9 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nigeria

Here are the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a couple of nice places where you can connect with nature and end up with nice memories. Some of these sites include a collection of amazing hills, spring valleys, animals, plants, and so on.

Interesting Locations To Visit In Nigeria

You don’t have to travel outside the country in search of tourist attractions, because you already have them at your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for? Join us as we watch some great things to see in Nigeria. At the end of our discussion, you may be interested to opt for one or two places for your vacation, family picnic, and so on.

Don’t wait for the foreigners to show you how attractive your country is.

Right now we’re going to look at a couple of wonderful places in Nigeria and their location in the country.

  • Yankari Game Reserve

Have you seen dramatic African elephant troops before?

If you have never seen one, then you will have to pay a visit to the Yankari Game reserve. Apart from the entertainment, you will get from elephants, there are warm, natural springs that are breathtaking.

It will not be pleasant if you leave Yankari without having a view of the warm crystalline twigs as well as their aggressive Lions.

Until you experience all these memorable adventures, your mission of the Yankari Game Reserve is not over. This tremendous site is located in Bauchi state

  • Olumo Rock

Olumo rock is another fascinating site to check out.

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The rock is assumed to be approximately 137 meters above sea level. According to the story, the inhabitants of Egba have used Olumo Rock as a stronghold whenever there is an inter-tribal conflict.

Owing to the history of the mountain, it is one of the popular tourist sites in the country.

When you tour around the mountain, you can see old caves, a museum, and a restaurant where you can enjoy special Nigerian delights. This fascinating site is situated in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

  • Obudu Mountain Resort

Whenever you find yourself in Cross River state, you can tour around Obudu Mountain and find out some wonders for yourself. This touring site is characterized by a plateau with a deep rainforest.

When you look at the summit of the mountain, you will feel that it touches the sky.

Other interesting stuff about the resort is the cable cars that are lifted to about 870 meters from the footing and a canopy walk bridge with a length of about 100 meters.

Plus at this tourist site is a small waterfall, gymnasium, swimming, restaurant, and mild weather condition that will make you feel in paradise.

  • Lekki Conversation Center

Are you really interested in a conversation with nature? Afterward, visit the Lekki Conversation Centre in Lagos.

You will see the Crocodile Lake, mangrove, tilapia ponds, ostriches, monkeys, Mona, and other amazing wild species.  As you also walk through the canopy walkway which is supposed to be the longest in Africa, you will hear the clicking sound of different kinds of birds that are pleasing to the ears.

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The NCF created this wonderful tourism site to preserve the wildlife and its beautiful surrounding mangrove forest. This event was held in 1990 and since then, many tourists have visited the site to chat with nature.

  • Erin-Ijesha Waterfall

Have you ever seen seven waterfalls sweep across a cliff? If you haven’t seen any, visit this breathtaking waterfall and discover the wonders for yourself.

It is located in Erin-Ijesha, Osun state, and was founded about 1140 AD.

The natives believed the waterfall to be divinity because of its appearance that looks more like a human figure.

  • Zuma Rock

You can never list the best spots in Nigeria and omit Zuma rock. It is a large boulder situated along the axis of Abuja, the capital of the country.

The boulder is said to represent a facial image which is one of the interesting facts about the mountain.

In addition, if you want to see the other wonders of this rock exhibit, then visit the site around April to October when the rain falls strongly. You’ll see how Zuma’s rock burns at its top.

This is another reason why many people come to this wonderful tourist site.

  • Ikogosi Warm Springs

Whenever you would like to visit the state of Ekiti, do not forget to pay a visit to this fascinating warm spring.

You’ll experience a moderated temperature on arrival in the tender and cold springs that flow simultaneously. In addition to the marvels of both springs, you will also appreciate the romantic serenity that surrounds the warm springs.

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Moreover, you may also have some modern innovations to increase your luxury, such as a swimming pool and so on.

  • Tarkwa Bay

Looking for the cleanest and safest place to spend your holiday or honeymoon?

If you do, then feel free to check out Tarkwa Bay. Whether you also like to swim or play games on the water, this bay will be ideal for you.

You have nothing to worry about because it is very safe to conduct such gaming activities.

The beach is an artificial one that can only be accessed through the use of a boat or other means of transportation by water. You are assured to have quality time at the beach, especially if you light up a fire overnight, then experience the sunrise at the ocean, you will feel like staying there for a lifetime.

  • Idanre hill

Have you ever seen or scaled a hill approximately 300 feet above sea level? If you don’t, it’s fine if you pay a visit to Idanre Hill.

You’ll experience the amazing height of this plateau and if you have the chance to view the top, you’ll see that the hill houses lots of creatures like a special type of toad, known as Sclerophrys.

Other interesting features on the site include thunder water, an old courtyard, footprints, and a historic palace, and so on.

It will not sound nice, if you have been to this country, yet you have never visited any of these above-mentioned tourist places.

They are magnificent and peaceful places where you can enjoy the serene nature and appreciate them. So whenever you want to spend time with nature, you can take a tour to one of these places.

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