, and wants both of you to spend quality time together.

Besides, it is disrespectful to press your phone or allow any distraction when talking to someone.

  • Point Out His Level of Interest in You

When you are with a guy and he begins to voice out only what he likes about you, you don’t need an angel to tell you the guy is crushing on you.

He will not show you what he does not love about you, simply because he will find you with no-fault as at the time. Do you have any idea why?

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The spirit of crushing has blinded his eyes to every defect in you.

Nigerian guys are fun of doing that.

  • His Friends Always Give the Two of You Space

Most Nigerian guys disclose their intentions over a girl to their allies, even before approaching the lady. It is a commonality that cannot be denied.

So anytime you visit him and discover his friends or family is leaving the entire place for the two of you, then it’s a clear indication that the guy has massive feelings over you.

You have to quote him immediately or otherwise.

  • Checks on You Regularly

You were wondering why the guy kept pressuring you.

You can barely spend three hours without getting a call or a message from him saying, “How are you doing?” My dear, this fellow’s already fallen in love with you.

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Indeed, if you are smart enough, you should be able to see the writing on the wall.

Some instances are not going to be a call or an SMS. It is either he writes a time chart by visiting you daily or he goes to your place three to four times a week.

So now, who do you want to tell you that this guy is really interested in you? We are telling you today that the guy loves you very much, which is why he made visiting you his everyday routine.

If you have noticed one or two of these aforementioned signs of a guy, you should not doubt that the man loves you. Know today that we have many guys in Nigeria who cannot walk towards a girl and reveal their feelings.

They are more interested in exposing it in their actions.

Therefore, pay special attention to these signals and know what to do next.

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