List of Orphanage Homes in Lagos

If you would like to offer humanitarian service to the orphans of Lagos, this article will provide you with a list of authentic orphanages.

The orphanage is a residential facility that provides care and support for children who have experienced abuse, disease, and abandonment.

Individuals with hearts of gold visit motherless baby homes to offer these children financial, social, and moral support. In doing so, the disadvantaged will be reformed and rehabilitated so that they can integrate into society.

The Lagos state has registered numerous orphanages in different areas of the state. However, some scammers present themselves as orphanage homes to manipulate and mislead people.

Real homes for Orphans in Lagos

We will describe several orphanages registered in Lagos and their contacts. Whenever you feel like putting a smile on the less fortunate children’s faces, you can visit any of these orphanages.

  • House of Mercy Children’s Home

Since 2006, the orphanage has been a place where vulnerable children are protected, respected, and held accountable. Children are offered free meals, educational sponsorship, skills acquisition, and family preservation. Girls and boys are welcome to come to this shelter.

To provide a child-friendly environment, the House of Mercy Children’s Home disinfects its buildings with disinfectants and insecticides. They also installed treated bed nets in children’s facilities to prevent them from contracting diseases like malaria.

To carry out humanitarian service, visit the House of Mercy Children’s Home No.44 Adebambo street, near Orelope Street, Egbeda, Lagoons State. Alternatively, dial 08022499177 or 08037223417.

  • Little Saints Orphanage

Little Saint Orphanage is a private orphanage that was created in 1994 and is the first to receive government approval. The orphanage welcomed hundreds of children who were mistreated, abandoned, and without a mother.

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In addition to providing shelter for these children, the center employed nannies who would see to it that these children were rehabilitated and reformed in the most favorable environment.

Furthermore, the Little Saints’ Orphanage is a place where orphans are reintegrated into society through adoption. Certain loving families visit the house to request adoption.

If you desire to make a donation or adopt a child in this orphanage home, you can visit them at the Strong Tower House, 6B, D’ Alberto Road, Palmgrove Estate, Plamgove, Lagos State.

You can also contact them by phone: 0807 548, 9009, 0802 304 4841, and 08033024066.

  • Living Fountain Orphanage

Dr. Raymond and Lady Betty Obieri founded the Living Fountain in 2007.

The center is a nonprofit, non-government organization dedicated to providing hope for orphaned children on the streets. In this capacity, they provide shelter, emotional support, relief, clothing, and care for these children.

To keep the orphanage running smoothly, the center is supervised by a dedicated board of directors. They source funds from private individuals and corporate organizations.

If you are interested in donating to Living Fountain Orphanage, visit them on Plot 22, Yusuf Abiodun Way, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos State. Or call their telephone line at 0809 994 9696 and 0905 000 7224.

  • Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice

Around 1990, Theresa Omolaja Adedoyin set up the Heart of Gold Children’s Palliative Care Centre. The idea is to give disadvantaged children specialized palliative care and support.

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Undoubtedly, the founder made the orphanage a beautifully serene and relaxing environment with adequate facilities that will make the orphan’s stay memorable.

The Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice depends on donations from individuals, private and public organizations, and others. It’s not too late to put in your donation.

The orphanage is situated on number 75 Alhaji Masha Road, bus stop Onilegogoro, Surulere. Alternatively, they can be reached at 0803 318 4840 or 0805 540 1244.

  • Bales of Mercy Orphanage Home

This orphanage is a house that restores destiny. The Centre provides support, love, and care for underprivileged, abused, and abandoned children in the state and across the country.

The Bales of the Mercy orphanage do not only restore destinies, but they help these children to grow up in a Godly environment.

And Bales de Mercy Orphanage is not a for-profit organization. They rely on donations from individuals as well as corporations. You can also do the same if you want to re-establish a life today.

Check them out at Plot 14 Ajayi Aina Street near the bus stop Deinde, Ifako, Gbegada, Lagos State.

  • Love Home Orphanage

Love Home Orphanage was created by a hearty Nigerian, Nike Adeyemi under the Real Woman Foundation.

The founder wants to make sure that the girl child has her place in society. To fulfill her dream, she created an orphanage where abused and abandoned children will be cared for.

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The children of the Love Home orphanage receive a good education, food, and housing.  Furthermore, the orphanage allows children to reintegrate into the community through adoption.

If you want to show a little love to those children, the orphanage house is located at no. 7, Jubilee Road, off CMD Road, Magodo, Shangisha, Lagos State. Or you can call their cell phones on 0803 717 8963.

  • Arrows of God Orphanage

It is a registered orphanage in Lagos that has offered to welcome, care for and support abandoned and abused children in the immediate environment.

They provide quality education, nutrition, and abortion for these children. Arrows of God Orphanage are a non-profit organization.

If you want to donate to this orphanage, then you can locate them on Iranla Road, Okeira-Nla Ajah, Eti-Osa, Lagos State. Alternatively, they can be reached at 0803 322, 9698, 0805, 412 1623, and 0806 245 6446.

  • Gideon Orphanage

Gideon Orphanage is a private institution that reforms and rehabilitates vulnerable children in the country.

The orphanage does not only create a safe environment but also cares for abandoned and abused children. These children are also trained to develop the skills required to help them reintegrate into society.

You can visit Gideon’s orphanage in Plot 6, Coker Road, 2nd-floor right-wing, Ilupeju, Lagos. The contact number is 0902 527 4908.

Lagos is one of the populous states of Nigeria and has numerous orphanages

. The ones we have listed above range from a few dozen to hundreds of them. The majority, if not all, of the orphanages in Lagos, belong to private individuals.

If you would like to help these households with financial or material support, their addresses and contact lines are right on top of you. You can also apply to adopt if you want a child to be under your care.