How To Activate GTB Token Device

Are you interested in activating your GT token for your device? Or have you seen ‘Internet Severs Error’ any time you want to transact on the net?

Don’t worry, any issues you have with enabling your token with GT Bank will be addressed today.

Join us as we talk about how to enable GTB tokens on your device.

If you do not enable your GT Bank Token, banking on the net will not be made accessible for you. In case you don’t know, the token is tied to your account.

Furthermore, these secret numbers are given to every customer with an account with GTB to enable internet banking.

What is that Token About?

A token is simply a set of numbers banks deliver to their clients to carry out all online transactions. This code is a guarantee of security for all monetary transactions. Such as money transfers etc.

When this code is enabled, you will have access to all cash-free transactions.

No one can get into an account without this token. The reason is that these numbers are randomized in a way that no one can get your right digits. And they provide maximum security against cybercrimes.

These criminals await any given opportunity to hit a client’s account. That’s why tokens are provided to secure your account.

Procedures to Generate and Activate Your GTB Token

There are two methods of generating and enabling a token with GT bank. You can choose to check out their official website. Or you can use the USSD code to enable your token as well.

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The USSD code is provided by GT Bank to several service providers in Nigeria. Using the USSD is a lot easier and less expensive than going on the Internet.

Because that will save you the cost of buying data.

Method One

This activation method will require the use of an internet connection. It’s either you use your mobile data and finish the process on your mobile phones. Or you can also use a WiFi connection when you are using a computer.

Follow these steps to activate a GT Bank Token online.

  • Visit the official website of GT Bank and then input your data. The details will include your name, account number, and your secrete pin. Once you have finished, the bank will send you a set of digits. You will receive the code through the telephone line you gave when you opened your account. After that, you go to the next page.
  • When the new page display on your screen, you will see the help button on the left. Click the settings, and then move to the next step.
  • Reaching this point. You will have to submit the code sent earlier by GT Bank. Then you complete the space with those numbers and press Continue. When filling the space, carefully type the numbers and do not include any symbols. When there is a mistake, you will be unable to complete the process.
  • Once these numbers are completed, the activation process begins. This activation process could take a couple of minutes. Once completed, you will be given a massage from GT Bank. When you open the SMS, you will see a confirmation of the activation’s success.
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Method Two

It is very simple for anyone to have this token enabled using this method. It is carried out using a USSD code. And at your convenience zone, you can do that using your telephone.

Likewise, it will reduce additional expenses for securing an internet connection.

It doesn’t require much of your time to complete the process. Let’s get have a look at how it’s done.

  • First, dial *737# using your telephone line with GT bank. However, note that if you are not using the phone number used to open an account with GT Bank, you cannot proceed to the next step. This is because the telephone line is where you get your code.
  • When you are finished, you will be asked to respond with option 11. However, in other cases when you use *737*7#, you will not have to send option 11. After that, enter your account information and proceed to the next step.
  • Now go to option 8. By sending this option, GT Bank will send a set of few numbers right away. These numbers are your token and then copy it. But at times, your cell phone will automatically copy for you and send.
  • Enter the code you receive from GT Bank and send. Even though it may take a few minutes to complete this process. You must have to be patient. Upon successful enablement, you will receive an additional SMS as confirmation.
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So basically, those are two methods you can use to enable your token with GT Bank.

The enablement only happens once in a lifetime. And when you’re done, you can enjoy all the benefits of online banking.

This includes money transfers, recharging air time, and so on.

Must I Use A GTB Token?

Yes. As a GT Bank client, there are other services that you can enjoy.

Apart from sending money via the net, you can add other services to your GTB platform via the net as well. Only with an active token will you be able to do that.

Likewise, you don’t need to walk into the bank anytime you want to make cashless payments.

Another interesting feature of a token is that you can use it to send cash to any location of your choice. That’s because it is used for foreign exchange.

There are a lot of functions that a token has, apart from the one we just mentioned here.

Note: Any time the token stops functioning automatically. Immediately send a complaint to GT Bank Customer Care for a replacement. And make sure you never share your token with anyone.

So we believe you’ve enjoyed our discussion and your problem is solved. Therefore, you can have no problem enabling the GT token, either online or using USSD.

Because we have provided enough details with different activation methods.

So relish the new world of online banking with GT bank.

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