New Vs Tokunbo Car Tyres: Pros, Cons, Cost-Saving & Dangers

For those of you who are planning to opt for new or tokunbo tires for your vehicles will certainly find this article very interesting.

That’s because we’re going to emphasize the differences between new and used tires.

Once again, you will learn more about their benefits and drawbacks.

Comparing New Tyres With Tokunbo Ones

In Nigeria, we have car owners who opt for new tires and we have those who preferred the already used ones known as tokunbo.

New and already used tires have their pros and cons.

The most important thing is that you should choose tires that will serve you better and ensure your safety as well.

New Tyre

New tires are specifically those that have never been used before. Such tires are manufactured with lubricating properties that help in their removal from molds.

As a result, it contributes to reducing the traction tire. These lubrication properties will stay on the tire until the tread is worn.

Apart from its lubricating qualities, new tires are manufactured with antioxidants that help to prevent the rubber from breaking when there is a change in temperature and oxygen.

Moreover, the tread depth of the new tires will make you wiggle when you drive.

Tokunbo Tyre

As mentioned above, it can be referred to as a used tire. This type of tire is exactly the one that partially wore out because it was used by somebody.

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As a result, such tires have no lubricating qualities and their strip depth is worn.

Riding on tokunbo tires is associated with some risks that we will discuss later.

Variation between New and Tokunbo Tires

At this time, we will examine some of the differences between new and existing tires in terms of tread depth, durability, braking distance, comfort, and disturbance.

We’ll take a look at them.

  • Tread Depth

Brand new tires come with a thicker tread depth and wider grooves to handle any type of road and both rainy and dry seasons.

But tokunbo tires are those where the tread depth has worn out a little, and it will be risky to drive in wet conditions.

For most tokunbo tires, the tread depth varies from 4mm to 8mm. Once the tire is below 4mm, do not consider using it again if you care about your safety.

  • Lastingness

The durability of the tires should be one of the major concerns of drivers.

In this respect, the use of new tires is recommended.  This is because some of them have soft rubber that makes them perform better and the most difficult last a long time.

While tokunbo tires do not have this warranty to last that long, given the fact that it has already been used and the rugged flanks may have already worn out.

  • Stopping Aloofness

Although new tires vary depending on their brands, they all can stop distancing. This means the tires can respond to break instantly, especially in obstacles or emergencies.

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Unfortunately, tokunbo tires cannot stop distancing the way new tires do.

This is because most of the properties responsible for this reaction have dissipated.

  • Ease

You will find it comforting when you drive on brand new tires because they have all the properties that can absorb any form of bumps on the road.

The higher the quality of the tire, the more comfortable the steering wheel will be. While tokunbo tires cannot offer the same comfort as new tires.

  • Disturbance

Tokunbo tires produce annoying noises as you ride over them and can cause distractions. The reason for this is that the soundproofing properties of these tires have deteriorated.

But new tires of high quality are very quiet when you run them, and they offer excellent performance.

Why Should I Buy Tokunbo Tires?

There are a few reasons why some Nigerians have opted for pre-existing tires. Those are the reasons we’re going to be looking at right now.

  • Very Cheap

Since it is a tire that someone has already used, it will not cost much as the new brand. Although they are still in good working order, prices are still negotiable.

This is why most car owners in the country that are not dynamic enough to afford new opt for tokunbo to save the day.

  • Avoid Wastage

If all Tokunbo tires are discarded, it will be a major environmental hazard, which is not healthy for the immediate environment. Additionally, using Tokunbo tires does not mean they are of poor quality.

There are a lot of tokunbo tires that are in good condition that can last for some time and they are readily available in the market.

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Downsides of Tokunbo Tires

Despite the fact there’re some perks for using tokunbo tires, there’re some drawbacks you might encounter along the line.

  • Hidden Issues

Some tokunbo tires may exhibit internal damage that will be difficult or impossible to spot instantaneously.

Before you can identify these problems, it will take you a while to use them, until then, it becomes too late. In contrast to some problems, you can easily spot them like outsole wear and other alarming problems.

  • Affects Gas Mileage

Tokunbo tires are likely to have uneven models that will force the driver to put a lot of effort into shutting down the vehicle.

As this situation continues over time, it will negatively affect fuel consumption as such, it can result in excessive fuel consumption.

Why Should I Drive on New Tyres?

Some of the reasons why should operate on new tires include your safety, provides better fuel economy, high performance, and so on.

  • It’s Safe

You can be sure to run for approximately 65,000- 100,000 miles without seeing any kind of wear on your tires. In addition, it can arrest remoteness while accelerating as we mentioned above.

Some new tires can run for more than 3 years without wear, although it depends on their use.

  • High Performance

New tires can hold broke instantly, most especially the one design with a thick tread pattern. You, therefore, have little to fear when you go too fast.

Moreover, they work very well in all weather conditions and all kinds of terrain.

That is where we will pull our weight on this issue for today. Of all we’ve talked about so far, we hope you can see the variation between a new tire and tokunbo.

You also saw the pros and cons of each of those tires. It is now up to you to decide which tire to go for.

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